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Bella stops the car. She is an insane driver. I hear a tapping on my window and notice Bella is already outside of the car. I open the car door and kisses me before I can say anything. I could feel her smile on my lips.

" So what do you think about my driving?" she asks me.

" That was scary. Aren't you scared that you might crash?" I ask her. She bursts out laughing.

" Silly Edward, driving is like my second nature. Besides running." she replies with a smile.

Just then Alice arrives out of nowhere. She looks happy to see us together.

" So don't you guys want to introduce me?" she asks as she points toward the beauforts. Bella introduces them to each other and then leads us to the house. Alice doesn't seem to have a problem with Bella but I wonder how the others will act. When Bella comes through the door my question is answered. Rosalie looks furious.

" What is she doing here?!" she practically shouts in Bella's face. Bella just keeps a calm look on her face and that gets Rosalie even more mad.

" Be nice Rose. We are here because there is some trouble." I tell her.

Then Bella and I start telling them why we were there. We told them about how the Volturi was coming and how the Beauforts were here to help. They all looked stunned to know that they were being hunted by the most important vampires.

" Will we be able to win the fight" Carlisle asked Bella.

" Maybe. It depends if you guys are willing to fight."

" We will all fight alongside you." Carlisle told Bella.

" Thanks but you guys will need training"

" What? We could just kick their asses right here" Emmett says.

" Emmett, did you forget how I beat your ass?" Bella asks him.

With that, Emmett shuts up and had a frown on his face. He didn't like to be reminded that he got his ass kicked by a girl. Jasper snickered in the back when he heard this and Rosalie glared at him. Apparently she didn't like the fact that her husband got beat by Bella.

"ok then meet us at 6 at my house. And bring clothes to work out in. You guys are going to be training long and hard" she said in a serious tone.

Bella left the house and I followed her out.

" so what are we going to do for training?" I asked her

" oh you'll find out soon enough." she replied. Then she got in her car and drove off. I wonder what she's going to make us do. I entered the house and was bombarded by thoughts.

Alice thought I wonder what were going to do. Maybe Bella will let me borrow one of outfits. They are so cute…

Emmett was thinking I want a rematch with Bella. There is no way I lost to a girl.

I sighed and tried to block out all of their thoughts.


They all arrived at 6. The beauforts were all behind me in a line.

" Get in a straight line" I instructed them.

And the training begins.

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