The next morning,
"Rise and Shine!" Jake called as he walked into Tobi's room,
"eh..wha?!" Tobi sat straight up in bed, he eyes still half shut,
"You live here, you work here" Jake explained as he pulled the draps across.
"Ah man! You gotta be kidding.." Tobi lay back down and pulled the pillow over his head.
Jake walked up to him and pulled his bed sheets off. Tobi quickly curled up nto a ball from the sudden rush of cold air hitting his fur.
"Jake?!" he called from under his pillow.
"Come on, garage, 30 minutes!" Jake called as he walked back out of the room.
Tobi growled loudly as he got up and headed for the shower.
"Holy kats, you got him to rise..." Chance joked from behind the paper.
"Haha, funny Chance" Jake answered as he sat down at the table.
"Seriously, I thought it was against a teenagers rules to get up before lunch"
"I thought that too" chuckled Jake.
"But, Jake" Chance stated in a more serious tone,
Chance put down the paper, "What about our little *minor detail*?"
"Well, we can either tell him now or wait for him to find out on his own"
"What would you rather?"
Jake shrugged.
"If he's anything like you, he'll find out on his own"
"Yeh, I suppose"
"But, what if we get called before then?"
"Let's just take it one step at a time"
"Take what one step at a time?" Tobi asked as he walked in.
"Stuff" Chance answered as he folded up the paper.
"What sort of stuff?"
"Like finding out if you can work or not?" he explained as he got up off his chair and headed for the garage.
"I can work!" Tobi called,
"But, can you wok on cars?" Jake stated as he lead Tobi out to the garage, "Now, go see chance and he'll give you a job to do"
"Can't I work with you?"
"What? do you find Chance intimidating?"
"No, it's not that.." Tobi stated, "Well..yeh, it is that..kinda" he smiled.
"He doesn't bite!" Jake smiled,
"He better not!" Tobi called as he walked over to Chance,
"Right" Chance walked up to a 97, EL model Ford, "You can start by dropping the sump and draining the oil"
"Do what?" Tobi stood there with a blank look,
"Please tell me you've worked on a car before" Chance pleaded,
"Sorry, I'm an art student, not some grease monkey"
Chance placed a paw over his face, "This is going ta be a *long* day" he sighed.
"You can't start without these" Jake stated from behind Tobi,
"With out what?" Tobi swung around and instantly caught pair of old overalls. He looked at them for a moment then looked back up at Jake.
"You put them on over your clothes" Jake said slowly and he tugged at his own.
"Duh....I guessed that" Tobi replied retartedly,
Jake grinned, "Go get changed already" he stated as he walked past, patting Tobi on the shoulder as he passed.
Tobi shrugged and headed back into the house.
"Pfft! on a car" Tobi mumbled as he walked into his room, "Get real!"
He pulled the overalls up and did up the buttons as he walked back out towards the garage. As he was pulling his boots on, he tripped on a rug.
"Oomph!" landing straight on his behind, "Dumb rug!" He got up and went to pull it back, "What's this?"
He noticed some hinges on the floor. Pulling the rug fully back, he saw the trap door. Looking around quickly, he slipped under door and went down the ladder.
"Sheesh...dark enough" once he reached the bottom, he felt around the wall for the light switch. He found the large switch and turned it on. The light blinding him.
"Ah man!" he pulled his paws away from his face and looked around, "Holy Kats...ya got to be kidding..." he stated as he looked around, "A hanger.."
"Awesome...the TurboKat" he trotted over to it and ran his paw along the bottom of the hull.
He noticed the lockers and walked up to them.
"T-bone" he read off one door, "And Razor.." on the other, "No way!" He opened up Razor's locker and saw the famous disguise. He pulled out the helmet and had a closer look, "An inbuilt"
*****Back at the garage*****
"Geez, how long does it take ya to get changed!" Chance mumbled as he walked back into the house, "Tobias!.." he paused, "Oh crud! JAKE!" he called and ran over to the removed rug.
"What?!" Jake ran in behind him, "Oh.."
"He's quick" Chance explained as he opened up the hatch and began to climb down.
"Go easy Chance" Jake stated as he followed.
"TOBias..oh, your there.." Chance saw Tobias sitting on a step, looking at Razor's helmet, "Nosey little tike" he stated. Tobias simply looked at him then back at the helmet.
"We..were planning on telling you.." stated Jake as he walked up to Tobias and squatted down in front of him.
"When?" Tobias answered as he passed the helmet to Jake, "Before or after you get called out on a mission..or what ever you call them"
"Well, what were we supposed to say *Oh by the way, your father and I are the SWAT Kats, now don't go telling anybody*" Chance mimicked.
Tobias ignored Chance, "I think it's great you guy's are the SWAT Kat's..Its just.." he hesitated.
"What?" Jake placed a paw on Tobi's shoulder.
"Jake..what if you didn't come back?"
Jake smiled, "How many years have we been doing this? We've come back every time, maybe with a few pieces missing but.." he got up and replaced the helmet in the locker, "You've got expect that"
Tobi smiled slightly to himself, "I can only see one remedy to this" he stated as he got to his feet.
"Oh? what would that be?" Chance answered as he came over.
"Well..the only way I can make sure you to guy's come back alive and don't leave me on my own is.." he turned to Jake and grinned, "Let me join you"
Chance burst out laughing "You've got to be kidding!" he cackled.
"I don't see anything funny about it!" Tobi snorted.
"Tobi, first of all, the answers No" Jake stated as he walked back over to Tobi,
"No buts! plus, you'd make us more vulnerable, Chance and I have been through special training as partners when we were in the Enforcers, plus all the experience we've had on our own" he explained.
"What? Don't you think I can take care of myself?"
"Not in the conditions we get into" Chance added.
"You've got to at least give me a chance!" Tobi pleaded.
"No, Tobi" Jake stated sternly.
"Ha! You just scared I'd upstage ya!" he grinned.
"Right.." Jake sighed.
"Alright then! Outside, now" Tobi pointed to the stairs.
"In the junk yard, you and I, one on one" he explained.
"You sure?"
"I'm positive" Tobi smiled as he walked to the ladder and started to climb.
"But, Tobi!"
"Uh!" Tobi looked back down, "No buts!"
Jake smirked, "Smart arse.."