"Ahh… it's one in the morning! Casey you do it!" Derek groaned from the couch. Casey sighed.

"How about, we both do one. Come here." Derek groaned again and pulled himself off of the couch over to the crib to grab one of the babies. Casey got the other and they both went back to the bed. Derek laid down and put the baby on its back holding to bottle in its mouth while he yawned. Casey's legs were crossed with the baby cradled in her lap drinking too.

"I can't do this every night Case." Derek's eyes felt scratchy while he shifted into a more comfortable position. Casey had to admit that she was very tired too, her eyes kept drooping. She moved the baby beside its twin and copied Derek.

"Sure you can Der. Everything will get easier." Even with his eyes shut Casey knew he was rolling them she reached out and hit him in the stomach and he reflexively reached and caught her wrist.

"Domestic abuse!" he mumbled as Casey chuckled her way into sleep.

They woke to their alarm clock and Casey felt nice and warm. Her eyes opened just as Derek's did and they only had a view of each other's eyes. Their heads were close and Casey's head was on Derek's arm like a pillow, his other arm was slung over her waist while her hand was on his chest and over the babies, sleeping in between them. Casey gasped while Derek jumped.

"I must have been cold…" he said scuffing his hair.

"Yea, and I must have been moving, you know me I move in my sleep…" Casey laughed nervously. "Umm shower. I'm going to shower." She jumped and grabbed her change of clothes before running into the bathroom. She could feel her body shaking. She had just slept with Derek. Well no not technically, but still. Yet the worst part was that she didn't feel as upset as she would have been if they were still stepsiblings. Her stomach was flipping a million times. What was that supposed to mean?

"What does that mean?" Derek groaned while he pushed on his stomach trying to get the weird feeling out. He never had this weird tingle before, not like this and it was starting to piss him off. It was as if, as if he liked her. He had to laugh out loud at that thought. Him and Casey? They hated each other, always fighting for control over the house. He had to be honest with himself, it's not like Casey was ugly, she was anything but, she had the body of a swimsuit model, and her face was amazing with the hair and the eyes and the skin. He had seen her dancing or even reading and her hair would fall a certain way and the light would hit her, and Derek couldn't lie to himself, she was beautiful, he even admitted it the first time that she sang for D-Rock.

But he never felt this feeling for her, the warm fuzziness. It was as if their rivalry was distracting.

"Uh… can you bring me a towel?" Casey blushed her head sticking out of the door. Derek jumped at her voice and raced to get the towel.

"Yea… here…" he said holding it out. Casey opened the door a little wider to grab the towel, and Derek could see her reflection in the mirror. His throat closed up as she shut the door. The feeling was back only worse than ever leaving Goosebumps while something very involuntary happened that had him rushing into the bathroom as soon as she left. The smell of her in there didn't help him control himself. His mind wandered back to the conversation with Sam. Unrelieved sexual tension. That was it. He didn't like, like her… it was simply an animal attraction, that was it. Right? Somehow he wasn't so convinced.

Six days had past with slight awkwardness, but no more interactions like the first night. The crying woke Derek from a deep sleep. Only this was different, quieter, more like whimpering.

"Case… the babies…" more whimpering. "Case!" no answer, Derek groaned and sat up noticing that it wasn't the babies, it was Casey. Derek sighed getting up to go to her bed.

"Case wake up…" he placed his hand on her back to shake her out of the nightmare he thought she was having, but when he did, his hand was instantly damp. "Case!" Derek rolled her over and seen her hair plastered to her forehead, her lips were chattering while she opened her eyes weakly.

"I'm cold…" she croaked before her eyes fell shut. Derek felt himself panicking as he lifted her into his arms laying her on top of the blankets before bundling her up like a baby with the comforter and picking her up again. The babies started crying and that woke Casey again.

"The babi-"

"Shush." Derek ran out of there room to the main building where he knew Mr. Tanner was sleeping.

"Mr. Tanner!" he called while kicking the door. It seemed to take forever for him to open the door as Casey shook in his arms.

"De- Oh no what happened."

"I don't know she's sick…" Casey opened her eyes looking up at Derek.

"You need to put me down… I think I'm…" Derek hurried past Mr. Tanner to a garbage bin and sat Casey on the ground holding the garbage under her mouth and while she emptied her stomach Derek held his hand on her forehead so each time she heaved, the pressure on her forehead comforted her like her mother did. Derek only saw her like this once and though he would never admit it, he couldn't sleep that night so instead he leaned in his door and watched as Nora stayed with Casey in the bathroom.

"It's the flu." Mr. Tanner concluded before grabbing some medicine from a cupboard. "You need to take care of her, your excused from activities until she's better. You can turn your babies off until she's better." Derek nodded taking the medicine while picking Casey up again.

"Thanks." Derek admitted, glad that it was just the flu.

When they got back Derek laid her on the couch while he remade the bed.

"Derek… I'm cold."

"I know…" he said while he glanced to the bathroom and back. A hot bath would do her good, there was only a shower and she wasn't able to stand.

"Case do you think you can stand long enough to get undressed with a towel on so I can hold you up in the shower?"

"I have a bathing suit." Derek walked over to her drawer and found a pink one piece he helped her to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet leaving her till she said she was okay. Derek changed into a pair of boxers since he didn't bring swim trunks. Only Casey would pack for everything. He turned the water on as hot as he could stand and then asked Casey if it was okay.

"Too cold." Derek laughed knowing it was just the chills. He stepped into the stream brining Casey with him. His hand was wrapped around her waist and her hands clutched loosely at his shoulders, she collapsed against his chest, her cheek against the planes of his pecks. He moved them both under the stream and only moved to turn up the temperature when he felt cold.

It felt weird, to have her body pressed against his. He could feel the tightness of her stomach against him as her chest rose and fell with shaky breaths. He had done this with Marti once, only in a bathtub, but Casey wasn't his sister, so this should be extremely weird.

The temperature couldn't go up any more and it was starting to chill. Derek turned off everything and helped her out.

"I'm going to dry you off. Then you have to get changed." Casey nodded while Derek wrapped the towel around her rubbing her. She attempted to dry herself off as much as she could but her skin was still damp as she pulled her straps off. Derek put the pj top over her and buttoned it up while she pulled her bathing suit down to her waist and left her to finish it. As he left the room to get changed himself, he only got pj bottoms on before he heard her sobbing in the bathroom while she gagged.

She was dressed but leaning over the toilet dry heaving. Derek went to her side pushing his hand on her forehead again until she stopped leaning back against his body. Her face was turned so the flat of her cheek was back against his chest. He could feel the heat of her on his chest and he shuttered. He felt cool.

"Thank you…"

"Come on." He helped her up and put her on the bed as she started to shake again. She seemed more coherent now as he tucked her in grabbing her water, a bucket and medicine. "Take these…"

"Your naked." She said blushing, though most of it was from the fever.

"Half naked, but still stop gawking and take your medicine." She obeyed while she shivered. Derek placed his comforter over top of her and he grabbed the thin blanket putting it on the couch.

"You'll freeze."

"It's okay. I'm tougher than you." Casey scoffed.

"Sleep here." His eyebrow rose. "I promise not to puke on you." Derek chuckled before going over to the one side. Derek put his hand over her forehead feeling again.

"You feel cooler." Casey shivered again, her teeth chattering.

"The blankets are cool." Derek sighed pulling her onto her side, facing away from him.

"What are you doing?"

"Warming you up." He pulled her against him wrapping his arms around her not so hesitantly even though on the inside he was freaking out.

"You are very warm she said before turning over so she was facing him and stuck her nose against his chest and wrapping her own arms around him.

"Jesus your hands are freezing." Derek said recoiling while she pulled him closer.

"Suck it up. You offered to warm me up." Derek chuckled before holding her close again, burying his face in her damp hair.

"Go to sleep."


They woke to knocking Derek's eyes opened only to find Casey laying on top of him, Bundled up against his chest. Derek didn't want to move but the person started yelling. He rolled her off of himself gently before walking to the door.

"Hey, Tanner asked me to bring you your meals. How's Casey?" Max asked a little too earnestly while he leaned around Derek trying to get a look at Casey. Derek instantly felt this jealous reaction, he wanted to punch him and tell him Casey was none of his concern. Instead he grabbed the tray and thanked Max saying that she was fine and closing the door.

"Derek…?" Casey said weakly rolling over. She blushed when she saw his naked upper chest. Derek ignored it bringing the tray to her.

"Eat." He commanded her while he pushed the liquid diet to her. She ate the broth obediently falling back down while Derek ate his breakfast.

"The babies."

"We're excused from the project till your better." Casey's face twisted but she didn't say anything.

"I'm tired."

"Me too." Derek admitted, he didn't fall asleep all night till early morning, unable to stop his mind from working while he held Casey. He liked her. He was sure of that now. Every time she flinched or twitched his stomach flipped, but he didn't want to let her go.

"Sleep… come on." She said laying back down. Derek climbed in beside her and she smiled at him.

"Your awesome. How did you know… the head thing last night?" it was Derek's turn to blush. He couldn't answer so he just shrugged and Casey reached over and brushed down his arm till she found his hand. "Thank you Der."

"Y-your hair looks like a haystack." Derek stuttered trying to alleviate the mushiness of the situation. Casey just smiled at him as he tried to avoid her eyes, failing miserably.

The fog was back, the fuzziness surrounding them worse than ever. Casey bit her lip and that drove Derek over the end. He exhaled sharply trying to fight the pull towards her, it wasn't working, instead he found his forehead leaning against hers, their noses brushing until Derek noticed her eyes had closed, and her breath sped up. He tilted his head against the pillow and pressed his lips to hers, and neither of them were ready for either of their reactions. Derek's hands pulled at her waist while her hands grabbed at his neck, fingers lacing together at the back. She kissed him just as eagerly as he kissed her until she felt tired.

Casey's breath was shaky and her smile was flustered while she pulled back. Her stomach was flipping like crazy, and her heart was beating more than should be healthy until a flush rose up her neck covering her mouth. She was suddenly self conscious and embarrassed. She threw up a lot last night, and was pretty sure Derek hadn't made her brush her teeth last night.

"Sorry…" Derek laughed pulling her face back to his and she couldn't fight the kiss.

"Don't be." He mumbled against her lips. "Sleep." He told her sighing, before smirking his cocky grin. "I want you to have more stamina next time we try that." Casey just blushed more while Derek gathered her in his arms again, and they fell into another deep slumber only to repeat the whole process twice more at lunch and dinner, before sleeping through the night.