Derek's foot could not stop bouncing as he waited for the doctors to some back and give Casey the injection. He couldn't understand why they didn't just do what he told them was needed done in order to save her life.

"Derek, I know you're worried about your sister, but just calm down. Panicking won't make them come faster." Derek whipped his head to the couch at the back of the room where Jamie sat.

"Step Sister! Why the hell are you still here anyways?" Derek said gritting his teeth.

"Because I want to make sure she is okay." Derek snorted

"She's not your responsibility."

"Well I still am going to stay." Jamie stated stubbornly. Derek could only lean his head on his and Casey's entwined finger's, and try to imagine that that guy just disappeared.

"So, The Amyl Nitrate was working cohesively with her blood work. We were afraid that it had been too long, that the Amyl Nitrate wasn't going to grasp, but according to her blood work, the Amyl Nitrate has taken care of most of the Cyanide." The doctor explained. Derek was in his usual place, at Casey's bed side. It had been a few days, since they started fusing the antidote into her, not by IV, they had some kind of machine that pumped a tiny bit of it whenever the blood in her body made it all the way around her body.

"But she still isn't awake?" Nora cried holding onto Casey's other hand. Most of the family was at the hospital every day except for Edwin, Lizzie and Marti. Derek threw a fit every time Gorge came, so soon he stopped coming too. Unfortunately, Derek couldn't seem to get rid of Jamie. At 5:43 everyday Jamie would come and sit in the room reading or sit at Casey's side when it was vacant. This made Derek seethe inside.

"No, unfortunately we don't know the extent of damage from the Cyanide, We have done a cat scan and we couldn't see any signs of damage, but it is usually hard to tell when it comes to chemicals. Basically everything else that needs to be patched up is up to Casey."

Derek's eyes pulled to Casey's face. She was so thin and pale; it looked as if her cheekbones were threatening to poke through her skin at any second. Dark circles surrounded her eyes and you could barley tell she still had lips with how white they were. She was always cold as ice, and still as a brick wall.

"Tada! Hey Casey! I brought you Roses!" Jamie said cheerfully coming into the room after the doctor left. Derek scoffed while he grasped Casey's hand tighter. Nora noticed this like she always did, but ignoring it seemed best for now. "Nora, Derek, why don't you go and get supper. I can stay with her."

"I'm not hungry thanks; But Nora why don't you go home early tonight. I'm sure Lizzie misses you." Derek addressed Jamie with venom before carefully nudging Nora. Nora didn't look any better off than Casey.

"Call me if anything changes." Nora said patting Derek on the shoulder before hugging Jamie.

"You know you don't have to come back every day." She joked lightly while Jamie set down the flowers and took Nora's seat.

"I want to." Jamie assured her like he did almost every day; and Derek was sure he wanted to be here. No matter how many times Derek yelled at him or threatened him, he wouldn't leave. Jamie watched Nora leave before grabbing for Casey's hand.

"Oh, she feels a little warmer today." He said before cupping her tiny hand in his and blowing moist warm air, rubbing the heat he could give her into her fingers. Derek's shoulders tensed. He hated Jamie more than anyone he was sure, well with a few exceptions. Jamie happened to not want to hurt her, so he was slightly more stand-able. "Casey, how are you today. Should I bring you daisies tomorrow? Maybe one of each color?"

"Stop that!" Derek growled trying not to glower at the man across from him.

"Stop what?" he asked, his eyebrows raising high on his forehead, a very innocent expression.

"Acting like everything's fine; acting like she can hear you. Just stop acting all together. You. Don't. need. To. Be. Here." Derek growled. Jamie wasn't offended. Never was and that made Derek madder.

"I'm sure she can. Her brain and ears still work fine right?" Jamie chuckled knowing that he was getting to Derek. "You know, even all banged up, she still looks beautiful."

Derek rose and ran to the other side of the bed grabbing Jamie by the collar of his fancy sports jacket and slammed him up against the wall. He kept pulling back his fist and propelled his knuckles into Jamie's face enjoying the sickening crack.

Not exactly. Instead Derek tried not to smile at the satisfaction his thoughts just then gave him. Jamie wasn't fooled. He knew the image Derek was having, not details but he knew how much Derek hated him.

"So I have been thinking; when Casey wakes up, I'm going to ask her on a date."

"Do you want me to break your face?" Derek said. Jamie's eyes widened in surprise; not from what Derek said, but how he said it. He didn't seem threatened, just a statement. He sounded bored. Of course Derek was. Jamie was so set on getting Casey, but Derek knew that Casey liked him. At least he hoped he knew. It had crossed his mind, while he sat alone at the hospital holding onto Casey's fingers, that she could have just developed feelings for him because they were in a desperate time. One that forced them to lean on each other, but he didn't dwell on that. He knew he wasn't going to let her change her mind. He had never liked anyone like he liked her, and he knew that it was never going to change.

"You like her don't you?" Derek looked up to meet Jamie's dark orbs and suddenly he felt thretend. "She's your sister, you do realize that."

"Step. Sister." Derek repeated narrowing his eyes at him.

"Still, It's weird." Derek sat up straight keeping Casey's hand.

"She doesn't think so."

"Yea, in a dark room with people and guns and nowhere else to turn, maybe. But here, she might just realize that there is other guy's around." Derek laughed, loud and sarcastic.

"Who? You? You think she'll be impressed that you sat by her side everyday because you felt guilty for hitting her with your car?" Jamie shook his head looking completely serious.

"No, it's not out of guilt. I just think she will think of it this way. A guy who saved her and someone she cares about, or a guy who saved her and happens to be related. If she decides to fall for a hero, I think I would be the easier choice.

"You don't even know her!" Derek exclaimed he felt his heart flutter with nervousness even though his brain was telling him that he had no reason to be.

"That can be changed, and as soon as she wakes up, I'll deal with that. I'm not going to not try Derek."

In Casey's mind, everything kept replaying over and over; like she had an ITunes playlist on shuffle and repeat. It was a bad nightmare she couldn't get out of no matter how hard she tried to concentrate on the faint, numb, mumbling, on the edges of consciousness. She was aware that people were around her, and touching her and poking her with sharp needles that made her want to scream out frightened that it was Cam with more Cyanide. She was sure he was just trying to finish her off slowly. Why else would she be stuck in this position for so long? She knew she was dying, but she couldn't let go. She refused to. She wanted to see Derek, she needed to make sure he was Alive before she could let herself go, but she had no way of knowing.

She could feel the numbness slowly going away, but it was too slow for her. She was growing impatient and trying to go against the walls, to break free and open her eyes to look around and use her voice to ask where Derek was, if he was alive; but each time she tried to break through it hurt. It was like her body was yelling at her, telling her to slow down and take her time. It frustrated her.

What would she do if Derek had died? Every time she tried to rid herself from thinking such things, she could see Derek bloody and smiling, she saw her drag him out to the street for help, and she knew that she had to think about it. She had seen him dying. She had seen his paper white lips drained of blood. She could feel the coldness of his body and knew that there had to be a possibility that Derek could have… She would scream in her head. A piercing angry cry of agony, she hated not knowing. It was like being back in that room when Derek got his break; only she had no idea if he was coming back at all.

Could she live? If Derek was gone when she was finally able to open her eyes, if she was finally able to open her eyes; would she be able to fight and go on living knowing that he died for her? She didn't know. She wasn't able to recall how Derek made her feel. She just knew she needed to make sure he was alright; everything else was a moot point. She could remember the times they had and they shared, but she couldn't remember the feelings. It was like all her feelings had to be erased so that she could cope with the new feelings the nightmares kept replaying.