"For the millionth time, Granger, I am not jealous!"

His head snapped; his eyes glared at her and his blond hair fell angrily over his eyes.

"Jealousy," Hermione continued, pretending not to notice Draco's angry scowl, "feeling resentment because of another's success or advantage. Hmm... sounds about right to me."

She looked at Ron pointedly, then returned her amused gaze back to Draco.

"I.am.not.JEALOUS." He stared at the ground, sullenly. Envious, maybe, but not jealous.

"Oh? Then what are you, Malfoy? Do tell." Hermione leaned forward and placed her chin. He saw her eyes glisten with mischief and almost opened his mouth to answer.

Envious, he wanted to say, a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages or possessions. Envious.

But he didn't, and walked away instead.


"No, Ron. It's like this, see?" Hermione gave Ron an encouraging smile and pointed at something over his shoulder.

"Like this, 'Mione?"

"Just like that."

A warm smile, her hand ruffling his red hair.


Draco seethed.

He never got his hair ruffled.
He never got encouraging smiles.
She never pointed over his shoulder.

But that-that . . . stupid little red haired piece of...
He cursed and collapsed onto a chair, his ego deflated.


He almost didn't hear her approaching him. Her steps were quiet, timid.

"I did some research."

"Mmff." He blew some hair out of his face and looked up, the slightest expression of curiosity flickering across his face.

"I used the wrong word." She smirked and slammed a dictionary on top of the desk, triumphantly. "Tell me, Draco, how envious were you when you saw me with Ron?"

His eyes widened and she ruffled his hair, laughing.

"You idiot, Malfoy. Did you really think that anyone could take your place?"

She smiled, leaned in, and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Am i forgiven now?" she asked, her smile cocky, her eyebrows raised.

He matched her look, cocking his eyebrows and mimicking her smirk.

"Oh, most definitely."

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