The Shinigami Jinchuuriki

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Prologue: What if Naruto died at the valley of the end his chain of fate snapped and he started to become a hollow but became a vizard a Shinigami with the powers of a hollow. He meets Renji and leaves for Soul society to join the ranks of a Shinigami

Chapter 1: It begins



"Demons/Jutsu/Boss summons/Hollows"

"Boss summons/Demons/Hollows thinking"

Naruto Uzumaki the number 1 knuckleheaded most surprising Ninja in Konoha cracks open a bloody eyelid just after being hit by a chidori in the heart and finds himself standing directly in front of his decapitated body Sasuke pulls out his arm and in the process rips out the blondes heart he crushes it before falling to his knees the curse seal fades away and Sasuke starts crying.

"Naruto im sorry I didn't mean to" said Sasuke as his eyes burn and change into a three star shuriken before turning into his black eyes Kakashi appears with a tear falling from his eye he picks up Naruto's dead body.

"Come on Sasuke we better go" said Kakashi Sasuke nods the two then leaves Naruto stares in disbelief when he starts screaming in pain and notices a chain attached to his body being eaten it stops at his chest he screams even more as a strange white energy flows from his ears, mouth, nose and eyes trying to take the form of a mask but Naruto keeps screaming trying to resist he appears in his mind where a man in his thirties stands on a pole wearing a long sleeved, ankle length blood red coat with black hair wearing glasses next to him stands a woman with long snow white hair and blue eyes wearing a white robe and behind them stands the Kyuubi's cage.

"Quickly boy you must find us" shouts the man and woman Naruto gives them a weird look.

"Dumb ass find the swords" shouts Kyuubi in anger next Naruto starts falling he looks up and notices that he was standing on the side of a building he falls into the ocean as millions of boxes fall in as well he looks around.

"What do they mean find but Kyuubi said something about a sword' thinks Narutohe then opens up different boxes and finds nothing but memories then he notices a black and white box he grabs it and opens the box furthermore inside is a black hilt and snow white and red hilt of a sword he grabs the hilts and pulls out a 1.5m, long and 20cm wide black sword along with a 1m long snow white blade that is 12cm wide with a field of flowers for deign with Sakura blossoms floating in the background Naruto appears on the building again in front of the old man and the woman and Kyuubi's cage.

"Well done boy" said the man with a smile "my name is ……"

"And my name is ……" said the woman.

Naruto gives them a weird look each the man sighs.

"It seems you can't here me it's a shame, remember boy cast of your fear retreat and you will age, hesitate and you will die" said the man.

"You can't here me either Naruto listen you must cast of your mask show your truth self and learn to trust others" said the woman

Naruto screams as the mask starts to form when a 15 year old boy appears with spiky red hair tied behind his head and strange black tattoos on the back of his neck and on the one place you'd never expect to see tattoos on…his eyebrows? He was wearing a strange something on his forehead, like a black forehead protector with an orange horizontal stripe, but without the headband, all made of metal. He was wearing black robes with white trimming and a white cloth belt, and hanging from his waist, a katana in his sheath.

He stares in shock as a bright light appears and in front of him stands Naruto wearing a white fox mask holding a 1.5m long and 20cm wide black sword and the 1m long 12cm wide snow white sword with a red hilt wearing a long sleeved, ankle-length blood red coat with black cargo pants and black t-shirt Naruto then hits the mask with the hilt of both the swords making the mask break his eyes open revealing the Mangekyo Sharingan which then turn to the normal Sharingan with three tomoas before turning to his regular cerulean Blue eyes he stares at the red haired boy who stares back.

"Hows that even possible who can you already be a Shinigami" asks the man in shock.

"Shini-gami" asks Naruto as he gives the man a confused look the man shakes his head.

"Never mind all you need to know is my name is Abarai and im here to send you to soul society other ways none as your Nirvana" said the man before walking over to Naruto "Where by the looks of things you will be sent to the academy to train as a Shinigami"

"Before we go I'll tell you the basics. Shinigami are an institution who controls both the soul world and the human world, and they reside in the Soul Society. They leave Soul Society when they are going on missions to balance the Spirits in the World. We have fundamentally three duties: 1. Perform the 'Soul Burial' and send ghosts to Soul Society or Hell."

"Hell? I'd rather not want to see it…"

"Hell ain't that bad well if you a demon it isn't but human's very bad" said Kyuubi while snickering as Naruto gives a horrified look.

"2) To regulate and balance the souls in each world. 3) To track down and 'cleanse' Hollows from the human world."

"Hollows what are they meant to be?" asks Naruto

"They're a hostile kind of spirit. They were basically evil humans who turned into Hollows after death. They hunt for spirits and the deceased with a high amount of Reiatsu. Reiatsu it's like the dead form of chakra. We Shinigami use it for fighting though to be truthful I thought you were going to turn into a hollow earlier when I saw you my self."

"Kit enter your mind we have another unwanted guest"

"Excuse me for a moment"

Naruto's mind

Naruto looks around and finds the two beings from before and the Kyuubi's cage and a white version of himself but he has black and yellow eyes with a giant grin.

"So the king has arrived but just wait till I take you're thrown" yells the being while laughing.

"Who are you?"

"Boy im your inner hollow and you should be lucky im a lot nicer then most hollow dip shit" said the being Naruto glares at his other self who laughs.

"When ever you are about to die in battle I will appear and try to take control so I can kill all your precious people" shouts his inner hollow only to be pimped slapped a second later by Naruto then hit in the gut by a Rasengan the inner hollow glares at Naruto before laughing.

"It seems kingie boy is a lot stronger than I thought but if you wish to tame me come back when you've found an area were know one will find you so you can fight me for control" shouts the inner hollow before disappearing with an arrogant laugh that fills the room.

In the real world

Naruto opens his eyes before noticing the red chakra surrounding him but it starts to fade Renji stares at him before clearing his throat.

"Okay lets go" said Renji before opening a portal the two walk in and arrive in soul society Naruto looks around.

"I expected something different like gates and white clouds" said Naruto.

"Yeah well human's always are expecting something different now lets go' said Renji before pulling Naruto with him they arrive in the central part of soul society known as Seireitei when they walk in Renji speaks.

"Come on your to slow we have to reach the first division grounds' said Renji before he runs off dragging Naruto with him once they reach their destination they find 25 people staring at them, 11 of which are wearing the same uniform as Renji minus the tattoos while one is wearing something different he wears a black kimono and white coat the other 13 are wearing something different they wear the kimono but with a white robes and a number on their back from 1 to 13.

"Lieutenant Abarai finally you have arrived" said an old man with the kanji for one on his back holding a walking stick Renji walks over to the man with the number 6 on his back.

"Renji you are late" said the man.

"Sorry Captain Kuchiki" replies Renji bowing his head the man nods.

"Welcome Mr. Namikaze" starts the old man "I am the captain-commander and captain of the 1st division Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai the reason you are here is that you hold great potential and its shows"

He points at Naruto's clothing then his swords that are know strapped to his back he gives off a confused look.

"You hold the Zanpukto's of a Shinigami and two at that this means that you hold greet potential as I said before" starts Yamamoto

"For your training you will be sent to the Academy to learn Hand to Hand combat, Zanjutsu, Kidou and the abilities of a Shinigami along with the history of soul society" said Yamamoto Naruto groans in annoyance.

"Great the academy"

"Don't worry instead of your six years you will only have two" said Yamamoto Naruto smiles.

"Wait how long is two Shinigami years" asks Naruto.

"300 hundred earth years" said Yamamoto

"God damn wait will I seem my friends again" asks Naruto Yamamoto shakes his head.

"Im sorry but we pulled you from another dimension you are in this worlds Nirvana while your friends will be sent to your worlds"

"GOD DAMN IT" shouts Naruto

Three hundred years later

Naruto appears walking around soul society with Renji and a girl with short black hair from the 13 division next to him.

"So Naruto you graduate tomorrow pretty exciting isn't it" asks the girl.

"It is Rukia-chan" said Naruto with a grin.

"So much has happened in theses three hundred years I learn how to control my inner hollow were I can wear his mask for a full year I can control seven out of nine tails I found out that the fox gave me the sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan and that I can turn it on and off and also taught me tonnes of cool Jutsu's and I even made my own life is good and I also found out the names of one of my Zanpukto's thanks to her advice cast of your mask show your truth self and learn to trust others and her name is Kami Shirayuki (Devine White Snow)" thinks Naruto.

"Yeah but your still yet to learn his name" said Naruto's inner hollow.

"Shut up fool" shouts Kyuubi.

"Why I don't want to fox" said the Inner hollow.

"Horse, Fox shut it" yells Naruto.

The next day

"Listen up Maggots to pass you must kill one hollow if you can do that you graduate fail and you DIE" shouts Rukia in an evil tonne of voice scaring most of the candidates except a select few.

Next to Naruto are over sixty academy students each with their Zanpukto's by their side's Naruto smirks.

"Okay Naruto this is your chance" said the woman known as Kami Shirayuki

"Yeah king kill" shouts the Inner hollow like a little kid high on sugar.

"Kit do you best" said Kyuubi.

"Naruto remember to cast of your fear, retreat and you will age, hesitates and you will die" said the man.

"Right" said Naruto.

Naruto turns his attention to the front as each new Shinigami is assigned a teacher Naruto gets lucky and is assigned Rukia.

"Rukia-san how you going" asks Naruto Rukia glares at him "Sorry, sorry Rukia-sama"

"Good now lets go" said Rukia she opens a rift into the real world and they appear in Australia in Sydney to be specific were they are confronted by a hollow that looks like a mutated chicken Naruto sweat drops.

"Um…. Im not sure that things a hollow it kind of looks like a mutated chicken and an ugly one at that" said Naruto as grabs Kami Shirayuki but a voice stops him.

"Use me boy" shouts the man Naruto nods and grabs his other sword drawing the blade and rushes at the chicken hollow slicing off its arm the hollow clucks with pain before trying to squash Naruto who jumps back and holds out his hand.

"Hadō (way of destruction) spell 63. Thunder Roar Cannon" shouts Naruto before launching a massive wave of yellow energy at the target hitting it dead on the hollow howls in pain before falling to the ground Naruto rushes at the hollow sword in his right hand with a Rasengan formed at the top he jumps up and hits the hollow on the head the Rasengan explodes Naruto then brings his sword downwards slicing the mask off and killing the Hollow.

"Good work boy lets hope you here me now my name is Kage Zangetsu (Shadow Cutting Moon)" said the man.

"Kage Zangetsu"

The man smiles in Naruto's mind.

Rukia congratulates Naruto on his victory Naruto smirks before putting Kage Zangetsu away.

"Boy to activate my Shikai say Disperse Kage Zangetsu" said the man.

Naruto nods Rukia gives him a look saying 'you're crazy'.

"Im not crazy I was just talking to Kage Zangetsu" said Naruto before pointing to the black Zanpukto Rukia smiles.

"So now you pass though the question is which squad shall you join" asks Rukia Naruto shrugs his shoulders Rukia smile and opens a portal to soul society the twos step threw once they arrive Rukia leaves to give her report Naruto sighs and heads out for some RAMEN.

The End

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Which squad should he join? You chose

3rd division

Captain – Gin Ichimaru

Lieutenant – Kira Izuru

6th division

Captain – Byakuya Kuchiki

Lieutenant – Renji Abarai

8th division

Captain -Kyōraku Shunsui

Lieutenant – Nanao Ise

10th division

Captain – Toshiro Hitsugaya

Lieutenant – Rangiku Matsumoto

13th division

Captain - Jūshirō Ukitake