Just So You Know


Summary: Amou started invading the music camp of the participants of the concour and has a very naughty idea how she could finally make the story she adore so much, Violin Romance, come true.

Disclaimer: Again, La Corda D'oro is not mine and this would be the second time I'm wishing Ren Tsukimori is mine.

Chapter One. The Sacrificial Lamb

"Stingy! It's just for this time!" Amou screamed, making everyone winced as if they've heard a broken chord by a set of unskillful hands. Amou is furiously standing infront of the five male participants, together with Kanazawa-sensei.

"Amou-san, I understand your enthusiasm, believe me, I do. But at this time, everyone is busy for the upcoming inter-school concour. Please do understand," Kanazawa-sensei explained, holding a cigarette on his hand while standing near the window. "If it's not, I don't mind you pestering them as long as you like."

"Besides, you also take into consideration that you're talking to boys, not girls. We don't do this kind of stuff," Tsuchiura added with an annoyed look while sitting on a chair with his legs lightly parted.

"That's right. Guys are guys. A guy would feel…" Hihara tried to add a piece of his mind but for a moment lost for the words to say correctly. "…uh…awkward about this stuff," Hihara finally finished, sitting near Tsuchiura on the nearby sofa.

"It might be an interesting experience but this would seem really inappropriate for us to do," Yunoki said, his hand holding a cup of tea while sitting comfortably on the sofa beside Hihara.

"Certainly not. It has nothing to do with me," Tsukimori flatly said, eyes shut, standing near Kanazawa-sensei.

"I really don't mind but I'd prefer to play my cello instead, senpai," Shimizu said lazily, sitting across Tsuchiura.

"Hmp. If I know, with or without the concour, you just don't want to cooperate with me," Amou said with a huge pout.

"That's correct," Tsuchiura, Hihara and Tsukimori chorused.

"What did you just said!" Amou screamed, fist clenched.

"Ma…ma…no need to add more wood to the fire," Yunoki said with a smile as a frown crossed the faces of the 3 participants of the concour.

"Kids nowadays," Kanazawa-sensei commented in a low tone not enough for Amou to hear as he stared at the night sky. "Anyway, where's Hino and Fuyuumi?" he asked as he glanced back to the students inside the room.

"Seems that she has forgotten time all over again so Fuyuumi-chan offered to look for Kaho-chan," Hihara answered immediately.

Amou smiled wickedly at Hihara and asked, "Hihara-senpai, may I asked, what's with the familiarity with Hino-chan?" She stared at the older guy as if trying to get some good information.

"Hah!" Hihara looked at Amou's interrogating and persuasive look. The other guys stared at him with curious faces, also waiting for his answer. "Well…ano…uh…it's…" Hihara stammered as his face started to turn red. 'What the hell am I going to say to them?'

"Are you courting Hino-chan, Hihara-senpai?" Amou asked straightforward, earning stern looks from Tsukimori, Tsuchiura and Yunoki.

Hihara is now feeling the pressure, not just from Amou, but from the other participants of the concour. "What! That's…"


"Gomen ne, Amou-san. I almost forgot the…" Hino announced, entering the room followed by Fuyuumi who's looking at the ground. Sensing a strange aura in the room, Hino stared at Amou and asked, "Did something happened?"

"Hino-chan!" Amou exclaimed, hugging the redhead tightly. "Just in time!" Hino just stared at Amou, though shocked on why she's being embraced by the reporter.

"Oi, it's not what you think it is!" Hihara exclaimed, finally standing from his seat. 'The hell! She might tell Kaho-chan some mess up story or something! What to do!' he exclaimed to himself.

Amou stared at Hihara with a wicked smile, earning a pair of confused look from Hino and Fuyuumi. 'Sa, what are you going to do, Hihara-senpai?' Amou asked in wonder.

"What's with the 'it's not what you think', Hihara-senpai?" Hino asked, curious on what's been happening inside the room before they came.

"Oh, that's nothing, Hino-chan," Amou said, looking at Hino, not minding Hihara's outburst. "Nothing. It's just that the guys in the concour are so lame and boring," Amou said, patting Hino's shoulders. "It's a good thing that the so-called Violin Romance did not turned out as expected from this batch," Amou said, eyes closed but with a teasing smile, causing Yunoki, Tsukimori, Tsuchiura and Hihara to give her a 'I'll kill you' stare.

"And just who is lame?" Tsuchiura asked, eyes shut but the annoyance covered on his face.

"Definitely not us! And we're not boring, mind you!" Hihara exclaimed.

"Whatever," Amou said, as if bored on the reactions given by the male participants of the concour.

"Alright, enough kids," Kanazawa-sensei said, scratching his head. 'This is going no where,' he told himself. "Alright, in order to satisfy Amou-san, since everyone is not going to participate, would it be much better to have a sacrificial lamb from the guys?"

"A sacrificial lamb?" Hino asked, staring at Kanazawa-sensei. "But we're just going to have a slumber party, Kanazawa-sensei," Hino objected. "Why does it sound like…"

"Great idea!" Amou exclaimed in enthusiasm as an idea suddenly popped out from her head. 'This is turning much better than expected.'

"Ano, Amou-senpai…" Fuyuumi called out, not staring at her senpai.

"Yes, Fuyuumi-chan?" Amou asked.

"Gomen, but I'm not feeling well. Would it be alright if I be excused?" she asked in a low tone.

"What? No way!" Amou exclaimed. "Are you running away, Fuyuumi-chan?" Amou exclaimed.

"Gomen, Amou-san," Hino started, "Fuyuumi-chan has just recovered from her high fever so she'd need more rest," Hino said to cover up the young teen.

"Ah, well that can't be help," Amou said in annoyance.

"Kanazawa-sensei, would it be alright if I escort Fuyuumi-chan back to her room?" Shimizu volunteered, standing from the chair to where he's sitting.

"Well, that's alright. Get a rest, Fuyuumi-chan," Kanazawa-sensei said with a smile.

"A—arigato, Kanazawa-sensei," Fuyuumi said, walking out of the room, followed by Shimizu close behind.

As the two young teen left the room, Amou commented, "That's nice. Is there something going on with the two of them?" she asked no one in particular, still staring at the door.

"Well, forget about that, Amou-san. So, how are you going to deal with the sacrificial lamb?" Kanazawa-sensei asked, scratching his head. 'Finish this up. I want to have a drink, already!'

"Well, about that. Let's just pick in random using paper," Amou said. "Hino-chan, can you write up the names of every guys in a paper?" she asked.

"Ah, su—sure…" Hino said, walking towards the small table not so far from them.

"And then what?" Tsuchiura asked, looking at Amou sternly. 'This better make sense or I'll surely, someday, kill this woman!'

"Well, for the sacrificial lamb, he's going to join Hino-chan and I for the slumber party! What else are you expecting, Tsuchiura-kun?" she asked wickedly. "Or would you like to volunteer instead?"

Tsuchiura fidgeted from his seat, unable to answer her question and also feeling uneasy with the idea. 'What the hell happens during girl talk anyway!'

"Oh come on! It's not so bad! It's just a girl talk but the twist is that a guy would be joining us!" Amou exclaimed. "Though it would be much exciting if everyone has to join. I'm quite disappointed though…"

"That is what's making it hard for us to join," Hihara commented in a low tone, only loud enough for Yunoki, Tsuchiura, Tsukumori and Kanazawa-sensei to hear.

"What did you say?" Amou asked, staring at Hihara.

"Nothing. Kaho-chan, are you already finished writing the name?" Hihara asked, trying to change the topic.

"Ah, hai!" Hino answered, walking towards the group, holding pieces of papers on her hand. "So, what are we going to do with this?"

"Kanazawa-sensei, please do the honor of picking the sacrificial lamb," Amou said, motioning the music teacher to approach Hino.

"Okay, okay," Kanazawa-sensei said, approaching Hino and blindly picked up a piece.

"Alright! The sacrificial lamb has been chosen!" Amou announced getting the piece of paper from Kanazawa-sensei. "And the lucky guy is…"

'More like who is the guy going to hell…' Tsuchiura mused to himself.

'Not interested,' Tsukimori noted to himself, looking outside the window. 'Can I just leave these idiots here?' he asked no one.

"Tsukimori-kun!" Amou exclaimed, earning stares from the other men towards Tsukimori.

Tsukimori's eyes widen in surprised and annoyance. 'What the hell?' he said to himself.

"Alright, since it has been decided. We're off. We're going to leave now, Kanazawa-sensei. We'll be at the practice room on the third floor. The rest of you could take your goodnight sleep," Amou said, approaching Tsukimori and clasped her hands towards his left arm. "Sa, Tsukimori-kun, let's start one hell of a night! Hino-chan, let's go!"

"Wa—wait…" he said as he was dragged out of the room.

"Minna, gomen ne," Hino apologized with the rest of the guys left inside the room.

"Will he be fine, Kaho-chan?" Hihara asked, looking dumbfounded at the door to where Amou and Tsukimori had disappeared moments ago.

"Daijoubo. Don't worry, Hihara-senpai. Oyasumi," she said as she run out of the room, hearing Amou's voice calling out to her.

"I can't believe that girls tend to be scary, aren't they?" Hihara asked.

"Ma…it can't be help anyway," Tsuchiura said, standing from his seat while scratching his head.

"It's just not Tsukimori's day, is it?" Yunoki said with a smile on his face. "But it might turn out something really interesting though…" Yunoki said as he stood from the sofa.

"What do you mean by that, Yunoki?" Hihara asked.

"Baka. Girl talk, slumber party is not just some girly stuff!" Kanazawa exclaimed. "More to that, girls do wild stuff and confessions about their secrets and wild fantasies! And I thought you guys know," Kanazawa said, scratching his head.

"NANI!" Tsuchiura and Hihara exclaimed, causing the two to blush.

"Ma, it'll be a very long night for Tsukimori," Yunoki commented as he walked out of the room.

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