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Summary: It's been about a couple of months since Saya has slept and Kai has made it his duty to take care of the twins. An unlikely visitor in the pub somehow makes him look forward to the late night hours from time to time. Yet she would most likely bring back painful memories to him, ones he tried to forget, and he would soon realize he hasn't let them go. They're both strangers to one another, they're odd ones. Told through the POV of the OC and of Kai.

Disclaimer: I don't own Blood at all, because if I did I would've somehow ended up putting Kai with Irene. I do own the OC, she's all mine.

Title: Odd Ones

Chapter 1: Late night rendezvous, sort of

The sun was starting to come up, hitting the cracks at just the right angle to annoy me. The curtains that my good old caretaker bought for me are nice and everything but they don't really help with trying to keep out the sunlight. I try telling him I'm not that much of a morning person, but I know he means well.

This dark blue, royal blue, light blue, and white with black, styled room is all mine, courtesy of my caretaker, thank the deities I love that man to death. The tiles on this room are white and cold, the ceiling looks like clouds, and the walls have a light blue color with white borders, with little dark blue, and royal blue music notes fashioned throughout the room.

The man I have to thank for all of this is none other than Nathan Mahler, my good old caretaker I suppose. A man with blonde hair and colored eyes, a gringo in my culture, but a very good one.

I pulled the covers off of me, looking lazily around the room; everything was blurry just like it always was, thanks to my near-sightedness. I just realized that the sheets were checkered, with the colors black and white. I sighed and reminded myself mentally to thank the lady who works within the Mahler household.

A lot of people think I live like a princess, but truth be told I do not, or rather I decide to be more humble. Sure I mean it would be great buying a PS3 or a Blu-Ray player, but even a man of Nathan's stature has his financial limits. I don't really care, so long as I have a place to call my home for the time being.

"Selma dear, are you awake?" a familiar voice called out. It gave off a female vibe, but I knew who it was already and smiled.

He didn't open the door until he had somehow managed to sense the fact that I was busy straightening out my bed hair. The door clicked, and I could faintly hear it open, and by that time I was wearing my glasses, and straightening out my sleeping gown.

"Good morning Mr. Mahler." I said smiling as pleasantly as I could, it was sort of impossible to do so, so early in the morning.

"Good morning Selma." He responded with his manly-lady like charm. It was very flattering in a way because it just made him seem that much more, pleasant to be around. "I have to say your Japanese is improving more and more with each passing day."

"Thank you very much Mr. Mahler…" I said facing my back to him, trying to fix my bed. I had only been living in Okinawa for some time under a university student program, those that study aboard for a semester, but I really wanted to study here full time. Sure I would most likely fall flat on my face learning Japanese like if I was a toddler, but it didn't seem that hard to pronounce.

Nathan is more than understanding though, I swear he has the instincts of a woman at times, and I'm not surprised if he is flamboyant, I mean he sure does act it. He speaks to me in English, while I try my best to respond in Japanese from time to time. He's a good teacher, sometimes he could be patient, but other times he gets easily frustrated.

"Breakfast is on the table…" he said, the man wearing the white cotton garment with dark colored pants walked down the stairs with god like grace.

"If you don't mind me asking, where is Madame Cheza?" I asked. He made a sound and I frowned having to repeat myself in Japanese again. 'Damn you Nathan… You really know how to press my buttons…' I thought sighing for a moment.

"Cheza is gone for the moment, she's off doing a couple of errands. It's just you and me, mon ami." He said chuckling as he went down the flight of stairs.


Okinawa, it's so much different from Los Angeles, I'll be honest, and yet I love it here. I am a stranger to these people, as they are a stranger to me. Speaking of stranger's Nathan wants me to accompany him to visit someone who is a stranger to me. He mostly does this when Cheza is inside the house, but today she's off doing errands so he has to drag me along, but I don't think he minds, not that I've noticed anyway.

Nathan's taste in clothing is, rather unique. We're in summer and he has me wearing sleeveless spring dresses, something I highly loathe with all my being, but he did do me the favor of answering what should I wear. A small little black band has been placed neatly between my bangs and the rest of my hair. He really did want to make me look presentable for this occasion.

The dress is black and white, something not really found in a spring dress, not to my knowledge at least. He says it's one of a kind, so I take pride in wearing it I suppose. Something keeps bugging my right side of my vision though, it's from that little band that Nathan tied on my head, it has a couple of black feathers on it, with little beads, they clink against the frame of my glasses.

Nathan decided to wear something a bit different, it looks like a slight formal business suit, and I mean slightly looking. He somehow managed to fashion a long sleeved blouse, and tight matador looking pants, he dressed black and white, with fashioned white boots. Somehow though I knew he was wearing bluish purple fabric somewhere, and he had a pink ribbon tied to his right wrist, on the sleeve of the blouse.

Well here we were walking down the streets of Okinawa, and I tried my best to fit in, and not act like such a tourist. Nathan told me not to speak English, but rather speak my second tongue, Spanish, as it would attract less attention away from the fact that I was American. He mentioned that it would make me seem exotic too, but I really didn't want that right now.

Nathan knows it really hard for me to fit in, even as we're walking down the cross walk, pushing and bumping into some of the crowded areas. My skin is dark compared to theirs, not because of the sun, but because of my heritage. I look Hindu, believe it or not, but I'm not, I'm all Central American. You could point me out really easily. I know Nathan's going to try and explain to the person he has a 'date' with why he brought me over.

"Why didn't we bring the car?" I asked timidly as I held on to the side of Nathan's shirt like a little child. He tried his best to act patiently with me. I didn't like being with crowded people.

"It's a rather lovely day for a walk, little one." He said giving me that dazzling smile of his. I wonder what my parents would say about me staying with a flamboyant man, I know my dad would say straight out joto, of course he acts gay, that's no surprise there. "Plus…" he interrupted my thoughts, "exercise is good for a woman of your age, it makes you seem attractive."

"It's not like we're going to meet a gentleman suitor for me…" I said quickly shaking my head. "If this is your idea of a joke Mr. Mahler…"

"Have some trust in me Selma. You're going to hurt my feelings. Besides…" He paused for a moment. "I wanted you to try out my latest design, you've got a figure of a model."

"Models have boobs, and an ass…" I said in Spanish trying not to sound all that rude. "The only thing I have going for me is being known as a 'year eater' and having big hips…"

"And you're innocence…" the last part he stressed out with a demonic tone. I shuddered and looked away. He always did that when he wanted to win an argument with me.

K a i

What can I really say? Things are slowly starting to smile on our favor. I can't really ask for too much help from Julia's part I mean she had just had children of her own, David's too busy with his little family, and Lewis, well he does as much as he can. Mao and that reporter Okamura are off somewhere in the Middle East, they're trying to raise awareness to countries that need help.

The pub has been closed for the day while I'm tending to the needs of the twins. They're really beautiful little girls, they take after Saya and Diva, after all they are twins. There's a little girl with blue eyes, and another one with red eyes, just like their mother and aunt.

I'm sitting here, in the nursery with the two sleeping babes. I've had to try and give them their own personality. The little one with red eyes, I've named Akako. The other little one with blue eyes I've decided to name Amaya. It fits them, believe it or now. 'Akako' is a passionate name that signifies 'red'. Amaya is a name that means 'night rain'. To me water and blue go together, so I figured what the hell.

I'm supposed to be a getting a visitor sometime later in the day, and I'm glad, for once it's someone that I have a slight connection with. Nathan, my regular visitor, he comes a lot now, wanting to see how the children are growing up. He explained to me that all that Diva wanted was to have a family of her own, and some how I empathized with her. I had lost my family in a way.

Before long in the two separate cribs the little ones fell asleep, and I sighed in content. The room has light colors, mostly pastel, but I don't think the babies enjoy that one bit, Nathan helped with the redecorating, and I wasn't picky to whoever lent a hand. I tried my best to walk skillfully along the wooden floor, hopefully I wouldn't disturb them.

The doorway to and fro the room was the only way out, and walking out that room was like trying to bust out a stealthy ninja move, television and reality are two very different things. I made it out though, the first thing to greet my sight, from the pastel room, were wooden pieces of furniture, a clock, a dining table, they were all simple little things needed to survive.

I walked downstairs and yawned for a moment. I stretched and moved my neck from side to side. I felt a cool piece of metal touch my chest and I sighed, again memories would flood back from time to time, but I know that dwelling back on things like that wouldn't help me at all. Besides I can't go moping about taking care of the twins.

"Y en fin tuvimos que tomar el carro…" I heard a voice coming from downstairs, somewhere in the pub. I blinked for a moment, and realized something; I wasn't properly dressed to tend the bar.

"Okay, so I lied…" that voice was familiar. "I just wanted you to walk a little bit in the streets of Okinawa to model the dress, but we weren't going to walk all the way to the pub, in this heat, of course not you'd be all untidy for our host."

"Ni se su nombre… ni su edad, alo mejor es una mujer…" the voice sounded a bit ticked off. My brain tried to register what language that was, but it seemed really distant to me. 'Come on Kai, think…' I thought trying to remember what language that was.

"You're as straight as they come little one. I wouldn't even dream of letting you get acquainted with some of the women here. Probably Diva, but you came too late for her grand performance…"

I cleared my throat and made myself be known. I walked down the wooden area, and smiled sheepishly for a moment. Nathan sighed in disappointment and shook his head, whispering something to his foreign companion to his right. She was wearing a strange looking summer dress, with black and white, it looked fairly simple though. She had something in her hair, whatever it was it had feathers and beads in it.

What was I wearing? A tight black muscle shirt, a pair of faded jeans, and comfortable black shoes. Nathan was dressed to impress, and no doubt he probably instilled the same thing on his companion. I couldn't help but stare, she looked like she was from India, but I doubt that she was. Her eyes were very dark, and she looked young, almost too young to be even 16 years old.

"…" I bowed slightly, and surprisingly the girl did the same, she smiled a little bit and looked back at Nathan. He nodded and she took a seat at the bar stool. Nathan casually strolled over there in his own way. Watching the girl walk, it was pretty noticeable that she had the strut of a guy; probably back from where ever she was from. Still for a little kid she looked beautiful.

"This is Kai Miyagusuku." Nathan said looking the brown skinned girl. I was in front of them now, as their bartender. She smiled politely and said her hello; it surprised me that her Japanese didn't seem that broken like most of the foreigners that came from different places. It sounded, very soft.

"My name is Seruma Ropez…" her voice was very timid, I could tell she didn't really want to talk. ' Selma… Seruma, Lopez is Ropez… she even tries to mimic our dialectic right down to the "r"… maybe she already had trouble pronouncing "r" in her own language,' I thought and extended that old Miyagusuku charm, it at least got her to relax a bit.

I turned my head slightly to look at Nathan, but that little chevalier had already disappeared no doubt to see the little sleeping twins. I sighed and placed the white towel over my shoulder, for a moment I found the new visitor watching my movements for a moment, maybe she was just as bored as I was now.

"Did you finish high school already, Kai?" she asked, placing both of her elbows on top of the counter, and rested the side of her face on one side of her palm.

"Yes, I did…" I said chuckling slightly. "You probably still have a long way to go, am I right?" I noticed the expression change on her, and I think I might have said the wrong thing at that moment. She closed her eyes and sighed. Up until now I just barely noticed she was wearing glasses, they matched with the outfit, they were black and white frames.

"I just turned 18 last year… It's going to be my 19th this year, and I still get mistaken for a child of 16 or so." She said, almost as if she had been told this all of her life. "It's alright for making that mistake, Kai." And now it occurred to me, that she wasn't startled by the fact that Nathan had reappeared so quickly. 'Then she must know…' I thought, but this was Nathan I was talking about, he wouldn't blindly tell her something like that.

We were all startled to hear something upstairs. I could hear the infants cry again and I excused myself to go and tend to my little nieces. I know that Nathan wouldn't leave me alone with the babies, and there was no point in leaving Selma behind as well. I walked upstairs and found Nathan there picking up Amaya. I turned my head slightly to look in back of me and found Selma on the step behind me. She asked if she could see the children as well, and I couldn't really say no to a face like that, besides she was Nathan's guest.

I picked up Akako and she cooed for a moment in my arms. Selma was standing close by, with Nathan's back turned towards us for a while. She smiled, and for a moment I saw something gleam in her eyes, sadness, I guess that's what it was. But why would she feel sad seeing two twins?

"They're both beautiful…" she said looking back at me for a moment. I asked her if she would like to hold Akako, and she accepted the small invitation. She cooed the little baby, and lightly placed a slender finger on the babe's nose. In a spilt second the baby managed to get her hands on the girl's glasses and she laughed gently. "That always happens…" she said, trying gently to pry the glasses away from Akako.

"She doesn't normally take kindly to strangers…" I said. She had that motherly air to her, the shy girl a I met moments ago changed in that instance, and somehow it made me think a bit differently of her.

"Mr. Mahler…" she called out gently looking in back of her. "I wouldn't mind coming back here every once in a while to help look after the twins. I mean that is if it's all right with you, Kai Miyagusuku…" her dark brown eyes looked back at me.

"Not at all…" I found myself saying. I really did need the extra help around here.

"The two of you are really lucky that summer is here, otherwise I would have to say no to Selma's request. She's studying here for only a semester, I pretty sure you didn't mention that…" Nathan said chuckling for a moment. "I'm only helping her pay to spend summer here in Okinawa."

"I mean if you can't Selma…" I looked back at her, and she seemed slightly upset for some reason. "You don't…"

"I really do want too…" she said giving me an innocent look. Irene flashed into my memory and I sighed, taking Akako from her gentle care. "I really do Kai. Besides you can help me!" she kept her voice down a bit.

"There's no need to rush…" Nathan said looking back at his 'pupil'. "You'll have a whole semester once summer is over."

"But you just…" she huffed for a moment, and right away I saw the little flustered kid in her. She sighed and straightened her composure for a moment. "Fine Mr. Mahler…"

"I remember now…" I said chuckling as something finally clicked. "You were speaking Spanish earlier, weren't you?"

"You heard that?" she asked, a faint blush was present on her face.

"I know a little bit of Spanish…" I said. I tried my best to show her that I did, and she tried to hide a laugh with her hand. Another thing I noticed, Nathan had her wear black gloves.

"I think we've overstayed our welcome today…" Nathan said looking at the lock beside us. "We should probably let you get some sleep Kai, you look exhausted." He said, and he was probably right.

The babes were hushed right back to sleep, and we ended up finding ourselves at the entrance of the pub. Both Nathan and Selma were slightly covered by the darkness, but I could tell the expressions that they held. And I know for a fact that the new girl didn't really want to leave the pub, but Nathan had her on a 'leash' I guess you could say.

She shook my hand, instead of bowing, and they disappeared into the night. In the distance I could see the car light come alive, and the engine started to die down as they drove away.

That night I knew I would dream of my little brother Riku, and of Irene, there was no doubt in my mind. That girl made me feel nostalgic of my old life, high school, Dad, Riku and Saya. It's not her fault, but I'm kind of ticked off that Nathan didn't tell me he was bringing a guest that night…