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Chapter Four: Know your Shield part I

The brown skinned girl sat by a table, making little faces at one of the young babes. The infant clapped her hands cooing again and the adolescent took some great joy out of that. The other twin made a face, wanting some attention placed on her and Selma couldn't help herself but give raspberry kisses on the infant's soft belly. Akako and Amaya gave out small laughs as they wiggled about from the light tickles. The 19 year old red head sighed, leaning his whole body forward watching the babies enjoy the presence of their visitor.

"You have a way with kids…" Kai couldn't help but say. He laughed noticing that Amaya had taken away the females glasses.

"I've always loved kids, and babysitting helped back home." She said softly, tickling Amaya so that she could release her delicate glasses. She finally had them in her grasp, but Amaya didn't seem too happy about that, but either way the little infant managed to laugh. "Kids just seem to like me I guess…"

Kai smiled for a moment and noticed the twins reaching out towards her for some reason. Selma sighed slightly and looked up at Kai:

"They haven't eaten anything for a while…"

Luckily they weren't at the Omoro this time, Kai's home was the source will all the nutrition the infants would need. She watched him for a moment and she couldn't help but smile, he acted like such a parent, it amazed her. 'He really loves these two little girls…' she thought plopping her chin down on the table, watching the infants squirm around in their little carriers.

Lewis had closed the Omoro by the time they had returned from the beach, and dusk was starting to make its way through the sky signifying a change in time of course. Daylight wasn't scarce, but Lewis had suggested that they all go back to Kai's home. Somehow the large Okinawan man planned this from the very beginning in his own head, but somehow the plan backfired when he noticed Selma sitting in the front passenger seat of his car, instead of expecting her to wait by the motorcycle.

"You say dreams a dream, I am not playin' the fool anymore…" she sang for a moment and noticed the children quiet down for a while. "Have you notice that they're quiet whenever someone sings?"

"I never noticed that…" Kai admitted, placing two bottles down, gently beside the young adolescent's face. She pushed herself up and brought one of the infants into her arms. "Their mother use to be a well known opera singer…" he said, thinking back to the old Red Shield days.

The infants always needed a second helping of whatever they ate for some reason, they always had a large appetite, and yet they never seemed to gain weight, at least not to the newcomer's amazement. The babies were burped before preparing another bottle of baby formula, and once again they were eating before long. The two adolescent's so different in mind and physique, had been brought together by a two small life-forces. Though the male still had memories running through his head, he tried his best not to let it interfere with the present.

Selma placed Akako back in her little red and white colored carrier and waltzed over to the radio that was near the sink. Kai had never seen her act like that at all, she had never stayed with him that long until today, finding things that seemed strange to him a bit. Her hands rested against the volume knob and put it as low as she could till it was but a faint whisper, for the sake of the children. She hummed the little ditty for a while and looked back at Kai, he seemed relaxed at this point.

"Your Japanese… you learn mostly from song, right?" he asked grinning, he had hit the nail right on the head, so to speak. Selma nodded and scratched her cheek, she had been found out in a way.

"Mr. Mahler says that it's best to learn in a way that you enjoy and I'll be damned if…" she covered her mouth quickly and felt her eyes widen at a realization. Kai tilted his head and raised an eyebrow in a questioning manner. "Sorry!" she said bowing her head. "I shouldn't say such things in front of the little ones… their brains are like sponges…"

The young red head placed an arm at the table, propping his elbow up, and resting the side of his check on his palm. 'She can act like a kid at times I guess…' he thought admiring that quality about her, too bad their friendship would mostly end before it would become stable, at least that's what they both thought. The infants had fallen asleep, and as a conditioned reaction they each looked up at the clock that had been carefully placed near the dining table.

With the adorned little hands that read the time, and the ticking second hand, combined with an ocean view colored background, the clock read 11:46. Selma flinched and pulled out a small cellular phone from her pocket and gulped, the clock had not lied at all. The sound of creaking wood caught their attention and they looked up, peering into the entrance of the living room.

The two individuals had moved from the wooden floored kitchen to the slight dimly lit entrance of the living room. The furniture had a calm color to it, similar to what one saw in a magazine, and a little round coffee table in the center. Someone within the comfort of the comfy couch yawned, and to their relief Lewis had started waking up. He peered in back of him and smiled lazily.

"It's getting late, Ms. Lopez." The man said, getting the girl to chuckle nervously. "Have Kai take you home, I'll put Akako and Amaya in their cribs while you go to Nathan's." he said looking at Kai.

The two 19 year olds looked at one another and chuckled quietly amongst themselves. They hurried in their pace though, because Nathan would be a bit furious if she were brought back home at such a late hour. Kai commented that she was like his child, but Selma shook her head expressing her own ideas.

"He says I remind him of someone he cared for deeply…" she said, making sure her mp3 player was safely within her sweater pocket. The brown skinned female waited for him at the doorstep, retrieving her shoes, and putting them on, patting them against the floor with the tip of the toe. "I know that he helped take care of Diva…" she said thinking about if for a moment. Kai walked towards the entrance getting his shoes in the same manner. He was wearing a jacket for the cold weather, a dark blue one with little patches on it.

"But that wasn't who he was referring to?" Kai asked, he seemed a bit curious as to why Nathan would let out such a small but important detail.

She shook her head in response:

"Come on Kai, we should really get going…"

S e l m a

You know what they call the backseat of a motorcycle? The 'bitch' seat, yes that's what they call it, great. It doesn't really matter to me thought because I'm enjoying myself, even if it is in the comfort of the bitch seat. I'm holding on to Kai's sides, and it's rather uncomfortable, my social awkwardness is taking over a little bit. He keeps telling me to hold on tighter so I won't go flying off because of my scrawny ol' body. At least he can make me laugh.

I looked through the visor of the helmet and watched the city life of Okinawa come to life under the cover of night, it looked beautiful. I know other people would say that it's no big deal, especially if they've lived there for their whole life. Kai began to decrease in his acceleration, and I peered over to the side, trying my best not to shift around so much. The crescent moon was beginning to shine down on the water's edge.

"It's so beautiful…" I said gasping in delight. I could faintly hear Kai chuckle and mutter something else, but I didn't pay that much attention. The scene to the side of us was all that captivated my attention at that moment.

The scene faded after what seemed like hours, just staring at the water and the sky neatly decorated with stars, and the glow from the moon. The road was beginning to swerve a bit but that didn't bother Kai at all he maneuvered the bike as if it were second nature to him.

"Where do I turn?" he asked noticing the off ramps.

"Right…" I said absent-mindedly, thinking back to the scene we had just passed. I tightened my grip on the driver and sighed, turning my head to the side slightly. For some reason that sight made me think back to home. I wondered what my parents were doing, and my old friends, a life full of wonder, which was what filled my whole day. Something snapped me back into focus. "Kai… you missed the turn…"

"Yeah I know…" he said softly. "We're going to visit someone quick, I promise it won't take long, okay?"

"Mr. Mahler's not going to be too happy about that…" I said watching as we came into a peaceful looking neighborhood. "Who lives here?"

"Old friends…" he responded and approached a quaint looking house that was curiously placed on the corner of a street.

Something triggered in the back of my head, and I remembered something that Kai had said on the phone when he was talking with someone:

"…Sure I'll come over in a little bit I guess, I'm kind of busy right now… That's no problem, don't worry about it. Don't work yourself too hard… Yeah that's how it is. Tell her and the kids I said hi. All right, I'll see you later then…"

He parked neatly on by the sidewalk and I moved first, taking off the helmet, and looking back at him. I was going to say something but he shook his head. I was going to thank him for going out of his way to do this, but I guess he already knew I was going to say that.

"Don't go thanking me yet, you still aren't back home…" He said taking off his helmet, looking at the quaint looking home. "…" he paused for a moment and pulled out his cell phone marking something on speed dial. "Yo David, yeah I'm outside right now, I'm going to come inside, and I brought a friend if you don't mind…"

After several seconds of exchanging conversation back and forth the phone call was terminated and we were able to walk down the small gated yard with ease, leaving behind the parked motorcycle and bringing with us the helmets we had used. The grass seemed lively as we walked on the little cement pathway. The house in general looked a bit plain, but it seemed cozy. There was a light on to the side of the home, almost as if they had been expecting company that whole time. We managed to go up the three small steps and we were outside the door.

I looked up at the little insects dancing about the porch light and I flinched, noticing a strange looking bug. Out of simple reaction I tugged on Kai's jacket. He flinched and I apologized, hiding from whatever it was that was fluttering around the exposed light bulb.

"Insects?" he asked, laughing.

"That's not funny, I bet you're never had bees fly into your hair, or roaches climb on your leg, have spiders crawl on your hand…" I shuddered at all the horrible encounters I had faced as a simple kid. "Or even a grasshopper shoved in your face…" I got goose bumps just at the mere thought.

Kai shook his head and knocked on the door, and it felt like an eternity, which for me was a good thing seeing as how I didn't know these people at all. The door opened and a woman greeted us at the doorway. She had very light brown hair that went down past her shoulders, and grey colored eyes that were covered with glasses. This woman didn't look very tired at all, but she was wearing a light colored bathrobe kind of giving off a comforting vibe to her whole demeanor.

"It's nice seeing you again Kai." The woman said. She looked to be about in her late twenties or so, and to be honest she had a figure that would make almost any woman on earth jealous. Aside from that though she seemed pretty normal. "And who's your friend?" she asked politely.

"My name's Selma Lopez ma'am…" I said feeling like a little kid all over again.

Current scene

She welcomed them inside and walked them over the rather wide hallway into a small comfortable looking room, which was apparently their living room. Sitting on the couch was a man who seemed to have the appearance of someone in their thirties or so, with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a comfortable dark sleeping robe and pajama pants with slippers.

"I hope we didn't keep you waiting…" Kai said rubbing the back of his head. He sat down on the couch that was in front of the woman named Julia and the other man by the name of David. Selma sat on the other side of where Kai was sitting, keeping to herself for what seemed like an eternity. He looked back at the young brown skinned adolescent and flinched a bit. "This is Selma Lopez, the friend I mentioned earlier."

"Well hello Selma…" the slightly serious looking adult male said, causing Selma to chuckle a bit. "You can call me David."

"It's nice to meet you, Mr. David." She said rubbing the back of her head out of embarrassment. "And likewise to you, Ms. Julia." Selma said trying to extend her warmest greetings possible.

'Could this really be the girl that is staying with that Chevalier?' David was puzzled by that notion for a while. He knew for a fact that Kai had mentioned it before, and it wasn't that he didn't trust the girl from the first impression, he had jus assumed that it would've been someone who looked more like Diva. In everyway she seemed very different from Diva in appearance, there was doubt there, and demeanor. 'What would a Chevalier want with a normal human girl?' he asked himself but he could find no answer.

Julia placed a gentle hand on David's shoulder and whispered something into his ear. He nodded and whispered something inaudible and she smiled. She excused herself and wished both Kai and the newcomer a goodnight. They did the same, watching her leave the small living room and disappearing into another unknown room. It was at that moment that the man remembered something and stood up, asking Kai to follow him for a moment. The red head had instructed the 19 year old female to wait for him for just a bit.

Selma sighed, and made herself more comfortable on the couch, letting the helmet rest on her lap. She glanced to the side and noticed Kai's helmet resting on where he had sat moments ago. 'I can't believe I rode on the back of a motorcycle!' she thought feeling a smile tug at the corner of her lips. Back home with the rest of her family they never would've allowed that type of behavior, but here was a different story.

"You're taking her home pretty late Kai… did you guys get caught up with something?" she couldn't help but cover her mouth so as the muffle the gentle laugh.

"She's helping me with the twins David…" Kai said laughing. "She's really good with kids, maybe she could help you out with your kids sometime."

The girl thought about it, looking up at the crème colored ceiling. 'A babysitting service? Nathan would go crazy with little kids running about…' she thought closing her eyes, and resting her head. She heard the sound of rushing wind and sat up, thinking for a moment it was Nathan Mahler. Selma turned her head and found herself face to face with a purple haired, green eyed girl.

"Ai!" Selma blurted out, jumping to her feet. "Um…"

"I'm sorry!" the young girl said moving back a bit. "I didn't mean to scare you…"

"I was expecting someone else…" the older one muttered mostly to herself, but the girl caught whiff of what she had said. "But it's all right…" she said looking at the young girl. "And you are…?"

"My name's Lulu." The young girl said, extending her hand. "What's your name?"

"Selma." She said shaking the young girl's hand. Lulu's complexion was light, almost as if she had never been in the sunlight, and the temperature she gave off seemed slightly less than the regular warmth emitted by others. "It's nice meeting you Lulu."

The young girl was wearing a dark colored pajama outfit with strange colored slippers that seemed to clash with the outfit itself. Her hair was down, with little waves here and there from where she had held up her hair with little bands.

"You too." The young human looking girl said. "You smell of Kai…" the purple haired girl said smiling. Selma sniffed the sleeves of her sweater and raised an eyebrow as to why the other girl's sense of smell was so tuned. Lulu laughed nervously and to the side, something caught her attention.

David and Kai were standing by the doorway, watching the two other individuals talking amongst themselves. In the red head's grip there was a small black box, which was the item that Mr. David had wanted to give Kai for some time. Lulu chuckled and waved to Kai for a moment. She excused herself and went back to where ever it was she came from bidding them a goodnight.

"You two should probably get going then…" David said looking back at the new individual for a moment or two. "We don't want your caretaker to get furious at you."

Kai thanked David again and Selma stood up, outstretching her hand as David said his goodbyes. He shook it and she placed a gentle smile and said thank you, and before long she grabbed the Kai's helmet and the two walked out the door. He watched them safely move towards the motorcycle, but he couldn't help but be just a little paranoid. There had been several Chiropteran attacks within Japan, but they became less and less by the week.

'Joel had said that Saya had stabbed that Chevalier with her sword…' he thought back and sighed. It could've been possible that maybe there were Chiropterans as old as time itself.

K a i

'All right the bullets are in the back… And the guns in there too…' I thought as I was going back the way we came from. It would've been nice if David had offered some coffee, but I mean he looked tired already and I didn't really want to bother him at all, but that's that I guess. We're going to Nathan's house so I can drop her off. Surprisingly she's been patient all this time, not once complaining, but I know that in her head she's mouthing off about the time.

I made a right and before long the road just seemed to stop, everything was on a dirt path now. The headlights could barely make out the road, but she told me all we had to do was keep going straight. I looked in the distance and noticed several lights turned on, we were almost there. I could feel her sway a bit from side to side, she was probably getting tired already.

"We're almost there…" I said turning my head a bit, she nodded but her grip was starting to grow weak with sleep. I decreased in speed because somehow I just had a feeling she was going to slump over to the side of the road.

"Maybe I should call Nathan…" she muttered softly to herself as the bike came to a complete stop. I took off my helmet and watched her for a moment and she supported herself against the stationed motorcycle, she really was tired all right. "Mr. Mahler…? Oh come on Mr. Nathan I know you're there you left the lights on again… We're not that far down the road… Oh well, okay I'll just walk back home I guess… I'll see you inside…" her voice faltered a bit and she yawned. She shook her head and placed the helmet back on. "I can manage another couple of miles…"

With that again we headed down the road, but I had to watch my speed as she warned me about animals that would run into the middle of the road. 'Great…' I thought sighing for a moment. There was a loud howl of some sort, and I stopped. I could feel the girl's grip get a little strong. 'I feel like I've heard that before…' I thought back, remembering something unearthly about that noise.

"…I need you to get off the bike…" I warned her softly, and I could feel her tremble a bit, but I wondered if it could've been because of the cold. She slowly climbed down and I took off my helmet and placed it on the bike. I made my way to the back opening a small compartment. 'I never though I'd have to use this again…' I thought watching the M1911 pistol rest inside. I loaded the gun that had faint traces of Saya's blood encased within the ammunition. I doubt it would work against them, seeing as how it was very faint, but none the less it would get the job done until helped arrived.

"Get behind me…" I whispered to her as she moved towards me. "Whatever you do don't go running off, that thing will catch you…" I said looking around, I couldn't see it all that well with the naked eye alone.

The howl was there again and I felt her arm tug on my sleeve. She asked me what that was and I couldn't really come to grip to tell her, or else all those memories would come flooding back again, but just to ease her mind, I had to. I told her it was a Chiropteran, something that fed off human or animal blood. I heard her gulp and tried to get her to relax a bit.

"Kai behind you!" a familiar voice said. Was I the only one who heard that? Still I pointed my gun behind me, and I saw nothing. 'That was Saya's voice… Not again…' I thought shaking my head. My mind was playing tricks on me.

Selma flinched, hearing something I apparently didn't hear, and frozen for a moment. She pointed in the distance and something moved by, a glow of red orbs caught our attention.

"Wind… it sounds like the wind when it moves…" she whispered hearing the speed of the Chiropteran. "It's faint, but you can hear it…" Selma whispered holding on tightly to the side of my jacket.

I could hear it, it was faint, but I knew it would come closer and closer. There was a small growl in the distance and I aimed the pistol in the direction of the sound. The Chiropteran moved, this time letting its feet hit the ground, and the thud was audible this time. I told her not to scream, but even that was asking for a miracle.

She breathed in and the creature timed it perfectly making itself known, the headlights hitting in right in the face. She screamed with the sound of a fired shot. This Chiropteran looked different, it didn't have that horse shaped head at all, but the body looked the same for some reason. The bullet slowed it down for the mean time and it was more than enough to escape on the two wheeled vehicle.

"What if it comes back?"

"It is…" I said accelerating down the road. She whimpered as we narrowly avoided a gust of wind, it was attacking with its speed. Nathan's house was in the distance, and he was the only one I know that would kill this Chiropteran. She asked then, why were we still going to Nathan's. "Because… he can help…"

Something happened and we found ourselves in the air, the pistol landed several feet away, and the bike had slid across the dirt road. I heard a body hit the ground first and before long I found myself rolling on the ground. I looked through the visor of the helmet finding the girl on the dirt road, she moved her arm a bit, and I sighed in relief noticing that she was conscious. I scrambled to the side trying to get the pistol.

There was a loud thud near me and I moved the pistol forward, face to face with the Chiropteran. I breathed heavily and pulled the trigger, it let out a loud howl of pain, as the bullet had pierced its forehead. I moved away and noticed that Selma was cowering behind the fallen bike. There was a flash reflected off from her visor, and she seemed to relax for a moment, and I looked behind me, a strange looking form appeared before us. 'Nathan?' I thought to myself, watching the blue hued Chevalier.

"Move, now!" the distorted image managed to speak and before long I pushed the bike up as I got close enough. We wasted no time to move further down the road.

There was another Chiropteran growl, but something in the distance brought the creature down with tremendous force. I watched as the transformed Chevalier continued its onslaught on the strange looking Chiropteran.

"Are you okay?" I asked looking back at her for a moment.

"I'm fine… just a little shaken…" she said.

Nathan escaped our line of view and so did the Chiropteran and for a moment I thought we were safe. Something fluttered by and I heard someone scream at the same time the bike felt lighter.

Current scene

"Nathan! Nathan!" the voice screamed as it was being carried away. "HELP!" the voice managed to muster enough strength to have the noise carry across the field. Something decorated the sky, a strange looking creature moved through the air and snatched the small defenseless human back into its grasp. Kai tried his best to keep on the bike watching the fight take to the skies. Blows connected with tremendous force, giving off faint silver glows. Before long the last attack knocked both forces back, a blue creature skidded against the dirt road holding tightly to the small girl in its strange arms.

It placed the girl on the ground and jumped up into the air piercing the opponent with its claw like appendage and it let out an earthly howl. With violent force of another swift movement of the arm something fell from the sky, and landed on the ground with a loud splat, it was the head of the chiropteran. Kai triggered the brake on the motorcycle and rushed over to the fallen girl, she seemed all right.

Out of the blue a human with blonde hair and colored eyes stepped through the field, dusting himself off, looking rather pleased. Kai had his pistol in his hand, but it wasn't aimed at the man. Nathan chuckled and let out a rather annoyed sigh.

"It would've been better if you brought her back in the morning…" the flamboyant Chevalier said. "This one doesn't stand the day light…" he said looking over his shoulder, the remaining body parts were scattered all over the field. "It'll be gone in the morning…"

"That's a different kind of Chiropteran… isn't it?" Kai asked looking up at the Chevalier.

"Boy you catch on quick." He said chuckling. He moved quickly and reappeared with the unconscious girl in his arm. He carried her as if she were a child. "I'd really appreciate it if you didn't bring her home so late Kai. But I do appreciate that you tried keeping her safe." Nathan said smiling.

"What are you going to tell her when she wakes up?" Kai asked, getting up and dusting himself off. Nathan shook his head as a response. "You're going to hide this from her?!" he asked stepping forward. "She's not a child Nathan!"

"…I realize that…" he said softly looking down at the expression of her sleep. In a way it pained him having to see her sleep like that, because he no longer could enjoy dreaming. He brushed away some of the wayward strands of hair that seemed to gaze her face. "A girl like her couldn't handle fighting… Just like how Saya had acted before…" Nathan had struck a chord in Kai's heart.

"Goodnight Kai Miyagusuku…" and with that the sound of a gentle breeze was all that proved that Nathan had left.

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