Search for Strength

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"I don't know, Teme. I still don't think I trust Kakashi-sensei. What if he hurts Iruka-sensei? And I'm not just talking about physically. What if he cheats on him? What if he's mean and doesn't treat him properly? What if…" Sasuke stroked the blonde spikes that were resting on his stomach. Two months ago it would have been crazy but they had gotten closer while determining if Kakashi had been the one who hurt their beloved teacher. Then there had been last week. The emo teen was still trying to figure out what exactly had happened there.

A knock at the door of the almost completely empty mansion roused the lone resident from his brooding. The young Uchiha growled and hauled himself to his feet, ready to kill whoever had disrupted his sulking…er…meditating…yeah…meditating. He wrenched open his front door only to be tackled to the floor. Naruto clutched his dark shirt and buried his face in his shoulder.

"Get off me, Dobe!" Sasuke shoved at the blonde but the grip on his clothing only tightened.

"Sasuke! They…they…Iruka-sensei…then the woman…said that he…he…then she said they…" The words dissolved into indiscernible sobs. Sasuke held his hands away from the shaking body awkwardly. He really didn't know how to deal with this. Naruto was straddling his hips, face buried in his shoulder wailing some nonsense about how he would never be able to eat ramen again. Sasuke pushed the shaking shoulders again but when they didn't move he slowly slid his hands up and down the curved back like his mother had when he was a child. He shushed his sobbing rival until Naruto stopped trembling. It was odd how comforting holding his rival was, how…right if felt. He didn't release the smaller boy until Naruto pulled away.

"Okay, Dobe. Take a deep breath and start again."

"What if what, Dobe? We've been watching them for a week. They seem to be happy. What can we do? Break them up?" Naruto's eyes widened and he grinned widely lifting his head to look at Sasuke.

"That's a great idea! Yeah! We could just break them up. Then Kakashi-sensei wouldn't be able to hurt Iruka-sensei."

"Dobe. Then we'd be hurting Iruka-sensei." The happy face fell and Naruto laid his head back on Sasuke's stomach.

"Oh. Right. Why did this have to get so complicated?" Sasuke groaned and resumed stroking the blonde spikes. He'd never say it out loud, but it was far more relaxing then meditation.

"It's not complicated. They care about each other. Let's face it, Dobe, we were wrong about Kakashi-sensei." Naruto sighed and closed his eyes.

"I know. I'm still not sure I trust him though. And if Kakashi-sensei didn't hurt him…who did?"


Mizuki stormed down the crowded streets. The entire village was abuzz with news of Konaha's hottest new couple. Everywhere he went there was talk of Kakashi and Iruka, his Iruka. He knocked a female chuunin with his shoulder making her spill her drink on another woman. The female chuunin growled and caught his arm; Mizuki raised his fist as she spun him around.

"Takara! Let him go. Mizu, what the hell is wrong with you?" The silver haired man released the now fuming Takara and looked at Rei who was mopping ice tea out of her pink t-shirt with napkins.

"Uh…sorry." Takara bristled as the apology was geared only to Rei who was now trying to pry her girlfriend's fingers bruising off her arm.

"Simmer down, turbo. He apologized." Takara's grip increased making the brunette wince. Mizuki clasped his hand over the his colleague's arm, making Takara in turn, tighten her grip, making Rei yelp and smack them both in the chest with her free hand.

"You ninjas are such hotheads. Would you both chill out?" She ripped her arm out of the woman's grasp and massaged it furiously. "Baby, can you give us a minute?" Takara glared at both of them.

"We said we'd spend the day together." Rei threw up her hands in frustration.

"For fuck sakes, Hon. We've spent every spare second we've had for the past six days together. Would you give me a little room to breathe?" The kunoichi shot her girlfriend a sinister look which Mizuki knew all to well; he'd given it to Iruka hundreds of times. Rei waited until Takara had moved down the street before turning to Mizuki.

"Okay, what's going on? I haven't seen you like this in ages. What's gotten into you?" The chuunin looked at his friend, who was gazing up at him with concern. He tried to soften his face but two local gossips were standing right beside them. Mizuki couldn't help but throw the backs of their heads and acidic glare.

"Did I tell you that I saw Kakashi-san and Iruka-san out for dinner the other night? It's so bizarre to think of the rough and tumble jounin with the gentle academy teacher."

"I know. Two of the village's finest men are officially off the market. It's a sad day. So what were they like together?" The gossiping women's voices died away and the silver haired man turned back to his friend who was looking perplexed.

"You're mad about Kakashi and Iruka?" Mizuki nodded slowly.

"Oh." Rei still looked confused. "Ooh!" Then understanding. "Oooooh." Then sympathetic. Mizuki turned away, not want her to see too much in his eyes. "Oh, Mizu. I'm so sorry. I had no idea. I didn't even know-."

"My preferences. No one does." Rei clasped his arm gently but he still refused to meet her gaze.

"How…how long have you had feelings for him?" The silver haired man shrugged as she led him to a bench along the side of the crowded street.

"I don't know. At first I thought it was just recently but…it's been a long time now." He smiled internally as he could see her mind racing. She wanted so badly to help him, that was her nature, a little bit of Iruka rubbing off on her. So easy to manipulate.

"Mizu…I'm really sorry…but…they're so happy. I haven't seen Sweetheart this happy in years, over a decade. I can't just…Even if I personally could, he'd need a reason. I…Oh, Mizu." He allowed Rei to wrap him up in her tiny arms. He knew the comfort was for herself more than it was for him. Guilt was pouring off the woman in buckets. He would have tried to reassure her but a large part of him wanted her to suffer. She was the cause of his misery. After several minutes she released him.

"You must hate me right now. I worked so hard to get them together. I won't try to tear the apart but you know that Iruka will always care about you. You and he have been friends forever. Now I'm not saying that I hope anything will go wrong but if it does, just be there for him. I'll keep trying to put in a good word for you and…you never know. I bet he has no idea. Sweetheart can be pretty thick when it comes to stuff like this."

"So you really like Kakashi more than me." The poor, flustered woman's mouth dropped open.

"What? No! Of course not! The old man and I tolerate each other. That's it. But it isn't about what I want. It's about what Sweetheart wants and what's best for him. And, for some reason, he wants the socially inept, perverted and insanely annoying copy nin."

Mizuki nodded, fighting down the urge to strangle his friend who was still looking miserably guilty. She hadn't known but if it hadn't been for her meddling he might have gotten Iruka back where he belonged, under his thumb.


Kakashi smiled at his lover who was grading papers at the other end of the couch, the sexy, modern glasses sliding down the scarred nose. It had been seven days, eighteen hours, five minutes and…nope, six minutes since they'd first hooked up in the back room of the shuriken and the count was now Kakashi 48, Iruka 44. It wouldn't have been that much but they really did set a record the day Iruka had skipped work. The chuunin-sensei had been VERY grateful, and they had gone at it like rabbits on Viagra until about seven o'clock when they'd taken a break for food and to plan Iruka's lesson for the next day.

Then they were at it again until two in the morning.

Kakashi watched Iruka over the top of his bright pink book. He'd been on the same page for about an hour now, managing only to get a sentence or two read before he returned to staring covertly at his lover. Iruka had his hair tied up sloppily, probably because he hadn't fixed it after their 'I just got home and I'm so glad to see you, pounding each other into the mattress until we've both reached bliss…twice' ritual. They had stopped getting fully redressed after they got home four days ago because, well, what was the point? Iruka was in a pair of flannel pajama pants and Kakashi was in his boxers, which were beginning to tent as he watched the man he was completely infatuated with being sinfully sexy and not even knowing it. Iruka sighed and took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose before glancing to his left to Kakashi. When he caught his boyfriend staring he smiled slyly.

"What?" Kakashi shook his head and moved his eyes back to the page before glancing back up at the large, brown, puppy eyes which were gleaming mischievously. "Wanna make out?" Kakashi threw his precious book across the room and attacked the younger man, pushing the stack of papers to the floor.

He had no idea what he'd been getting into when he decided that he wanted Iruka all to himself. He knew that he wanted the little chuunin more than he'd ever wanted anything or anyone in his entire life. He hadn't known that the feeling was more than mutual. He hadn't known that Iruka would infatuate him so completely and not just sexually but in ever single move he made, whether he was speaking, breathing or sleeping peacefully beside him. The chuunin was never out of his mind, the object of his obsession creeping into every single action that he made. Every thought about a mission, or his team, what he did, what he ate seemed to reflect what Iruka might think and how quickly he could get done what he was doing and get back to his dolphin. It had almost gotten to the point where Kakashi wasn't sure if it was healthy but those thoughts always disintegrated as soon he had Iruka back in his arms. It didn't matter. As long as protecting Iruka and protecting the village were along the same lines it would never be an issue.

Another thing he hadn't expected was the sex, the mind blowing, hot, dirty, illegal in several countries sex. It was wild and uninhibited, just like Iruka. The real Iruka that most people didn't get to see. He was the sweet teacher that everyone knew. That was evident in the way that he carefully scrubbed the jounin's body in the shower, or the way he looked at Kakashi when they were cuddling on the couch watching TV and seeking glances at each other. The quick kisses they shared when they were in a rush were soft with an innocence that made Kakashi's heart soar.

But the sex…oh sweet, merciful Kami, the sex. He hadn't known. He had no idea, no idea that Iruka was so feral, so insatiable. He was always ready for more, always wanting more. More, faster, harder, aggressive then submissive, on top, underneath, from behind, each touch, each cry, each and every clench of muscle was more than Kakashi had ever thought possible. Iruka made him look like a prude. It's always the quiet ones that surprised you and boy had Iruka pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.

Kakashi couldn't help but recall Rei's words the first night he met her. "Sweetheart has excellent recovery time…" He laughed at how right and wrong she'd been. Recovery time insinuated that there was down time. Iruka was more like a machine; he never had to stop. He could go again and again and again back to back…to back if he so desired. Kakashi had actually had to tell him that he needed a rest on Tuesday…and Iruka had pouted!

The man was a god. The perfect lover, the perfect companion, the perfect soul mate, his perfect soul mate. And it was beginning to frighten Kakashi how much sway Iruka had over him. He was falling in love, and that was something he had not been prepared for.


Iruka was lying in bed beside him. Kakashi hadn't slept at home since he'd gotten back from wave and he loved how small the large bed felt when they were both sprawled out after ravishing each other. He watched the dark chest rise and fall, his gaze lingering on the dips and curves of the defined musculature before lifting his eyes to the warm face that was looking at him with a soft smile on those full, begging to be kissed lips. The dark body slid closer to his and Kakashi couldn't help but wrap his arms around the naked form and pull it on top of him. Iruka smiled that flawless, tug and your heart and groin smile and pressed his lips gently to his lover's.

"My lips are killing me but I can't stop kissing you. You better not go on a long mission or I'll end up in serious withdrawal." Kakashi chuckled, stroking the dark locks and pulling the chuunin's head to his chest. They lay there, Iruka running his fingers up Kakashi's lean, scarred arms as the jounin stroked the bronze flanks lazily. The older man hummed in contentment as they pressed their swollen lips together again and again. Their movements quickly became heated and even though Iruka was incredibly sore from their frequent bouts of lovemaking he was reentered, Kakashi's cock instantly washing away the discomfort with overwhelming pleasure. He moved painfully slowly up and down, the muscular body underneath lifting it's hips to meet his downward strokes.

Kakashi gazed up at Iruka's blissful face, the brown eyes closed in delight as the tanned body rocked slowly above him. His lover looked so beautiful like this, the broad chest rippling as the usually passive young man took control of both their bodies. A moan tore from the full, cinnamon lips as Iruka angled his hips so the thick, veined member hammered his prostate.

"Oh…Kakashi. Aaah, you feel so good. Oh gods." Kakashi flipped their positions and Iruka wrapped one leg around the pale back and one around the slim hips aiding Kakashi in the forceful thrusts. The mismatched eyes rolled back in to the jounin's head at the delicious sensations. He collapsed forward making the brunette moan as he pushed even deeper into the tight heat of his lover.

"Fuck, Ruka. Aaaah." He dropped his head to the tan neck and began devouring the soft skin like a famished man. Their bodies moving in perfect synchronization, Iruka thrust back to meet the aggressive pounding Kakashi was laying on his body. Incoherent words spilled from his mouth as the jounin expertly hit his prostate with every stroke. Iruka pawed at the pale, scarred back and eventually found purchase in the thick, silver hair, tugging roughly on the spikes while arching and mewling in delight. Kakashi panted and clawed down the bronze chest, biting the tender flesh and lapping at the mist of sweat that had formed there. Iruka cried out as sharp teen closed around his nipple and he jerked the torturous head away from his sensitive flesh, pressing their mouths together in a painful, hungry kiss. The kiss broke as Kakashi reached between their bodies and gripped Iruka's neglected erection making the brunette thrash wildly and scream in pleasure.



Iruka pretended not to notice how their movements seemed to pause. He tried to overlook how Kakashi's body tensed at his words. He almost took them back but Kakashi continued to thrust into him…though not with the same intensity as before. They both quickly forced themselves to completion and soon Iruka had his head resting on

Kakashi's arm but the jounin wasn't holding him tightly like he usually did, the long elegant fingers running languidly through the hair at his temple. After ten minutes of lying in silence Kakashi pecked Iruka on the forehead and climbed out of the bed. Trying to keep his voice steady, the younger spoke up.

"What are you…"

"I have a mission first thing in the morning. I was going to get up early but I should probably get my things ready."

Iruka wanted to tell Kakashi that he knew that he was lying. He didn't know that Kakashi had already prepared all his equipment earlier that evening before heading to Iruka's apartment but something in the jounin's voice told him that his excuse wasn't valid. He didn't say anything though. This was important for him, to understand how Kakashi would react to him really opening up. Not that shouting something during sex could even be considered opening up. He'd left himself exposed with his little 'slip of the tongue' and now Kakashi was leaving him. Maybe not leaving him but leaving him alone right now. Maybe he'd said too much, moved too fast…or maybe Kakashi didn't care for him as much as he seemed to. The jounin finished pulling on his clothes and laid a quick kiss on the full lips.

"I'll see you tomorrow night." Iruka didn't respond and pulled Kakashi's pillow to his chest and stared at the wall as his boyfriend walked out.

Kakashi looked back as he was leaving and guilt washed over him at the despondent and almost hollow look on Iruka's face but he couldn't make himself move back to the bed to reassure the vulnerable man. Instead he left the apartment and headed into the center of the village.


The sky was turning pink before Kakashi found himself in front of the memorial stone. Sighing, he knelt down in before it.

"Hey. I know it's been a while since I came to see you…. Yeah…busy. Anyway, I'm sorry." Anyone who might have happened by would have thought that Kakashi had finally gone from eccentric to crazy as he talked to his dead team members like they were there and having a conversation.

"Things have been okay……Well they were great but…..No, no one died. It's Iruka……Shut it Obito! And we're not cute Rin…..Yeah. I did screw it up already, Sensei………..Obito, I mean it! If you don't shut up I'll………………Hn. Good point, you are already dead. I could use some advice…………I don't have people alive that I can talk to about this! Who would I talk to? Gai? He'd say something about youth and springtime and I'd tune him out right away…….Asuma's not bad but we're not exactly tight. Besides, if Kurenai was with him…….Yeah." Kakashi chuckled lightly and tugged at a strand of grass.

"He said I make him feel complete………………Fuck you Obito. It's not funn…Sensei, are you laughing at me too?..................Oh, screw you all! I'm leaving." He stood up and huffed but then slowly sat back down like someone had urged him to do so.

"Uh…we were……………uh, yeah…………..I left………………………………………. I know! I know, I know, I KNOW!!!! If I didn't know how stupid it was why do you think I'm so worried about it?..........I don't know. He might have believed my story………I told him I had to get ready for a mission…………….Snowball's chance in hell, huh? Shit. So what should I do?............................ See, that's NOT helping!................ What do you know about relationships, Uchiha? .................................................................. Yeah. I guess so. Do you think he'll leave me?....................Maybe that would be for the best. I'm just going to hurt him………………………..I'm not afraid, I just………………What should I do then?.................................Do you think that'll work?..........I suppose………..No, I don't want to lose him but it's just so intense. I don't know if I'm ready for this……………………………I know. But……………You're right, Sensei." Kakashi smiled softly and brushed his fingers over three separate places on the stone.

"I should go. I actually do have a mission this morning."


The A-rank mission had been easy, hardly worth his time and by mid afternoon Kakashi was back in the village, though more nervous about being there than he had been at any point during the mission. Now it was late afternoon and he was hiding in a tree reading his book. Well, trying to read…and he'd never admit that he was hiding. The truth was he just didn't know how Iruka was going to react. He could just think that nothing out of the ordinary happened and everything could go back to how it was. Kakashi hoped that wasn't the case as he thought about how Iruka had looked when he'd left last night. So forlorn, so sad, he didn't want to be responsible for the brunette feeling like that.

At the same time he was afraid, not that he'd admit that either. He was worried that Iruka would have changed his mind, would have decided that he was no better off with him than with Mizuki. Maybe even, perish the thought, go back to his abusive ex. Kakashi shuddered at possibility but still hadn't been able to make himself move from the tree. He hadn't turned in his mission report because he knew Iruka was in the mission's office this afternoon. He'd just gone home, washed the blood out of his hair and changed his clothes before heading to the training grounds and hopping up into this tree.

Gai had spotted him about an hour ago and challenged him to a rhyming contest in which they were to pick words for one another and say words that rhyme until one person couldn't think of a new rhyme for their word. The match had been very short as Kakashi had picked silver for Gai, knowing very well that it, along with orange and purple, had no words that rhyme with it.

Since then, no one had really come his way. He was just beginning to enjoy the quiet when Rei strode across the training field and leaned up against his tree, he hands folded neatly behind her back.

"Old man." Kakashi grunted in response. He really did not want to have to deal with her right now.

"So… I heard you bailed on Iruka." Kakashi pointedly buried his nose in his book trying to subtly tell her that he was not going to have this conversation. Rei sighed deeply and gazed out over the grassy field. "Sometimes you got to let yourself take a chance."

Kakashi slowly lowered his book so he could stare at her with his one expose eye. Part of him hated even humoring her that he was listening but on the other hand her meddling had helped get him and Iruka together.

"I know you've been hurt but losing people you love doesn't only happen to you, hasn't only happened to you." Kakashi promptly raised his book and began ignoring her again. She rolled her eyes and smacked the long leg that was hanging down from the tree. "Would you stop being a tool and listen to me! Iruka has lost his whole family. We've both lost friends. He's lost students even lovers but he keeps going by filling his life with new people, by opening his heart to those around him. You might find that it helps you to do the same." Now it was Kakashi's turn to roll his eyes…which he did…VERY visibly. Kakashi was about to turn a page when a hand clasped around his ankle and he was wrenched from the tree. He grunted in surprise as he hit the ground and found the petite woman straddling his back, her weight resting on his arms which were pinned at his side, her hands gripping his hair and pulling his head and chest off the grass.

"So help me god if you don't take out that fucking kunai that's stuck up your ass and apologize to Iruka for being an insensitive, emotionally stunted, asshole with your "poor me, I lost my friend" self-pitying attitude…" Kakashi grunted, trying to buck her off. It wouldn't have been too hard but he didn't want to hurt her. All he would have to do is press his arms into the ground and she'd be tossed meters away but she was still Iruka's best friend, not to mention the strict laws about ninjas harming civilians. They were austerely enforced under almost all circumstances. Unless the situation was life threatening, the price for assaulting a civilian was almost always a term at the Konoha maximum security prison and very little was worth spending any time there. He forced his mind back to the acidic words spilling from Rei's mouth.

"…I will take a knife and cut off those shrivel up balls and shove them down your throat." She wrenched his head back particularly harshly to emphasize her point. It didn't hurt of course but he could see how it could have hurt a civilian.

"Do I make myself clear, Old Man?" Kakashi grunted and reconsidered throwing her across the field but instead nodded once. "SAY THE WORDS, KAKASHI!" The memory of Iruka in the hospital saying the exact same phrase to him made all the fight ease from his tense body.

"I understand." She was very suddenly standing in front of him and offering him her hand, smiling as if they had been chatting about the weather.

"Excellent! Now regardless of what he'll say to you, he loves stargazer lilies and gladiolas. You can get them at the Yamanaka flower shop and I do highly recommend you bring some sort of a peace offering." Kakashi didn't take her hand instead hefting himself to his feet, his pride more than a little bruised. Well, it would be when his brain realized exactly what had just happened.

"Okay, Old Man, I gotta run. I'll see you later. Stargazers and glads!" And just as quickly as she arrived she was off. As much as he wanted to hurt her, he was somewhat appreciative that she gave a damn. She could have just as easily reversed her opinion of him and told Iruka he wasn't worth the trouble. But no, she was still interfering, still trying her damnedest to keep them together. Shrugging he tucked his book away and decided to take her up on her advice and headed towards the center of town.


Kakashi was walking towards Iruka's, arms loaded with colorful bouquets. He'd spent way too much on them but he didn't really mind. He had minded Ino behind the counter, grinning like a loon the entire time he was in the shop. It's not that he minded that people knew he and Iruka were together but on the other hand, he had no delusions that he was more popular or loved than the gentle chuunin. If Iruka was really pissed at him everyone would know shortly that they'd had a falling-out. The village seemed to run on rumors and Ino was a huge gossip. He was already thinking himself in circles and wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings. So when an angry chakra flare tackled him from behind he was mildly caught off guard. He tossed the flowers away to safety but the beautiful lilies didn't escape his weight when he was spun and knocked to the ground.

Now he was flat on his back (which was crushing the flowers), staring up at Iruka who was glaring heatedly, his arms tightly folded over his chest and his left eye twitching in agitation. Kakashi forced a nervous smile onto his face and raised a hand to wave guiltily at his lover.

"Hey, Baby. How was your day?"

"Don't you 'Hey, Baby' me you cowardly dog! What the hell was that all about last night?" Kakashi tried to start but Iruka cut him off.

" 'Ruka, I…"

"Do you think I'm stupid, Kakashi? Does the genius jounin not think that picked up exactly what you were doing last night?"

"I wasn't doing…"

"You were running away from me! Don't try to deny it." And Kakashi didn't. He dropped his gaze from the passionate eyes unable to look into the fierce brown orbs any longer. "I was so upset that you just left me like that. Do you have any idea how that feels?" Kakashi still avoided his gaze making Iruka's eyes light up in realization. "No, you don't, do you? Because you never stick around long enough for someone to walk out on you like that." Iruka leaned back, in advertently pressing his ass right into Kakashi's groin as he ran his hands through his dark hair and looked up at the sky, chuckling.

"Dear gods, what have I gotten myself into?" The brown eyes snapped back downwards, full of fire and warning. "Wasn't it you who asked if I could be yours in the shower? Isn't it you who practically lives in my apartment. You're the one who protected me, took care of me, speaks poetically to me and you get scared the first time that I say anything to you that even resembles how I feel about you and how I THOUGHT you felt about me?!? I thought you wanted to be with me, Kakashi." The jounin sat up so quickly he almost tossed Iruka off of him. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, pulling himself up to the brunette's chest.

"I do. I do want to be with you. I was stupid and cowardly and if I could take it back I would." The masked face buried into Iruka's collarbones and the chuunin relaxed at Kakashi's response.

"Okay, just promise me you won't do it again." Kakashi tensed immediately but pulled back so he could look into the brown orbs that so often left him speechless.

"I don't know if I can promise that." The jounin heart clenched as the umber brows furrowed. "But! But I can promise that I'll try my hardest. I want you in my life Iruka. I do. It's just…it's been a long time since I've had something I was afraid to lose."

Iruka couldn't stay mad at anyone for long. Part of having such a hot temper is that the anger burns out quickly. Plus the jounin's excuse had been so sweet he thought he might need to see Tsunade for a shot of insulin. His lips twitched as he made a vain attempt to hide his grin. He could feel heat burning through Kakashi's mask as he gently stroked the covered cheek. Smiling softly he leaned down and gently pressed his lips to Kakashi's masked mouth before laying his forehead on Kakashi's. The jounin release a long breath and clutched at Iruka's uniform.

"I know it hasn't even been a day but I missed you. I didn't sleep a wink last night without you beside me," Kakashi whispered into the fabric. Iruka grinned and buried his face in the jounin's collar to hide his blush. The man really did know what to say sometimes. He was about to comment on that when he saw the stems of massacred flowers poking out from behind Kakashi's shoulder. Scowling he pulled the man's torso and examined the broken petals of the once beautiful lilies. Iruka quirked an eyebrow and looked down at his lover.

"Oh, uh…I just wanted to bring you something…to say that I was sorry."

Iruka rolled his eyes in exasperations. "Flowers, 'Kashi?" The silver haired man shrugged and fiddled with the grass beneath his hands.

"I just thought you might like them." Iruka sighed looking at the mangled arrangement before back down at his sheepish boyfriend.

"Kakashi, do I have breasts?" The older man looked up in shock at the question and actually glanced at Iruka's chest as if to make sure the man didn't.


"Am I some blonde bimbo in a skirt whose affection has to be bought back when you do something stupid?" All Kakashi could do was stare at Iruka and try not to look as stupid as he felt. Iruka's voice dropped to a throaty, seductive rasp as he leaned forward deep into Kakashi's personal space. Not that with Iruka he had personal space. Kakashi felt like he couldn't breathe and his pants tighten as hot breath caressed his face.

"I don't have full ruby lips, a tight curvy body or a high, sexy voice?" Kakashi groaned when he realized that everything Iruka had was so much better than the imaginary woman he was describing.

"No?" Iruka grasped Kakashi's chin, the older man still too turned on to respond. "I'm not a woman, Kakashi. Don't treat me like him or I'll kick your ass." Kakashi nodded emphatically.

"I understand." Iruka smiled slyly and rocked his hips on Kakashi's raging hard on.

"I don't have to be worried that you got hard thinking about a woman do I?" The jounin gasped and let his head fall back to the ground.

"It wasn't a woman that I was thinking about." Iruka ground himself downwards again, his sly grin widening.

"Good. Now come on." Iruka pulled a dazed Kakashi to his feet and motioned for him to get the bouquet of glads as he turned and headed towards his apartment. Kakashi jogged a few steps to catch up.

"Where are we going?" Iruka smiled but didn't look back.

"My place. Make up sex." A pale hand clasped around Iruka's arm and they were teleported to the apartment instantly. The chuunin grinned as his back pressed against the door of his bedroom.

"Impatient, are we?" His voice trailed off as Kakashi began stripping him and licking his throat. His whole body tensed in delight as the jounin began to growl huskily.

"You bet. Oh, and 'Ruka, your lips are going to be crimson by the time I'm done with them."


Rei laughed hysterically as she leapt up onto the picnic table and Genma continued to serenade her. She giggled as he gestured emphatically, his arms spread wide in hopes of an embrace. She held up a hand as he moved forward attempting to lays his paws on her.

"Stop right there! I gotta know right now! Before we go any further -- Do you love me?
Will you love me forever? Do you need me? Will you never leave me? Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life? Will you take me away and will you make me your
wife? Do you love me?" The blonde held up his hands in mock surrender and took a couple retreating steps backwards, his words belied but his grin.

"Let me sleep on it. Baby, baby let me sleep on it. Let me sleep on it. I'll give you an answer in the morning." Following his lead she leapt off her perch and marched forward as he continued his clumsy retreat.

"What's it gonna be, boy? Come on, I can wait all night. What's it gonna be boy, yes or no?" Genma dropped to a knee and placed his hands over his heart. Rei really was so much fun when she let herself go like this and he realized that he was too.

"I couldn't take it any longer, lord I was crazed and when the feeling came upon me like a tidal wave I started swearing to my God and on my mothers grave that I would love you to the end of time. I swore that I would love you to the end of time!" Rei leapt into his arms as he stood up, wrapping her legs around his hips, so caught up in the song that she didn't realize they were already at her building. Smiling to each other they began to harmonize as Genma spun her around. She leaned into the spin sending her hair flying in a wide arc away from her body.

"So now I'm praying for the end of time to hurry up and arrive. 'Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you I don't think that I can really survive. I'll never break my promise or forget my vow but Gods only know what I can do right now I'm praying for the end of time. It's all that I can do. Praying for the end of time, so I can end my time
with you!!!"

The strong arm around her back tightened pulling the slim body to his chest making the sandy haired man smile when she slid a hand into his hair to balance herself, the hand around her hips following the warmth of her skin up her thighs. Their cheeks brushed making hot breaths come in gasps and pants. Shaking off the intense wave of lust, Rei pushed lightly off his chest, chuckling and shoulder checking him when she was once again on the ground.

"That was fun, Gen. I always wanted to be in a musical. I love that adrenaline rush that the stage gives you." Blonde eyebrows raised as the jounin thought of all the dirty ways he could respond to that. Instead he decided to play the gentleman and bowed low, shooting her his dazzling, flirty smile


"It is my duty and my reward to bring a smile to that beautiful face." Rei blushed scarlet and started up the stairs to her shared apartment, unaware that that they were being watched by a very jealous gaze out of a window on the third floor.

"Good show tonight, Playboy. If you ever feel like giving up the ninja life we could make a killing playing shows in one of the civilian cites."

Genma began following her up the stairs in hopes of getting an invitation inside. "Well the prospect of running away with is tempting I'm sure the hunter nin's would have something to say about it. So…are you going to offer me a drink or something?"

Rei rolled her eyes and continued walking up the stairs backwards when she turned to face her friend. "Takara's home. Two is company, three's a crowd. Besides, Gen, if you actually did have me what would happen then? You know you only want me because you can't have me."

Genma couldn't deny this, the harder the chase the more rewarding the spoils but she was awfully intriguing, always had been. She was almost his sexual equal even though she was at least five years his junior.

"I guess we'll never know until we try." He looked up at the floor that held her apartment, his mood changing to serious in a flash. "Why are you still with her? I know things aren't as rosy as you lead everyone to believe. If they were you wouldn't spend every possible second at the bar."

Rei just sighed and turned her back, pausing on the stair she was perched on. "That's none of your business, Playboy. Just leave it be for now."

Knowing he'd yet again crossed a line, Genma stopped and watched her proceed up the stairs. "Good night, Columbia." She flashed him a small grin before disappearing from sight. The small grin had turned into a wide smile before she'd reached the apartment. Genma always did know how to make her laugh, the problem was she was sure he'd know how to make her cry as well. Her smile fell as the door was wrenched open when she'd reached for the knob revealing a furious lesbian lover who immediately grabbed her shirt and yanked her inside the apartment.

The fight was a monumental one, even for them. Rei of course could give as much as she got verbally and Takara was too smart to lay a hand on her civilian lover. Still half the building was up, listening to the accusations and the vehement screams denial a tirade about turning people into possessions.

A female chuunin clapped a hand to her mouth as a sickening crash ended the shouting and a dead silence fell over the building. Several people stuck their heads out of their doors but only the people on the third floor saw a brunette female stagger from the apartment clutching her head and stumble dazedly down the stairs. Their colleague emerged from the same door moments later, calling in vain after her lover but the long haired brunette just kept running.


Kakashi slid his hands down Iruka's body, reveling in the feel of the skin he'd been afraid he'd never touch again, the few scars that were inevitable from shinobi life raised and pink against the bronze flesh. He pressed his lips against the scar on the shoulder dark shoulder blade that was not obtained in battle and released a breath against the damp skin making his lover shiver in delight.

Lover. They were lovers. Iruka was…is…everything he'd ever wanted in a partner and he didn't want to jeopardize that ever again. He wanted to say those words to the chuunin but he didn't know how. He didn't even know how to feel the meaning of those words anymore but with any hope, Iruka would re-teach him. He kissed his way down the tan skin, over the soft flesh of Iruka's flank as he rolled the brunette onto his back. He licked and sucked the inside of the dark thighs, delighting in the sweet moans and gasps issuing above him. A cry of his name made him redouble his efforts, his mouth aggressively attacking the skin around the chuunin's member.

Iruka writhed against the sheets as his lover teased him. This was of course not their first time since they'd gotten home but he was already begging the older man for release. They'd fucked wildly up against the door as soon as they'd entered the residence and then made slow passionate love in bed not twenty minutes later after Iruka had carefully arranged the wilting flowers into vases, smiling softly as he inhaled their scent, much to Kakashi's delight. Then they made love again, and again and again. Now Kakashi was making up for what little lost time they'd had and making up for it expertly he had to admit. His fingers curled into the silver hair and he tried to tug his lover's mouth to his aching erections but Kakashi just chuckled and pinned his hands.

Iruka gasped and mewled as Kakashi's tongue finally reached its objective. He knew he wouldn't last long but after only ten short minutes of Kakashi's ministrations he was ready for release.

The tan hips bucked as his cock was encased in the hot mouth, the talented tongue caressing the head making him tremble and scream in delight.

Kakashi grinned around his mouthful of flesh as he felt his lover's body tense and hot essence filled his mouth. He sucked Iruka clean before crawling back up the tan body, pressing their swollen lips together and whispering, "I've never felt as happy or as…complete as I have when I'm with you."

Iruka breathed a deep sigh and rested his head on the pale chest, listening his lover's heartbeat as they drifted off into a deep, satiated sleep.


Genma poured himself a drink and flopped down on his couch, pondering his bizarre relationship with his band-mate. Not only had she become the main object of his fantasies but he'd also been sleeping with a lot fewer people in the past month. He hadn't given up sex with other people completely. That would just be crazy but when he did let someone pick him up they were always brunettes, usually with green eyes. He'd never been the type to get fixations but then again, he didn't usually get rejected…ever. He was considering hopping into a cold shower when a knock drew his attention to his door. He checked his watch, two thirty am.

"Who the hell could that be?" He wondered as he strode to the door. His perverted grin upon seeing Rei at his door fell from his face when the unmistakable smell of blood hit his nose. "Rei? What are you doing here? Are you alright?"

The brunette shifted uncomfortably, avoiding the hazel eyes. "I'm sorry for coming here but I know that Kakashi and Iruka are probably occupied tonight, Anko wasn't home and neither was Mizuki."

Genma's eyes widened as a droplet of blood ran down the side of her face and fell to the floor. "Kami, Rei, what happened?" He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into the light.

"It…it was an accident. We were fighting and…"

The blonde's eyes flashed dangerously as he tilted her head so they're eyes met. "Takara did this to you?"

Rei dropped her gaze again but moved closer to his body. "She just pushed me but I hit the bookcase and it came down on me. I took a hardcover to the head and just ran. I'm…I'm really sorry for coming her but…"

He pulled her close and pressed his lips to her cheek. "Shhh, it's okay. You're safe now and I don't mind in the least. Let's take a look at your head." He tried to pull her into the bathroom but she held her ground, clutching his shirt for dear life. "What is it?" he asked as she began to sway on her feet.

"I…feel a bit dizzy." He tilted her chin so he could see her eyes, his own going wide when he saw her right pupil was much larger than the left.

"You have a bad concussion. We have to go to the hospital."

She shook her head before groaning and collapsing against his chest. "It's not that bad. I just want to go to sleep."

Genma tightened his grip around her and fought to keep his voice steady. "Your brain is hemorrhaging, if you go to sleep you might not wake up. Come on." He prepared to transport them when a small hand caught his.

"Don't tell them anything. This isn't worth her going to jail for. Please." He gave a short nod and they were in the emergency room of shinobi wing. Nurses pulled Rei into one of the rooms and Genma sat down after reassuring her that everything was going to be okay. It was only five minutes before Ibiki was in front of him looking very menacing.

"I didn't think you were the type, Shiranui . What, she say no one to many times?"

Genma leapt to his feet, furious and eager to set the story straight. "I never laid a hand on her. She showed up at my apartment bleeding so I brought her here. I haven't heard anything, is she okay?"

Ibiki sized him up coolly before nodding and crossing his arms across his chest. "Did she say anything?" Knowing better than to lie to the master interrogator, Genma nodded.

"She asked me not to say anything though. Hey, you actually seem like you care. Did she get into you're uniform pants or something."

Ibiki didn't growl but gave Genma a glare that would send shivers down anyone's spine. "She's a friend."

Genma gapped in astonishment at the aloof special jounin. "I didn't think you had friends, especially not civie friends."

Ibiki gave the smallest of shrugs and headed toward Rei's room, Genma following after a minute. He peeked his head around the corner and was shocked to see the hardened torture expert holding the object of his affection's hand tenderly. He held his breath so he could hear their words.

"I'm okay. The medics just want me here for the night as a precaution."

"Rei, please tell me what happened. I know it wasn't Genma so who did this to you?" There was silence for several seconds as Ibiki check the bandages around her skull.

"Please don't arrest her. It was an accident. She pushed me backwards, I tripped on the rug and pulled the bookshelf down on top of me. It won't happen again."

Ibiki nodded and ran a hand over her hair, knowing exactly who she was talking about."I take it you're leaving her then?" Rei nodded and looked toward the window, hers and Genma's eyes snapping wide when Ibiki pecked her on the cheek and stood up. "Good. I'll drag her in and scare the shit out of her and hopefully something like this won't happen to anyone else." He turned to leave before pausing. "How's Iruka? Do you think he needs to…"

"No. He's doing amazing, I think. I'll let you know if that changes." Ibiki nodded and gave her a look of deep respect before glancing at the door. "Since you heard all that, you might as well come in, Shiranui."

Genma stepped sheepishly inside the room and held up his hands defensively. "Hey, I only heard cuz I was eavesdropping." Ibiki clapped him on the shoulder before heading out of the room. Genma slid onto the bed beside the brunette and she immediately rested her head on his shoulder and weakly pulled him closer. He lightly pressed his lips to her bandaged forehead before pulling back and looking her in the eyes, which were mercifully returned to normal thanks to the medics. He couldn't help capturing her lips in a slow but hot kiss, her hands lightly fisting his clothing as they both sighed into each other's mouths. He wrapped her tightly in his arms and whispered to her to get some sleep, his grip not loosening until her breathing evened out.


Mizuki thrust into the tight body again, the gag muffling the brunette civilian's screams of pain. He fisted the hair but it wasn't the same. The skin was to light, the hair to coarse, the eyes didn't have the innocence that he needed. His pounding became brutal and he ignored the blood that was now pouring down his thighs from his victim's abused passage.

He didn't notice when muffled, pained screams died off and he didn't notice how cold the body had gotten until he'd finished dumping his load in the lifeless body. He backed up slowly a bit horrified at first at what he'd done but the feeling soon left him and he took his kunai and carved a single word into the bronze back before leaving.