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Summary: Sayuri (OC)likes Sanada. Sanada likes Sayuri. Too bad they're both blind to the other's feelings. Love is there, but let's just say it's invisible.

Invisible Love

A pair of cerulean eyes can be seen peeking over the top of a magazine. If one were to follow their gaze, they would see a tall, well built, black capped tennis player. Takahashi Sayuri quickly hid beneath her magazine when she sensed Sanada drift his gaze towards her direction. After her few seconds of panic, her eyes popped over the magazine again.

"Well looks like someone is having a nice time stalking," said a devious voice that could only belong to the one and only, Niou Masaharu.

"Shut up Niou," said Sayuri.

Niou frowned, "I thought my name was Haru-chan."

"Not when you're being an idiot, Haru," Sayuri said whacking him with her magazine.

"Ow, that hurt. If you give me any paper cuts, I'm suing," Niou teased.

Sayuri rolled her eyes and giggled evilly, "guess I'll just have to make those cuts deeper while I'm ahead."

Niou opened his mouth to retort but was interrupted by a sudden shout, "OHAYO SAYURI CHAN, NIOU SENPAI!" Kikuchi Juri made her way to the table where Sayuri and Niou were sitting and plopped herself next to Sayuri.

"Hi Sanada senpai!" Juri yelled across the room, causing said person to look in their direction. Sayuri waved meekly while Juri was grinning and waving wildly.

"Do you always have to draw his attention over here?" Sayuri asked banging her head on the table.

"Well you never say hi, so this is the only way to get him to look at you," Juri reasoned.

Sayuri glared at her, "Whatever," she mumbled.

"I still can't believe you like fukubuchou Sayuri, come on the guy's a brick wall," Niou said, leaning back in his chair.

"But he seems really nice…" Sayuri defended.

"You can't know for sure unless you talk to him," Juri said randomly.

"Who's side are you on!" Sayuri exclaimed.

"Oh, that was a burn," Niou said, and for the second time that day, got whacked with Sayuri's magazine.

The bell rang and lunch was over. Juri and Sayuri were first years and Niou was a third year, so they went off in different directions. "See ya later fishies!" Niou called out as he left. "I wish he'd stop calling us that," Sayuri said as she glared at the spot where Niou once stood.

Juri laughed, "Daijobu Nee-chan (nickname for Sayuri), let's get to class."

"…That's not going to make my day get any better."

"Geometry isn't that bad."

Sayuri continued to stare blankly at her friend.


Sayuri then laughed, "I love that word!" she squealed and then skipped to class.

Juri laughed at her friend's antics and also began to skip in the hallways with her.

Later in class…

"Ne, Nee-chan are you finally going to talk to Sanada today?" Juri asked, looking up from her work.

"…do I have to?"

Juri sighed, "Well you have to one day!"

"…I don't wanna…"

"Then why are you always telling me to carpe diem whenever Yukimura is around?"

"Because Seiichi is nice!"

"That's a bad excuse."

Sayuri stuck her tongue out, "Well I think it works just - OH MY GOD WHO LET HIM IN HERE !" Sayuri's jaw dropped and she immediately tried to look occupied with her work as Juri turned to see Sanada talking to their geometry teacher.

"GASP! What IS he doing here?"

"Oh I am fortune's fool!" she said burying her head in her textbook.

"Woman up! Look he's about to leave, now's your chance!"

Juri got up and walked over to Sanada and began talking to him about tennis. Sayuri was mentally battling herself on whether to get up or not. Being the jealous person she was, she nearly jumped out of her seat to get to Sanada. She walked over as he finished answering a question of Juri's.

"Hi Sanada-san, I was wondering if there will be tennis practice today?"

"Of course, Takahashi-san."

Sayuri didn't know why, but whenever she didn't know what to say she'd ask a question, despite how obvious it may be.

"Oh when is your next game Sanada-san, Niou told me, but I forgot," Sayuri said, looking slightly embarrassed.

A slightly amused look flickered on Sanada's face, but left as quickly as it came, "It is this Saturday, you should come."

Sayuri laughed nervously, "Yeah."

"I need to go back to class now, ja ne."

"Ja ne, Sanada-san," Sayuri waved as Sanada nodded his head in response.

Sayuri walked back to her table to see a grinning Juri. "See it wasn't that bad was it?" she asked. Sayuri smiled, "I should do that more often."

Sanada walked out of the geometry classroom and began making his way back to class.

Hm…so this is the class Sayuri has 4th period, being in staff aid is pretty useful…I wonder if Renji is a staff aid…This would really help him gather data, but I'm sure he can do that without having the privilege of wandering the halls.

Sanada's mind then flashed back to what happened in the classroom he was previously in, "Hi Sanada-san, I was wondering if there will be tennis practice today?"

There's tennis practice everyday…did she really want to know…or was it something else…

Sanada shook the thought from his mind, She probably just forgot.

Although he dismissed it as nothing, Sanada couldn't help but feel suspicious, Sayuri never really talked to him before. It's usually Juri who would randomly yell out to him, but Sayuri would just stand there watching timidly.

Sanada had liked Sayuri the minute he saw her at tennis practice. She had been playing a practice game against Juri and she was playing very well for a first year. She seemed to have this glowing aura around her whenever she played. Juri seemed to be distracted as Seiichi was also in the vicinity. Sanada has always wondered if Sayuri liked him as well, but he always shoved the thought aside.

She seems to have a pretty outgoing personality according to Niou, she'd probably think I'm too boring for her.

Sanada hasn't told anyone about Sayuri, not even Seiichi. He was hoping if he kept it to himself, he might just forget it. But it's been 4 months into the school year and he still thinks about her constantly.

I hope she talks to me again.

"…then the lights will flicker on and off dramatically! And THEN-" bell rings for class

Sayuri huffed, "Stupid bell interrupting my story!"

"Daijobu nee-chan you can tell me later," Juri said, gathering her things into her giant orange backpack.

"Hmm..okay. I know I say this everyday, but dude, why do you carry so many things in your backpack! You're going to hurt your shoulder one day!"

"Nyaaa I don't like going to my locker, too lazy."

Sayuri sighed and rolled her eyes. She always takes forever to gather her things and today was no exception. Juri walked over and handed Sayuri her geometry book. "Arigatou!" Sayuri said as she finally gathered the last of her things. The girls then left the now empty classroom and found themselves in the forever crowded hallways of Rikkai.

"Well I guess I'll see you later nee-chan!" Juri said as she turned left towards her next class; French.

"Bye Juri chaaaaaan!" Sayuri yelled as she began running in the other direction to biology. She was always late to this class, and although she prefers it that way, she actually got caught last time and would rather not risk it again.

The halls began to thin and Sayuri was growing worried. She was nearing her class not really paying attention to what was in front of her, resulting in a collision with an unknown object.

"AHH!" Sayuri had bumped into a hard, tall surface and ended up dropping her biology book. "GOMEN NASAI!" she apologized, bowing down to the unknown person in front of her.

"It's ok, Takahashi san," the voice said, picking up the dropped book.

Sayuri froze, she knew that voice…

"A-arigatou Sanada san," she said shyly, taking her book from his outstretched hand.

He nodded in response and began walking away.

Sayuri remained frozen in place, replaying the same event over and over again in her mind. He talked to me…AGAIN! AND I bumped into him, OMGTHISISTHEBESTDAYEVER! YAAAAAAAAY! Sayuri was dancing in her mind until the warning bell brought her back to reality. Oh crap I need to get to class! She snapped out of her daydreams and ran the rest of the way to her class, making it in just as the bell rang. Well…at least I got here before the teacher.

"Takahashi, when the bell has rung, all students are expected to be in their seats."

Sayuri froze again, and turned around to find her sensei standing behind her. Well forget coming before the teacher…

"Gomen sensei…" Sayuri muttered, taking her seat in the back.


Fifth period was PE for the Rikkai regulars, meaning - tennis practice. They were getting warmed up and Seiichi had told everyone to do 20 laps.

As the three monsters of Rikkai Dai ran together, two of the three couldn't help but notice the lost, blank stare of the so called "Emperor." Seiichi nudged Renji and nodded towards Sanada who was on Renji's left. The data master nodded, knowing what his buchou was asking.

"Chance that he is thinking about today's practice, 37. Chance that he is thinking about school 17. Chance that he is thinking about someone…92," Renji whispered to Seiichi who's eyebrows shot up in surprise and then relaxed.

"Who do you think it is?" he asked.

"Actually, I'm not sure…I should collect some data on this…"

"Bye Juri chaaaan!"

Sanada turned the corner, 'hm that voice is familiar…could it be?'

He continued to walk to the gym until his answer literally collided into him.

Being the strong person he is, the impact of the girl's collision didn't move him much. She however, had dropped her textbook in the process. He bent over to pick up her book as she apologized.


Sanada was coming back up to meet her face, seeing who it was, he realized that it was Takahashi Sayuri who had bumped into him.

"It's okay, Takahashi san," he said as he held out her book to her.

'Hm, so she has biology this period. Gathering data is pretty easy…wait! What am I saying, I hope I don't turn into Renji…'

"A-arigatou Sanada san…" she said, snapping Sanada out of his thoughts.

He nodded and began walking away.

As he stepped into the gym he heard the bell ring. 'I wonder if she ever made it to class…'

"FUKUBUCHOU!" Niou yelled into Sanada's ear.

Sanada snapped out of his thoughts, everyone had finished running their laps and they were all watching him.

"Don't yell in my ear Masaharu," Sanada said to Niou giving him a death glare.

"Yukimura buchou said I could.." Niou muttered.

"Why would you do that?" Sanada said turning his attention to his best friend.

"Because Genichirou, you have been very distracted today," Yukimura replied still smiling as if nothing happened.

Sanada pushed his cap lower over his eyes, "Let's just begin training."

The regulars decided not to push him any further and began with their practice matches.

Before Yukimura went to the B court to play Niou, he walked over to Sanada.

"Genichirou, if you have something that's bothering you, you can always tell me," he said in a low voice so no one would hear. Sanada just froze and Seiichi had already walked away.

"Akaya, get over here, you're playing me," Sanada called to Kirihara.

Hm, maybe if fukubuchou is still distracted I can beat him today. Kirihara licked his lips at the thought of finally beating his senpai.

The match had started and Sanada already shot an ace serve, Kirihara scrambling to get the ball.

Hmph, even when he's distracted he can still beat me…

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