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Chapter 2







Sayuri and Juri looked for the person who interrupted their wonderful improvised singing. It was one of their favorite songs by Super Junior, and since the words are in Korean, Sayuri ad libs as Juri sings the only English line they know. They stopped walking to the courts when they spotted Niou a few feet behind them with his hands over his ears.

"Ne Haru chan what's wrong with that song?" Sayuri said pretending to be hurt. In actuality, she enjoyed irritating Niou with that song - and the messed up lyrics.

"Well there's nothing wrong with it, but when you sing the same line over and over again, it gets pretty annoying."

"Aww but Sayuri nee chan comes up with her own words Niou senpai!" Juri said defending her friend's singing. "And we can't help it if that's the only line we know, we haven't learned Korean yet."

Niou had made his way over to where the two girls were standing with their hurt expressions.

Niou sighed, "You guys need to stop with those looks, I know you enjoy annoying me."

Sayuri couldn't help but break into a grin, and then both girls started laughing.

"Haha, oh Niou senpai you know us all too well!" Juri exclaimed, clutching her stomach, barely able to contain her laughter.

"It's just too amusing Haru chaaaan!" Sayuri said laughing.

Each girl latched onto one of his arms, Sayuri on the right and Juri on the left.

"We need to get to practice now senpai!" Juri said as the two girls began dragging him to the court.

Niou sighed, "How did I get stuck with you guys anyway?"

"Well…" Juri began.

"Heyyy you only have yourself to blame, you're the one who came to us during Tennis Camp," Sayuri said.

"I didn't think I'd get stuck with the two most annoying freshmen ever!"

"HEY!" Both girls yelled and whacked him on the head.

"Such bad, bad fishies, hurting your number one senpai like that!" Niou said, faking hurt.

The girls just giggled and let go of his arms when they reached the tennis courts.

"We'll see you when practice is over!" Juri said.

"Uh huh, then you can take us to get ice cream," Sayuri said sticking her tongue out.

"Well when you get fat don't blame me," Niou said putting his hands up in an "Not my fault," kind of position.

"OI! SHUT UP!" Juri said whacking him again.

"Ne, Juri chan let's hurry before buchou makes us run laps!" Sayuri said as she and Juri ran over to their team on the left side of the courts.

Aw man, Niou smacked his forehead, Yukimura buchou and Sanada are gonna kill me…but I mean I haven't been late much this week…yet…Niou thought to himself as he too ran over to his team mates.

Five minutes later…

"Niou, you're late. 20 laps," Sanada ordered as Rikkai's trickster came huffing and puffing to the tennis courts.

"AW MAN! Freshmen always making me late," Niou grumbled to himself as he began running around the courts.

Sanada sighed. And so the day begins…

The girl's team were all warming up by their end of the tennis courts. Sayuri and Juri were having a rally while the other freshman were picking up balls or practicing their swings. It's rare to have freshmen score spots as regulars, but Sayuri and Juri have been avid tennis players since childhood along with their other best friend, Idane Natsumi who currently attends Hyotei Gakun.

Juri hit the ball back toward Sayuri's end and asked, "So Nee-chan, have you talked to Panda today?"

Sayuri giggled, "Well actually…"

"GASP! YOU DID?! TELL ME NOW!" Juri yelled, getting excited.

"Loud much?! I don't want anyone to know who we're talking about!!" Sayuri replied hitting the ball back.

"Oh come on, no one will be able to tell if we call him Panda."

"Well what if someone DOES notice!"

"Fine, fine. But you better tell Natsumi and I tonight when I call you guys."


"Okay everyone that's enough for warm ups, I need you all to gather over here!" The girls' buchou, Yamazaki Ayame, called everyone to the front of the courts.

When all the girls gathered, Ayame scanned the crowd making sure they were all there. "Alright, today instead of our usual practice, Yukimura buchou and I decided that we should try having practice matches with the girl's and the guy's team." At this many girls squealed and began hi-fiving.

Ayame sighed, expecting this reaction. She blew her whistle to regain order. "Listen up! I do NOT want you fainting or fawning over these guys, this is a normal practice, don't embarrass me. Those of you who do can expect more than just running laps as punishment." The girls stared at their buchou wide eyed, although she looks incredibly kind, she can be quite scary.

"Do I make myself clear?"

"HAI YAMAZAKI BUCHOU!" The girls called out in unison.

"Good, let's head on over to the guys' end."

"…got it?" Yukimura Seiichi, buchou of the boys' team had finished explaining what would be happening in today's practice.

"Ah here they come now," he said noticing Ayame and the other girls walking up the courts.

"Yamazaki san," he nodded in greeting.

"Yukimura san," Ayame replied in greeting.

"Would you like to announce the scheduled matches or shall I?" Seiichi asked.

"Go ahead."

"Okay, we will begin with the regulars on both teams. First off, will be Sanada and Yamazaki san in court A…"

Sayuri's heart sank, she had wanted to play against Sanada. Shouldn't buchou play against Yukimura?!

"I will be playing against Suzuki Juri…."

Juri grasped Sayuri's arm, and Sayuri's eyes widened. LUCKYYY!! "OMG ! You get to play against Seiichi! That's so awesome!" Sayuri whispered to Juri.

"omgomgomgomg, nee-chan what if he thinks I play badly?!" Juri whispered back.

"Stop being a coward, remember CARPE DIEM!!"

"Right, right carpe diem."

Seiichi continued reading off names, and had finally gotten to Sayuri, "Takahashi Sayuri will be playing Niou Masaharu in court B."

"Whaaaat?! I play Haru-chan all the time anyway," Sayuri said.

"But Sayuri you're playing in court B," Juri said.


"That's in the same court as Panda!"

Sayuri's jaw dropped, "Are you serious?!"

"Weren't you listening?!"

"Uh…I stopped after hearing who he was playing against."

"BAKA!" Juri whispered loudly, smacking Sayuri on the back of the head.

"ITAI! That's no way to treat your nee-chan!"

"Suzuki! Takahashi! GET TO YOUR COURTS NOW!" Ayame ordered and blew her whistle.

"HAI BUCHOU!" The girls yelled and ran off to their courts.

Juri ran in the opposite direction of Sayuri, only to realize she had no idea where her court was. "JURI NO BAKA! YOU DIDN'T LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR COURT WAS! BAKA, BAKA, BAKA!" Juri yelled at herself as she banged her head into her racket.

"Suzuki san, I believe we're playing in court D," Yukimura said, standing behind her.

Juri turned around and nearly jumped at the close proximity of where he was standing. She laughed nervously, "hehe oh…thanks."

"No problem," he replied winking.

Juri followed him to the tennis court, trying not to get a nosebleed.

"Come on freshman is that all you got?" Niou said taunting Sayuri.

"Of course not SENPAI, I'm just getting warmed up," Sayuri said returning Niou's powerful shot. He knew Sayuri hates it when he goes easy on her, even if that means she doesn't win any games.

Niou and Sayuri continued to play and joke while Sanada glanced over as he tried to focus on his own game as well. She and Masaharu are pretty close, could she have feelings for him..? Sanada shook the thought from his mind, now is not the time to think about this.

"Something on your mind, Sanada san?" Ayame asked, serving the ball.

"It's nothing," he replied.

She just nodded and didn't press any further.

What does Sayuri see in this guy… Yup, Ayame knows about Sayuri's little crush. She acts as a mentor for the girls too, and Sayuri and Juri have both actually come to her for advice. Ayame smiled, I bet Juri was surprised to hear that she will be practicing with Seiichi today. He actually requested to be paired with her, how cute.

Sayuri wasn't able to return Niou's shot and ended up loosing this game. "So that puts us at 3 to 1 Takahashi, not bad."

Sayuri walked over to the bench and pulled a water bottle from her bag and took a drink.

Niou walked over and snatched her water.

"Hey I was drinking that!" Sayuri yelled as Niou took a long drink of water.

"But I'm thirsty."

"Don't care."

"So mean to your senpai."

Sayuri stuck out her tongue, "I wouldn't be if senpai were smart enough to bring a water bottle."

Niou ruffled her hair, "Such a punk."

"Ahh you messed up my hair," Sayuri said, pulling it together and putting it up in a ponytail.

"Well let's face it, your hair will never be as beautiful as mine," Niou said pretending to flip his hair.

Sayuri just rolled her eyes at him, "You wish, Niou."

"What was that punk?"

He was about to mess her hair up again when he heard Sanada's voice.

"Masaharu, get back to your game and leave Takahashi san alone."

"Hai fukubuchou, I didn't mean to mess with your girlfriend."

Sayuri knew Niou was kidding but she felt her cheeks heat up. Ahhh Niou you're so dead!

Sanada pulled his cap down, shielding his face, "An extra 20 laps for you tomorrow."

"I was only kidding!"

"30 laps."


"Would you like to make it 40?"


"Good choice."

With that Sanada and Ayame walked off, for they had finished their game.

Before returning to her game Sayuri sighed, I wish I was the one walking with Sanada right now…

Sanada and Ayame returned to their court to see what the outcome will be of Sayuri and Niou's game. They sat on the bench behind Sayuri's side of the court.

"Sanada san, who do you think will win this match?" Ayame asked.


"You don't think one of my girls can defeat one of your regulars?"

"I'm sure Takahashi san is good, but she's still a freshman, she has much to learn."

Ayame smirked, "I see."

"5 games to 3, looks like I'll be winner, ne Sayuri chan?" Niou said holding up a victory sign.

Sayuri was worn out, after all the teasing she and Niou started playing a serious game. She's had problems with stamina and her battery is running on low.

Between pants she replied, "You may have won again this time Haru chan, but I'll beat you one day." She smirked and served the ball.

Niou smiled, She's so determined, but sometimes I'm scared she'll go too far one day.

Sanada watched their game intently. Sayuri looks like she's going to fait any second, this match can't continue much longer.

As if Sanada's thoughts were on cue, the ball bounced on Sayuri's side of the court, out of her reach. The score was 6 games to 3, Niou winning.

They both walked up to the net. "Looks like you win again Senpai," Sayuri said bowing lightly.

"And you played well," he said ruffling her hair and then giving her a hug. "Because you played so well, I promise I will take you out for ice cream, but…"

"But what?"

"We have to see how Juri chan did against Buchou," Niou said winking.

Sayuri laughed, I bet she was distracted the whole time.

As Sayuri and Niou made their way off the court, Sanada approached them. Ayame had left earlier to check on the other matches.

"That was a good game Takahashi san," Sanada said, making Sayuri blush slightly.

"A - Arigatou Sanada san," Sayuri replied.

"What about me fukubuchou? I won!" Niou asked.

"Your technique needs more polishing Masaharu."


"You heard me."

"Uh…Sanada san are you going to go watch Yukimura san's game now?" Sayuri asked changing the subject.

Sanada turned his attention to the small girl, "Yes, are you two coming?"

Niou was still pouting but broke into a grin as he began running. "Last one there is a rotten egg!"

"That dirty cheater!" Sayuri grumbled to herself.

"Come on Sanada san let's go!" She said, not realizing that she grabbed his arm in the process as she began running.

Sanada was shocked to see her little hand grasping his arm, but he just moved to grab her hand and began running with her.

Sayuri felt his hand in hers and blushed, OMG HE'S HOLDING MY HAND. However, she pretended not to notice and they made it to D court in time to see that Seiichi and Juri's match is not yet over.

Surprisingly, a bit of a crowd has gathered around their match. Apparently, Seiichi and Juri haven't been keeping score and decided they were just going to rally until someone breaks it.

"This is a fun practice Yukimura senpai!" Juri called out to Seiichi.

"I'm glad you think so," Seiichi said, returning her shot.

Sayuri tried to hold back her laughter. Juri would think ANYTHING associated with Seiichi would be fun. But then again, she felt the same. Well, when "Panda" was concerned.

Sayuri then spotted Niou in the grass lying on his back, not even paying attention to the game in front of him.

She turned to Sanada, "Sanada san may I borrow that tennis ball you're holding?"

Sanada's brows furrowed in confusion, "Why?"

"I wanted to wake Haru chan up."

His stoic expression faltered for a second as he handed her the tennis ball.

"Arigatou," she said brightly. Sayuri threw the ball into the air and hit it with her racket, hitting Niou right on the head.

"SPIDERS!" he yelled jumping up from where he slept.

"Spiders…?" Sayuri questioned, wondering what he could've been dreaming about.

"I'd rather not know," Sanada said watching his classmate running around looking for the "spiders" which interrupted his sleep.

Sayuri nodded her head slowly, still watching Niou, "Yeah…I don't think I'll ask."

They returned their attention to the game in front of them to see that Seiichi had broke the rally and beat Juri.

Not devastated in the least bit, Juri skipped up to the net to shake Seiichi's hand and congratulate him.

"That was such a great practice senpai, I think we should do this more often and oh my god wow you're such a great tennis player," Juri gushed still shaking Seiichi's hand.

Seiichi smiled, "You played well today Suzuki chan."

Juri turned beat red and nearly screamed at him calling her Suzuki CHAN. Yes, this was indeed the happiest day of her life.

"OI BUCHOU! WANT TO GET ICE CREAM WITH US?" Niou yelled as he ran to Juri and Seiichi.

"Sure why not," Seiichi agreed.

The three of them walked out to find Sayuri and Sanada waiting for them.

"Nice match," Sayuri said, winking at Juri.

"Genichirou, care to join us for ice cream?" Seiichi asked.


"Please Sanada senpai?" Juri begged.


"Yay let's go!" Juri said as she ran off.

"JURI CHAN COME BACK, IT'S THE OTHER WAY!" Sayuri yelled to her friend, before she started laughing.


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