It is VERY important that you read my one-shot 'Every New Moon' before starting this chappie! Though the one-shot is unrelated, the plot about the new moon isn't. Please read that before you start, or you might be lost.

It was a dark night. The little light cast by the crescent moon slid across the figures that lay still without the sun. But one small form walked slowly down the sidewalk. Her torn black hood cast a dark shadow across her pale features, adding to her eerie countenance.

Three six foot drunk men stumbled out of an alley and spotted the small female, "Hey babe." Said the first one, taking a swig of alcohol, "Want to come have a good time?" He hiccupped.

The female stopped.

"Yah baby. We could show you how to really make a night special." Said the second one, circling her as a lion did its prey.

The third one put his hands on her shoulders, "Yup, so come with us. We'll make your night something to remember." He breathed his beer stained breath onto her ear.

She didn't even flinch.

They heard her scoff softly, "You moronic fools. You truly believe that even if you were a good looking piece of flesh, I would go anywhere with you? Besides, I don't see how you could possibly make this a night to remember."

The three men grabbed her from all sides, "You're coming with us. We don't like being deprived!"

The second man pulled her around to face him and the moon. He took a step backwards, horror reflecting in his slightly glazed eyes. The other men looked at him angrily and with a bit of curiosity. They walked to his side, partly to stop him from running away, partly to see what had disturbed him so. When they saw the girl's face illuminated by the crescent moon, they too stepped back, eyes overflowing in fear.

The girl's eyes were a dark yellow with flecks of black running through them. Her pupils were thin slit, probably due to her excitement in finally having a reason to kill. Her dark brown hair was short and unpredictably choppy with the longest piece coming to her jaw. She wore a happy killer's grin, showing off her incredibly long canine teeth, and had a deep scar running down her left eye. She had no ears, but instead the shadow of wolf ears. She flexed her long black claws.

"Funny thing, I haven't been able to quite pull myself out of demon form yet. Guess you three worthless drunk bags will have the honor of feeling my demon side's strength."

The rest of the night was filled with the horrible yells and pleads of middle aged men, cracking glass, and teeth and claws tearing into flesh.


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P.S. I really shouldn't be writing right now, but its midnight and the words of this chapter popped into my head so I had to put it down. Remember, this is sort of like the epilogue.