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The Epilogue

"I now seal you as man, and wife." Koenma said, "Or demon and demoness, you get the picture."

A great scream of excitement rose over the sunny landscape of Ganja's temple grounds. Autumn cheered and tossed her bouquet over her shoulder with a sudden joy. Kurama whisked her into his arms, and left a deep, but gentle kiss on her lips.

"Yeah!" Zura clapped until her hands were red. "Kiss her, cous'! DO IT!" She lowered her voice and leaned into Hiei, who stood beside her, smirking. "I think these human weddings are wonderful, don't you? I think I'm gonna' cry." She sighed. "I love crying."

Hiei smirked and touched her cheek with his warm lips. "I think the mating ritual is more traditional for demons." He brushed the thin, almost imperceptible dragon scar lingering over her collar bone. Zura blushed like mad and crossed her arms piously.

"Human weddings are much more civilized though." She gave a whoop as Kurama held Autumn in a fitting bridal style. "In fact, I think we should have one."

Hiei frowned. "Absolutely not. I will not demean myself with such silly, human ritual."

Zura pressed her cheek to his. "But just think—another wedding means another honeymoon."

Hiei cocked an eyebrow. "I suppose it's not such a foolish idea."

Zura laughed and waved her arms. "Kurama! Kurama! Dip her! Dance and dip, man!"

Kurama gave a mischievous smile in her direction before scooping Autumn up, and dipping her romantically. The demoness laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, green eyes glittering. Their lips embraced as her copper mane grazed the floor.

"Woot! Go for it!" Zura called. Yusuke clapped her on the back, and together they cried slightly inappropriate but amusing remarks.

It was when the loud, raucous fun died down and everyone entered the temple for the reception that Zura suddenly remember something. She leaned on the punch table, tapping her glass thoughtfully.

Hiei looked at her over a glass of water. "Hn. What is?"

Zura smirked. "I just remembered something from three years ago." She leaned into him and kissed him roughly. Hiei smirked and held her for a moment.

Hiei's red eyes glinted. "I'm guessing that wasn't it?"

Zura shook her head. "No, actually, it wasn't." She grinned. "But I liked it anyway!" She giggled and put her punch down. "Hang on, I have to go half-murder Koenma. Be right back."

Hiei smirked as he watched his mate. She was wearing a tight black dress for the wedding, and he had to admit, he enjoyed the view.

Zura dove on Koenma's leg. He screamed as she latched on tightly. "Koenma! You lied to me!" She gritted her teeth.

Koenma freaked out a little and stumbled back. "Zura, get off me! What are you talking about?"

Botan came over, "What's the problem? Oh my. Zura, I don't think it's a good idea to bite the prince of hell—"

"You owe the team! You never did it, did you? DID YOU?" Zura shouted. It was lucky that the noise of the music blocked out her voice, so Kurama's mother and family couldn't hear.

"What?" Koenma fell to the ground as Zura's grabbed both of his legs. "OW! What didn't I do? Get off me! What didn't I do?"

Zura looked over his shoes. "Remember? You promised to give the whole gang a free buffet back at the demon tournament."

Koenma stared at her for a moment, blank face. Then he went off, "What? You still remember that? Really?"

"Yes!" Zura hung on as he tried to kick her off. "So you have to! You promised." She grinned madly. "So I guess you can pay for the wedding cake, and the reception food, huh? That's the same as buffet!"

Koenma groaned. Zura kept on, yelling, biting, and accusing him of being a liar before the mighty prince of hell whined and gave in to her demands. The moment he did, Zura stood up, brushed herself off, and went to tell Kurama and Autumn they didn't have to worry about the reception expenses, because she had found an anonymous benefactor that would take care of everything. They thanked her, but watched her with suspicion as she sauntered away, hips swaying.

Hiei wrapped her in his arms when she returned. "You have a long memory."

"You have a hot body." She shrugged.

He smirked and glanced at her.

She grinned. "Feel free to tell me the same."

Hiei tightened his hold. "I'd like to tell you without words."

Zura giggled. "Then we will definitely need a human wedding. Yay! Second honeymoon!"

So the evening feel to darkness, lights and laughter lifting the dark surroundings into a happy bubble. Kurama and Autumn couldn't take their eyes off each other. They shared cake, blushing and quietly communicating in their understated way. The wedding was a wonderful, absolute success. Zura made sure Koenma kept his promise this time, and Botan did the accounting work. Hiei stayed by his mate's side throughout the ordeal, occasionally listening to her dreams of a human wedding.

The moon smiled down on the company from above. Finally, after a thousand years, her creation could live the life she was always meant to. Everything was the way it was meant to be. Everything had fallen into it proper place.

"Well done," Seraphath whispered into the uplifting night air. "Live your dream, my one. You are free."


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