Author: SilverontheRose
Title: The Dangers of Complimenting Kitsunes
Genre: Humor
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Warning: Kitsune on the loose.
Summary: My look at what could be the perfect compliment for a kitsune.\/p

Rumiko Takahashi owns all rights to Inuyasha & Co. The kid who inspired this belongs to my best friend. I've just got the sore ribs from laughing too much. Written for forthrightly's Perfect Compliment' challenge.

The Dangers of Complimenting Kitsunes

Miroku sighed and resigned himself to having to pick out bits of an-dango from his hair once they got back on the road. He took another sip of tea as the racket from the bottom of the hill resolved itself into definitive cuss words. The kitsune on his shoulder overbalanced himself laughing and tumbled into the monk's lap; the final dumpling on the stick adhering to a fuzzy vest. A gloved hand saved the kit from a head first tumble to the ground.

"Which trick this time, Shippo?"

The red-faced, wheezing child held up a small statue in reply.