Title: Grasping Happiness
Author: SilverontheRose
Genres: Drama/Fluff
Rating: PG
Words: 250
Summary: Shippou's reasoning for grasping happiness.
Characters/Pairing: Shippou/Kagome
Warnings: I don't think it's too squicky, but this is a pairing most people want to crucify me over. :P He's around 600 and she's in her 20s. Just enjoy the sweetness and don't worry about it. Yes, I wrote something sweet and now have to go to the dentist.\/p

Inuyasha & Company owned by Rumiko Takahashi.

Grasping Happiness

Parents, friends, love… nothing is forever. Everyone learns this eventually, but if you decide to embrace humanity as closely as I have, well, let's just say the concept is hammered home much more quickly. That's why you should seize your opportunities for happiness.

She's read this over my shoulder and is laughing at me now. I could growl and thump my chest but instead I enjoy the artless tumble of sound. She airily states she's going start dinner and I grin after finding out tonight it's oden with abura-age.

My heart swells with emotion as I watch her disappear down the hallway. How much luckier could a man be? The girl who saved me then is the woman who loves me now. And tonight… A smile curves my lips. She won't need a shoulder to cry on tonight unless they are happy tears. She had the doctor seal the test results so we could find out together. Silly girl never remembers my nose. My stomach cramps with happiness over the thought that Kagome carries my child.

I close the laptop. There's no way I can concentrate on writing now. It sounds like all the pots just fell in the kitchen and my love has let loose a few words she picked up from the dog. The cat is playing with my tails again and my lower back itches where number five is coming in.

Let's grasp happiness, my love, my Kagome. There's a kitsune run oden stand two blocks down…