(i don't own GW or any of it's characters. I may play with them for a while but I always put them back. This is an AU story, since I still haven't seen the edn of the series and don't know how it all ends. There's at least one 'f' so be warned. May be a few.)

September 2001

Check out Time

By Zuzanny

Part 1


"Can I help you?" Peter drawled to the man with the pantihose covering his face that was holding a pistol to his temple. Ginger hair stuck out at odd angles and the size of lady's under-garments was obviously too small, hence the way the man's nose and lips were squished like he was pressed against glass. The man was wearing girty gray tracksuit pants and a yellow t-shirt with bear stains.

"Yeah, baby." The man's voice was deep, tough, and sounded like he had been cracked over the head one too many with a baseball bat when he was young. "Gimme all ya money, and I wont mess up any of your makeup."

Peter rolled his eyes and made a disgusted sound as the man's breath puffed into his face. He looked across at the other casheer, petite little nieve Sally, who had her hands in the air and was looking quite frightened. Another robber was threatening her with a knife and being tapped in the box of a register she was unable to escape his reach. The second man was shorter than the first but skinnier. He had longer hair than the first which he had mannaged to sepperate into the stockings he was wearing effectivly giving himself 'bunny ears'. His stockings fit him better, but he was still ammusing to look at. He was wearing a black set of sweats and jumper.

The store was almost empty at this time of the morning. The manager was out the back somewhere doing what ever the manager did with himself out there. Probably wanking in the toilet or something.

"I'm not a girl." Peter said absently to ginger freak, watching as Sally emptied her register into Bunny-ears' awaiting paper bag. "Get your self some glasses."

"Oohh..." Ginger freak pressed the gun harder. "Come on sissy, I said gimme all your money, and I MEAN IT!"

Peter shrugged noncmmitally. "Mean what? What will you do? *Shoot* me?" He snorted. "Not with that piece of shit."

Ginger freak growled and yanked on Peter's shoulder length braid, tilting his head back to force eye contact. Peter yelped.

Sally was not able to say what happened after that. Only that somehow Peter had dissarmed the big robber and then pinned his head to the counter top with the pistol to the robber's own head. A small click was enough to let all those in the room know that the pistol had been cocked and was now quite armed to kill. Peter grinned down at the pinned robber.

The smaller one in front of her froze, then pointed the pocket knife at her again. He was shaking badly. "Don't do anything stupid, man!" He cried out in a panic and dropped the knife. "Take back your money, man, just don't hurt him!" He threw the paper bag back to Sally. She was shaking as well. This was cool to watch, but scary at the same time. She had never thought calm, gentle, sweet Peter capable of doing anything like he had.

"Don't hurt him, man!" The second was flapping about. Peter glarred violet ice at him and he froze again, arms wrapped around his head and one leg tucked up like a flamingo.

"But I want to." Peter hissed, and leant down to speak into Ginger freak's ear. "Not so cocky now? I SOOO want to blow your brains out across my counter right now, who knows? With how empty your head is already there probably wouldn't even be a mess to clean up after!" He laughed a little crazily, then sobered. "So, why should I let you live?" He asked like it was normal conversation. "You called me a girl and then pulled my hair. Do you know how many people have DIED doing what you have? Not to mention you wave this pittiful excuse of a weapon infront of my face with out even taking the *safety* off! Come ON man! What is your problem? I bet you haven't even practiced shooting this thing, have you? Have you? No, I didn't think so. You are so seriously screwed." He leaned back and looked past bunny ears, who was still standing in that frightened flaminco pose, to Sally.

"Call the cops." He said. She nodded and reached for the phone. "Tell them 'The God of Death is about to strike'. That should get them going." She stared up at him mid dial with wide eyes. Peter nodded. "Go on."

Ginger freak was now sobbing. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! Please don't kill me."

Peter tilted his head to consider, then shrugged. "So what do I care for appologies? You still haven't given me a good excuse to spare your life. Hey... do you believe in God? You better think about that before answering. And your answer doesn't mean I wont kill you anyway. Better hope I don't get bored, eh?"

Ginger freak moaned pitifully.

Peter sniffed then tried not to gag. "What the hell is wrong with you?! Shit, man! And on my register too. I should kill you now!" He leant into the pistol. Ginger freak sobbed loudly. Bunny ears began to make horrified noises. Sally too added her disagreement. Peter laughed shortly then leant back. "Scare ya?"

Three sets of held breaths were expelled.

Peter set his lazer eyes upon bunny ears. "You." He ordered. "I'll give you a chance to save you friend's life, since he can't himself. Take off your clothes. All of them."

Bunny ears balked. "WHAT?!" He shrieked, then nodded hurriedly and began to strip.

"You can leave the... thing... on your head." Peter said. "Lord knows I'll be having nightmares enough as it is with out having to see your face as well."

Peter looked back across to Sally. "You alright?" She nodded and went back to dialing the cops. She had hung up, but now she did as she was told, trying not to look up at bunny ears' dirty boxers. "They're coming."

"That's enough!" Peter stopped the strip from going any firther and jumped up and over his counter top to stand behind Ginger freak, still pointing the pistol at him and carefull not to stand in the puddle. He looked across to bunny ears and the pile of clothes at the stick man's feet. "Step back away from the clothes." He ordered. Bunny ears wrapped his arms around himself and did as he was told, he backed towards a shelved wall. "Keep your arms up in the air where we can see them." Bunny ears did so.

The manager walked in from the back room, adjusting his pants and smiling to himself. He froze when he saw the scene in front of him. "That the FUCK?"


It was three years, four months and seven days after the end of the war. The world was at peace... for the moment.

Heero looked at the calander. He didn't know why this time of year always made him feel so... sad. Perhaps it was because tomorrow was the three year aniversary of Duo's 'death'. And why would that bother him? Perhaps because there was no body and he always hoped to find Duo alive and they could... become friends? Perhaps... perhaps he was angry that Duo had NOT contacted him if he was alive, and he wanted to kill him himself for all the grief he had suffered. At least then he'd know where the body was.

"Damn it, Duo!" he said to himself, gazing out the high office window over looking the city. Blue sky reflected off all the other sky scrapers. "You always leave me with so many unanswered questions!"

Feeling quite frustraited Heero sat at his desk and set about finishing yesterday's paperwork.

There was a knock at the door. "Enter." He grunted. The door opened to reveal Wufei, looking grim. "What?"

"There's been a situation." Wufei said. "I think you had better come chack this out yourself."


Peter was shaking badly by the time it was all over. He was fine until the cops arrived and took over, and then it was like, BAM! shakes real bad. Some one had said he was going into shock.

But why should he go into shock? He wasn't injured. No one was injurred. He tried to answer their questions but he couldn't quite think straight.

Yes, I know it was stupid to act the hero. I understand it could have gone very badly.

Yes, I knew that the pistol was loaded and that the safety was on while Ginger freak was holding it.

Yes, I knew how to take the safety off.

No, I wasn't scared.

No, I don't know how I knew how to do what I did, I just did.

No, I wasn't going to kill him. I've never killed anyone before... As far as I know. I was just bluffing.

Someone guided him to a chair and wrapped a blanket around him. A warm cup of tea was pushed into his hands. He just held it ans stared into the brown drepths. The reflection he saw was himself, but... he felt so different. It was like he was drifting away, or trapped somewhere inside his body and only able to look out. The cops had been very nice to him. Very understanding if patronising. They talked slowly to him to make sure he understood.

"Peter," a lady cop projected slowly. "There are some special agents here who want to talk with you, okay? Okay. They just want to aks you a few questions, okay?" She straitened and looked over his head. "he's all yours."

Peter looked up as two young men approached him. Two asian men, almost his age. Must be pretty good at their jobs if they are special agents at this age. He thought. They were vaguely familiar in as much as they could be someone from posters he had seen in the china town cinema complex. One dark unruly hair, one dark long hair pulled back in a pony tail. That one looked like he was sauch a tight arse. Both of them in tidy suits that just shouted FBI. The one with the unruly hair had blue eyes though. That was not a comon thing. Peter tilted his head, trying to decide if this man looking at him with the oddest expression on his face was wearing contacts or not.

"Duo?" That one asked, almost hopeful. "Is that you?"

Peter raised his eyes brows, and was now quite sceptical that these two were special agents but were infact special cases for the nice men in the white coats. "Eh?"

To be continued...