Check out time part 4

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Check out Time
by Zuzanny

part 4


Blood was draining down the walls in a slow, slick dribble. More splashed up like some one was throwing a tin of paint up. Some one was screaming with each new splash of it. Someone else bleathed heavily, excited, almost sexually arroused.

"Heh, heh, heh..." came the heavey breather's voice, with a puff of foul smelling warmth on his face. "You're gonna DIE! Gonna DIE! Heh heh heh..."

/I wonder who he's talking about?/ He thought, and blinked as more blood splashed against the wall. The flickering light cast shadows showing a person raising up a carving knife and bringing it down again.


"What do you mean, 'some one took a carving knife to him'?" Wufei all but screached at doctor Maguire.

"Look at the notes." The doctor replied handing over a file that had just been delivered to him. Wufei's grim expression went even grimmer as he did so.

"'Multiple stab wounds to the chest and stomach, slashes to his arms and legs, stab wound to the head...'" Wufei read aloud with growing horror. "'All with such precision to cause the most pain with out killing. It is suggested a surgion was responcible. Subject states he has no memory of the situation or his life before hand. Traumatic shock.'" He looked up at the doctor. "Have the police investigted all this?"

"I should think so. They were informed right away, it says here. Perhaps his memory loss may be why the investigation has not continued." Wufei growled to himself, vowing to follow up what happened with the investigation.

"Why was he told he was in an accident?"

The doctor shrugged. "I was unaware that he was. Perhaps if you talk to some of the ambulance officers they can enlighten you."

Wufei left that doctor with the names of the ambulance officers that had attended his friend, wondering why the situation turned out the way that it had.


"Yeah, I remember that." Ambulance officer Redmen took a shuddering puff on his cigarette before dropping the butt on the footpath and stomping it out. He blew out the smoke then crossed his arms and leaned against the brick of the hospital wall. "It was one of the most horrible sceens I've ever attended. Blood everywhere. I seriously thought the kid was dead. I'm surprised he didn't die with what that psycho had done to him."

"What do you mean?" Wufei asked.

"The sicko was cutting him open. The bastard deserved all he got."

Wufei prompted him to continue.

"We were originally called in to attend a truck crash. The tail end on a milk tanker had slammed through a building as it turned a corner. Still don't know how that happened. Thing is that when we looked inside the building, we found the kid tied down on a table, all cut open. I could see his insides, it was off. I remember he had no clothes on and had all his hair cut off. There was this really long braid on the floor by his head. Poor guy, must have taken him his whole life to grow it as long as it was. Anyway, the arse end of the tanker had missed the kid by inches and hit the sicko, crushing him against the brick wall behind him. He was still holding the knife."

Wufei busily wrote it down. "Thank you." He said, beginning to walk away, then he turned back. "You thought 'the kid' was dead?"

"Yeah, I was checking his paulse though, just to make sure, and he opened his eyes. It was freaky. He said the strangest thing. He said 'It was doctor Jay. Get doctor jay for me heero.' We still haven't found no doctor jay. At least not in any of the city hospitals."

Wufei stiffened at that. "Perhaps it was the phycho trying to kill him." With that he pulled out his mobile and called Heero.


Having his mobile phone ring while his old partner and friend was having a screaming fit of terror did not make Heero feel any calmer what so ever. Duo- he decided that 'Peter' was just not his name, 'Duo' was, and that's what he was going to call him, so there- was thrashing around, trying to get free from the hold Heero had on him. Heero had thought Duo was noisy three years ago. Ha. He wondered if he'd still have hearing in his left ear after this.

"I've found them!" Alf called from looking in the icebox in the fridge. Why the pills were in there was anyone's guess. Alf tossed the bottle of pills and Heero caught them in one hand, struggleing to read the lable and hold Duo down at the same time.

There came a heavey knocking at the door. "What's going on in there?" Some one yelled.

Alf opened the door to explain while Heero set about opening the bottle with his teeth. Not an easy thing to do. But he was Heero, after all. Duo punched him a good one in the jaw. It was enough to make his head snap back, but made him more determined to hold him down. He heard another person by the door say "For God's sake, call an ambulance or something." Then the bottle was open, and he shoved the required amount in the open mouth in front of him and down the throat. Then he covered Duo's mouth with his hand. After a few minutes the pills seemed to take effect. Duo stopped thrashing around, and gradually lay back against the bed, twitching and gasping for air.

"What the hell was that?!" Said yet another person from the door. Heero got off of Duo and turned to croud that had gathered and showed him his badge

"Alright, nothing to see here. You can all go back to your... rooms. Go on now."

Alf hesitated by the door.

"I think he will be alright now. But I may need to contact you in the future."

"Of course!" Alf gave him his details and then was gone. Heero closed the door and leaned against in with a sigh of reliefe. Duo was still panting and twitching, staring up at the roof. Heero's mobile started ringing again.

"What." He grunted.

"Heero," Wufei said with some urgencey. "I think doctor J tried to kill Duo."

Heero was quiet for some time. "Oh?" He asked.

"Yes. Oh."

"Well that would explain that."

"Explain what?"

"Why he was screaming his lungs off like someone was trying to kill him."

"Did you find his pills?"

"Yes, and they've done a real good job at shutting him up."

"Heero?" Came Duo's voice. He was still looking up at the roof blankly.

"Hang on," Heero told Wufei and knelt at Duo's side. "Yeah? I'm here." He clasped Duo's cold, sweaty hand. Violet eyes jerkely fixed on him and Duo smiled up at him.

"I knew it... I knew you'd... come... save me." Then his head fell to the side. Heero's heart leapt with fear. That was until he checked Duo's life signs and read the rest of the bottle's lable. May Induce Tireness. Heero let out a breath of air he didn't realise he had been holding. To find Duo, only to lose him again was unacceptable. It was not going to happen.

to be continued...