Cloud D

Cloud D.'s Rambling Again!

It's a late Saturday afternoon. Cloud D., her girlfriend sweet_honey, Haruka and Michiru are sitting around in Cloud's living room, being kinda bored.

Cloud: I'm bored. Wanna play poker, Haruka?

Haruka: No, I lost everything I own in the last game.

Michiru: And my Stradivarius!

Haruka: Hehehe ^__^

Cloud: *hypnotising voice* You could win everything back, Haruka...

Haruka: @_@ Ooookay....*sounding dreamily*

Michiru: !!! Cloud !!! Stop hypnotising my girl! *slaps Haruka*

Cloud: O.o abusive relationship...

Haruka: Ouch! Michiru! Why do you hit me?

Sweet_honey: Be nice, everyone. Cloud, stop that.

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door.

Cloud: I'll get that. *walks to the door* *opens* Deacon!! Come in, my friend! *pulls Deacon into a bearhug*

Deacon: O.O Yeah I'm also happy to see you...

Sweet_honey: How come you never greet me like Deacon? You never hug me when I walk in through the door.

Cloud: No, I don't, I kiss you.

Haruka: Cute...

Michiru: I want a kiss too, Haruka...

Haruka: :-D *jumps at Michiru and kisses her until she goes @_@*

Deacon: Get a room!

Cloud: *snickers*

Sweet_honey: So, Deace, what's going on?

Deacon: Nothing, I was just bored so I decided to visit you.

Cloud: How nice from you J

Deacon: I'm always nice.

Haruka: Mind if I laugh at that one?

Deacon: Hey!

Cloud: *kicks Harukas (_!_)* Be nice to him, or I'll kick you out.

Michiru: You wouldn't! If you do that, I'll deep submerge you.

Cloud: You can't. I'm the author, and...

Michiru: *interrupting Cloud* DEEP SUBMERGE!

Cloud: *gets soaked* O.O;;;

Haruka: *cracks up*

Deacon: Holy shit!!

Sweet_honey: Cloud!! Oh my God.

Cloud: *sputters and shakes like a wet dog, causing water to fly all over the room*

Deacon: Stop it, you're making me all wet!

Michiru: Hentai..

Deacon: Why?

Haruka: It's Michirus time of the month, she's always thinking perverted.

Michiru: Haruka! DEEP SUBMERGE!

Haruka: *gets soaked* *blubb*

Sweet_honey: *cracks up*

Deacon: *cracks up*

Cloud: *cracks up*

Michiru: *smiles and hands Haruka a towel*

Haruka: Thanks, honey. *dries herself up* And now....

Cloud: O.o uh-oh...


Cloud: *is blown outta the window from the impact* Owies...

Sweet_honey: O.O;;; Haruka! What are you doing?

In her anger, sweet_honey grabs a bottle that sits on the desk next to her and throws it after Haruka, who dodges. The bottle hits Deacon square in the face.

Cloud: *climbing in through the window* Deacon!

Deacon: *_* Ouch... *face turns red as he stares at Sweet_honey angry* You'll pay for that!

Deacon turns his butt to sweet_honey, pulls down his trousers and boxers – showing a very ugly, hairy ass – and farts right into her face.

Sweet_honey: Urgs! @_@

Cloud: DEACON!! You bastard!

Cloud grabs her sword that is hanging at the wall and swings it at Deacon, cutting a few from his hairs.

Deacon: O.O Watch it with that thing!

Michiru rushed to Sweet_honeys aid while Haruka joins Cloud in beating the shit out of Deacon. When they are finally finished, Deacon is out cold.

Cloud: Yay! We did it!

Haruka: Gimme five! *holds up hand*

Michiru: Sweet_honey is okay by now.

Cloud: Good. Let's put Deacon away.

Cloud and Haruka throw Deacon outta the door and lock it.

Haruka: Now, let's play poker!!!

Cloud: :-D

Michiru: L Not again...

The END!!!

That was even more insane than my first ramble. However. This thing I call a story is dedicated to Deacon, a very close friend of me. I don't own Haruka or Michiru *damn* so don't sue me, I'm poor. If you gain any mental illness by reading this story, write to me and I'll pay your psychiatrist.