Author's Note

Hi. Sorry for adding this as an extra chapter, but this is the most effective way of answering the pm's I've been receiving to clarify the following things:

1. How did Tonks and Fleur die?

2. What does Harry mean by 'The Balance'?

3. Who is the 'she' Percy mentioned to believe in Harry Potter's innocence?

4. More about Alan Wiltschild, who is not randomly dropped in.

As I mentioned in an Author's Note earlier, The Greatest Trial will be followed by a sequel(s) in which these questions are answered. At the same time, when I began the story I hadn't exactly decided on these specific issues, except for no 3. I left them open for interpretation but as I progressed, a clear idea formed in my head. This follow-up might not appeal to some of you as it will focus mostly around Alan Wiltschild. So I'll be posting it as a separate story.

Posting it as a separate story also allows me to answer the above questions in different ways and explore different possibilities, if I so choose to do.

Hope that answers your questions and sorry to those who wanted more specific answers from me.