Disclaimer: Slayers does not belong to me, but belongs to Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi and the companies that represent them. I'm just borrowing the characters for a little while.

Author's Note: This series of short stories is set starting four years after the last chapter of "Search for the Darkstar." Knowledge of that story isn't required fully for this fic with the exception of two things: 1) Gourry has retained the Sword of Light since in the "Darkstar" timeline, it is recovered after the events of the "Knight of Aqualord" manga and 2) Shizuri and Lyos from the "Knight of Aqualord" manga are on Lina's continent after agreeing to travel with her at the end of that series. Most of this fic has been written, and it serves as a set-up for two longer stories that are in the stages of being produced.


Chapter 1: "It Happened One Night"

Gourry stared into the mirror and bit his lip for a moment before fixing his shirt collar one more time. He was quite pleased with himself. For once, he didn't forget! The first year, he tied a piece of string around his finger to remember. Then he forgot what the string was for. The second year, he made marks on a sheet of paper to count down the number of days. Then he forgot if he was supposed to be counting up or down.

This year he had a foolproof plan. He simply asked Amelia to let him know when the right day was. While Lina had been in the bathroom that morning, a small gem the princess had given him activated and Amelia's cheerful voice had wished him and Lina a happy anniversary, along with a happy birthday for Lina. He promised to pass on the wishes and felt satisfied knowing that for the first time, he hadn't forgotten his anniversary.

It wasn't much. It would be dinner and well...you know. And he'd gotten her a book. Actually, Zelgadiss had gotten the book when they had run into the chimera about a month earlier. Zel had said Lina would love it and Gourry took his word for it, because he had no idea what books Lina liked except if they dealt with magic or history. She had so many of those already, he had no idea what she needed.

He crossed the room and picked up the neatly wrapped package. Everything was ready. All he lacked now was Lina.

The door burst open and blur of crimson, black and fuschia tore into the room. Before Gourry knew what was happening, Lina had grabbed his sword, thrust it into his arms and was pulling him toward the door. "We've got to go," she announced.

"Wha...Wait! Where're we going?" Gourry hastily shoved the slim volume in his back pocket so he could unsheath the sword.

"Anywhere but here!" Lina yanked him down the stairs and started running. "I might have incited a mob. Just a small one!" she added over her shoulder as they reached the back door leading out of the inn.

They headed outside and Gourry saw that Lina's idea of a small mob was about a hundred people bearing pitchforks, crude swords and torches. A rogue fireball grazed his ear, singing a few strands of hair as he ducked out of the way. Okay, it included a few amateur sorcerers as well.

"Crap, we're going to have to fight our way through this. Damu Blass!" Lina shot the spell at the ground just in front of the mob and a storm of dirt and dust exploded into the air.

Gourry whirled around and parried a pitchfork attack. "What did you do?"

"I got into a tiny argument with the town mayor. Flare Arrow!"

He elbowed another man, grabbed a third by the back of his shirt and sent him flying into the mob. "Over?"

"Freeze Arrow! I might have told him that the gold statue of Rezo in the town square was actually just painted tin."

Gourry caught a glance of melted metal a few feet away from them as they inched their way toward the road. He parried another attack. "Did you melt it?"

"It was an accident! Balus Wall!" Lina threw up the shield to deflect one of the magic attacks. "Charlie over there froze the statue in a wall of ice and I just kindly offered my services to unfreeze it. Watch it, you," she shouted to a man barely older than herself who'd lobbed a weak fireball at her. "Just for that, Bomb di Wind!"

The attack blew a tunnel through the crowd and Lina grabbed Gourry's arm. "Now's our chance!" He knew what as coming and barely managed to get his arms around her before she took to the air and shot through the crowd with a Raywing. She landed just far enough outside of town for them to get a head start and they sped through the forest.

"How much did you charge him?" he asked as they ran.

"Free night's stay at the inn. It was a bargain! How was I suppose to know the statue would melt along with the ice?" Lina tossed a glance over her shoulder and saw lit torches in the distance. "Let's fly a little bit more."

They landed after darkness had completely fallen. Gourry barely swayed when his feet touched ground and he sighed in relief. Their adventures the past few years had taken him into the sky more times than he wanted to count. While he would never be a big fan of that method of travel, he no longer got sick from it either.

Lina squinted into the distance. "They won't chase after us. It's not like the statue was worth that much to begin with."

Gourry glanced into the direction she stared in, his eyesight quickly adjusting to the darkness. "Let's go over there." He pointed to their left and Lina could barely make out the shape of a cave.

She quickly crafted a torch and Gourry inspected it to make sure it was empty. Within minutes, they had a small fire going and Lina had dipped into their packed supplies. She spread out a blanket for a ground covering, then rummaged through their things, her brow furrowed. "Where's your bag?" she asked, glancing up at him, then did a double take. Instead of his normal clothes and armor, he was wearing the white linen shirt and grey trousers he'd worn for their wedding - the clothing now dirty and torn from their fight in town. Why is he wearing... The answer came to her in a sudden jolt and she swore.

"Something wrong, Lina?"

Lina thumped down on the blanket and looked at him with admiration. "You actually remembered. That's one for the record books!"

"Remember what? Oh!" Gourry ran his hand through the back of his hair and laughed. "Yeah!" He reached in his back pocket and took out the battered package. There was a gouge in it from where an errant pitchfork had hit its mark, but it was relatively unscathed. He presented the package to her. "Happy anniversary."

Lina eagerly grabbed the gift and tore into it as Gourry settled himself beside her. She flipped through the slim volume eagerly, humming with pleasure. "Zel knows exactly what I need," she announced and grinned at Gourry's stunned look. "What? I know you wouldn't pick this out for me!"

"I told Zel you'd like a book though and I didn't know which one..."

"Trust me. Better to let Zel pick out something I need than for you to buy me a book on the finer art of swordsmithing."

"That's a very important subject!"

"To you that is!" She got onto her knees, leaned forward and kissed him before touching her forehead to his, "Thanks for the gift."And for having the brains to get Zel to pick it out, she silently added. She pulled back and sighed. "Your armor is back in that town, along with your bag. We can sneak back tomorrow and get it - if they hadn't thrown it out or sold the pieces. It's a good thing what few keepsakes you have you keep with mine."

Gourry nodded. There wasn't much items of sentimental value that he owned. A certain red book he'd liberated from a library during their quest for Darkstar. The original sheath for the Sword of Light. The weapon itself was in Saillune, on display with the other four weapons of light following the final battle with Darkstar.

Lina glanced at his shoulders. "I'll get you some new armor for your present. That old set was wearing out anyhow."

His eyes lit up. "Really? Thanks!" He pulled her to him, hugged her tightly. She wiggled around until she was in his lap and they lazily watched the fire together.

"So," she murmured in a sleepy voice, "what were your plans for the evening?"

He flushed. "Not much. Just dinner and well... you know."

"We don't have much here food-wise," she remarked and her rumbling stomach agreed. "But..." She arranged herself so she straddled his lap. "I think we can still...you know."

"You think?" His eyes sparked with humor.

Her grin nearly stretched from ear to ear. "Why don't I show you?"

It took nearly four months for Lina to remember that she left one other thing behind in that town along with Gourry's armor - a vial of a certain pink potion she had left brewing on the table in the corner.


Several months later

One day her clothes fit. The next, they didn't.

"What's going on?" Lina stared at her pants as if they had mortally offended her. She waved them at Gourry, who stood at the washstand shaving. "These don't fit anymore!"

"Maybe you ate too much pudding last night."

"I never eat too much pudding!" Lina threw the pants down in disgust and flopped on the bed. "I've been ravenous lately! Even more so than usual! I even out ate you at Nyan Nyan's in Atlas City and I've tried for years to do that!"

"You have been gaining weight," Gourry observed and wiped his face with a towel. He turned to the bed. Lina's robe had gaped open and showed the rounded abdomen that hadn't been there a few weeks earlier. "See?"

Lina lifted her head and scowled at her stomach. "Yeah, I see it alright. I've never gained weight before. Never. My magic causes my metabolism to go into overdrive as is and we run around enough to take care of the rest." She placed one hand on her stomach. "I had that stomach bug for a few days two months ago, but it didn't last long. My period's been going crazy, but it's never been reliable - even more so since I started that damn potion. Speaking of my magic, it's been getting erratic lately. Maybe we should seek out Zel and see if something is wrong with..."

"With what?" Gourry pulled on his shirt and looked at Lina. Her eyes had gone wide, her face chalk white. "Lina? What's wrong?"

"Come here," she said in an odd voice and moved her hand. "Put your hand there. Do you feel something?"

It took him a moment. His eyesight was keen, his hearing sharp. He wasn't sure if that would extend to touch as well. But then a glow surrounded his hand as Lina channeled her magic into it, then he felt it - a small fluttering against his hand. He blinked several times, then felt the fluttering again. He wasn't sure of anything inside of Lina's body that would cause such a thing except... He went pale and grabbed her hand. "Lina?"

"I think we better see a healer," she said quietly and stared at their joined hands resting on her stomach. "Something tells me that this party's no longer a twosome."