The gift

Part 1

Of all the stupid things. It was a time honored tradition after all but this year it had a new swing to it.

They had birthdays the same month and usually Sanzo just bought Gojyo a new pack of smokes or something small but this time was different. He felt he needed to do more since they had become intimate. But what the hell should he get the red head?

He pushed the glasses further up his face so that they were just at his hairline and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I don't do this kind of crap it's giving me a fucking head ache."

Sighing he pushed away from the table. "Hakkai I'm going out for a walk." He called out.

"While you're out cutie get me some smokes will ya?" Gojyo called out.

"Fuck you lazy ass get'em yourself." He flipped the half breed off. "I just was letting Hakkai know so he wouldn't worry."

"Thank you very much Sanzo I appreciate the heads up."

"Want company lover?" Gojyo whispered in his ear.

"No!" Sanzo said sharply. "I want to go alone."

"Party pooper."

"Bite me." The blond regretted that as soon as it left his mouth. Gojyo was still close to his ear so there was no surprise when he bit the nearest earlobe. "Not now you idiot."

"So I can bite you later?" the red eyebrows wiggled.

Sanzo sighed and walked out the door.

"I didn't hear a no." Gojyo's voice trailed after him.

Several frustrating hours later Sanzo felt he had just what he wanted.

They were having a birthday party for Gojyo tonight and now Sanzo had not just one gift but two. One for when they were together in the privacy of the bedroom and one that the others could see.

Hakkai had really put out a spread this year. The monkey looked like his eyes were going to pop right out of his head. There was so much food on the table.

"Think there's enough Hakkai?" Sanzo asked sarcastically.

"Well we do have a few extra guests this year."

"What? Who the hell did you invite?"

"Well naturally I invited his brother and his friends."

"Wonderful." Sanzo said flatly.

Once the guests had arrived the party began, and continued well into the night. Gojyo seemed to love all the gifts that he was given, and thanked everyone profusely.

When the door to the bedroom was closed Gojyo slid his arms around Sanzo's waist. "I have the best friends in the world."

Sanzo's arms wound around Gojyo. "I've got one more for you."

"But you already gave me my gift. That carton of smokes was great."

"Yeah well I just felt like giving you something else that was just between us." He gave Gojyo a quick squeeze. "Close your eyes."

"Okay." He chuckled. "What is it?"

"Just wait."

To Gojyo time seemed to stop. He could hear fabric rustling and Sanzo moving around but not being able to see was bugging him.

Sanzo came back grabbing both of Gojyo's hands he put them back on his waist.

"Oh Sanzo you're naked…is that my surprise?"


"Do I get to be naked too?"




He could feel Sanzo pull away. "Hey Sanzo?"

"Stay right there." Came from across the room. "Keep those eyes closed." The sound of the bed creaking came next.


"Okay you can open your eyes now."

Gojyo nearly swallowed his tongue. There was a perfectly naked Sanzo stretched out on top of the bed. And he was holding a glass of champagne.

"You can do what ever you want tonight I won't complain one little bit."



Gojyo began to tear his clothes off.

"Anything as long as you wear this." Sanzo held out his hand.

"What is it?" His jaw nearly hit the floor. For in Sanzo's hand was a little silver ring. "Sanzo?" he blinked several time. "What's this for?"

"Read it."

He did just that. Engraved on the front was. "Beloved cockroach"

"Hey…awww…hey dammit…awww that's sweet….don't call me that….awww." he kept switching between being angry and touched.

"Well do you still want your gift?"


They did not have the energy to answer the door the next morning.