The gift

Part 2

Why did he have the worst possible person to by a gift for? What do you get for someone like him?

These questions were rolling around inside the mind of one very confused red head.

He needed to buy a gift. No problem at all. It was who he had to buy the gift for that was the problem. They had been friends for awhile now and lovers for a short time, but in all honesty what the hell do you buy for something like him? Smokes? Bullets? New robe? Gojyo was at the point where he was ready to pull his hair out. That man did not do lovey dovey in any way, shape or form so what do you buy such a hard ass?

The answer is you don't buy anything. You give yourself. But in a special way. Sanzo had given him a great present now he had to do like wise. The ring was one definite thing. But what should he have engraved on it. It had to be something witty yet endearing.

He looked down at the ring Sanzo had given to him and decided to have the nickname he gave Sanzo. That settled he tried to figure out how to top the second part of the blonde's presentation. How to give himself. For that he did not want to do anything overly tacky because Sanzo would just walk out the door and not return.

He passed a gentlemen's club. Well not exactly passed and went inside and had a few drinks and a lot of flirting but that was not what he eventually told Sanzo.

Inspiration hit him when he was watching the show and he left in a hurry so he wouldn't forget it.

Later he lay in wait for Sanzo to enter the room so he could surprise him. It felt like agony for as long as it took. When Sanzo entered the room there stood Gojyo wrapped up in ribbons that twined around his body. He panicked when Sanzo looked like he was going to leave. Gojyo caught his wrist and forced the reluctant monk to sit on a chair.

"Look I know it's kind of tacky but its part of my present to you so sit down and shut up."

After that Sanzo had an amused look on his face. He sat still as Gojyo started to do a very seductive dance in front of him. The more the red head moved and gyrated the more Sanzo was getting turned on. At the end Gojyo told him to pull the ribbons open. There carefully tucked inside was the matching ring. Sanzo gingerly took the ring and read the inscription "grumpy dumpling."

"Why you…" he got out before he leapt to his feet and tackled Gojyo both of them falling on the bed."You're an idiot. I don't know why I love you but I do."

Gojyo melted into the searing kiss as they rolled around on the bed seeking the best position.

The others wisely left them alone until well into the afternoon.