Disclaimer- Buffy and her Merry Band of Scoobies belong to Joss. I'm just messing with 'em….

AN- I thought I'd try a 100 word per chapter thing (or what MS Word thinks is a 100 words), so this is an attempt to write an alternative version of the last 3 episodes of Season 6 in a type of drabble series. Watch out if you haven't seen that season yet, 'cause this fic will be full of lashings and lashings of big fat spoilers. Some of the other stuff though, will just be very silly. :)

Dark Willow and Crazy Pants Tara


One - Unholy Messenger

Willow rocked the dead body of Tara in her arms and cried and wailed and blubbered.

Until she remembered she was a kick ass witch.

"Oh Osiris, Keeper of the Dead, I command thee to appear before me!"

Willow shuddered as she stared at the terrible demonic visage above her ceiling.

Then it spoke.

'Greetings. You have reached Osiris, Keeper of the Dead. Unfortunately, I'm not in at the moment, but if you'd like, please leave your blood sacrifice, unholy supplication or dark incantation after the beep and I will endeavour to get back to you… BEEEEEEP…'

"…crap." said Willow.