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NOTE: This is a collection of one-shots. Therefore, each chapter is not interconnected with one another and can stand alone.


Juhachi Furawa

Written by Purpleblush017

Flower 01: Buttercup


"Sakura-chan, Sasu-kun, the TV's on now!"

Uchiha Mikoto's voice echoed the large Uchiha household. She happily placed a tray of her freshly baked Chocolate chip cookies on the table and adjusted the two bean bags beside it. There was a huge flat screen TV that was a feet away from the table. She smiled to herself as she heard the quick pitter-patter of footsteps that were coming closer and closer.


"Miko-chan!" a young woman greeted, panting as she entered the living room. Her pink hair was slightly messy and her red dress was covered in dirt. Her high forehead, glowing red in color. Despite that, her green eyes were full of life. "Did it already start?" she asked hurriedly, putting away her slippers on one side and taking her seat on one of the bean bags.

"No, it hasn't started yet, Sakura-chan." Mikoto assured the girl. Sakura let out a sigh of relief upon hearing so. The older woman eyed her carefully, "Is that a bump on your forehead, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura's candle-like fingers instinctively touched said forehead, "Is it that bad?"

Miko-chan, Mikoto's preferred pet name Sakura calls her, looked worried. "What happened? Did Sasu-kun hit you?"

As if on queue, said boy entered the living room.

"That's really great, the mother suspicious of her own child," his hand went through his raven hair, brushing it upwards. His blue clothes and white khaki shorts shown no sign of dirt. His deep mysterious eyes gleamed in annoyance. "Sakura tripped and fell face first."

The only adult in the room gasped, "Sakura-chan, you were running in the hallways again?"

"But Miko-chan!" Sakura started, "It's Spongebob! Who misses an episode of Spongebob Squarepants!?"

Sasuke gracefully sat down on the carpeted floor, his left leg tucked under his right. He grabbed a cookie from the tray. "I do."

Sakura gave a quick glare at him and an indignant 'hmph' before crossing her arms. "Aside from brooding boys like Sasuke-kun?"

Here they go again.

Miko-chan sighed and pats Sakura's pink bundle of hair. "Still, Sakura-chan, no running. You don't want that pretty face of yours slamming on the cold hard cement just because you want to see some talking sponge and some back-sassing sea creatures do their antics, do you?"

"Miko-chan!" Sakura yelled, looking scandalized. "Spongebob and Patrick and Squidwarb and Gary and Sandy and Mr. Crabs and Pearl and Mrs. Puff and Plankton and Larry and those jellyfishes and those other unimportant fish extras are funny! They brighten up the whole world! They paint my life colorful! They teach magical stuff! And—"

"Ugh," Miko-chan played with the hem of her pink apron. Sakura had a habit of getting far off the point when she started rambling. Sure she's cute and all, but when she started opening that mouth of hers—it spells disaster. "That's all great that you think that way. But you're missing the point here. No running in the hallways. Not just in the hallways but no running everywhere too."

"But Miko-chan—!"

Miko-chan gave a stern look. "No running. Period. Or I'm going to tell your father."

Sakura's mouth hung open. "No way! Not overprotective daddy!"

The black-haired woman tucked her hair behind her ear and glanced at his son who was watching their amusing argument with a smirk. "And no playtime with Sasu-kun too."

Sakura slumped on the bean bag in defeat and pouted. "I'll settle for the cookies then."

Uchiha Mikoto smiled sweetly as she stood up heading for the kitchen, triumph evident on her face.

As she left, the famous and Sakura's most awaited opening theme song rolled in.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

((Spongebob! Squarepants!))

Absorbent and yellow and porous is he?

((Spongebob! Squarepants!))

Whose nautical nonsense is something you wish?

((Spongebob! Squarepants!))

So drop on the deck and flop like a fish!

((Spongebob! Squarepants!))


Spongebob! Squarepants!

Spongebob! Squarepants!

Spongebob! Squarepants!


Haruno Sakura laughed while watching the television.

She giggled like crazy.

She giggled while munching that chocolate-chip goodness, some dangling on the corner of her lips. Some diving out of her mouth.

She glowed in happiness.

Bloomed in real beauty.

Her features highlighted by the colorful light coming from the Television.

She was magically tantalizing.

Enthralling. Captivating.

So beautiful.

She. Her laughter.


Everything of her.

Everything in her.

Haruno Sakura watched Spongebob, giggling in blissful delight.

While Sasuke,

With an unbitten cookie on one hand,

Was watching her wholeheartedly,

A blush creeping on his cheeks.

So completely spell-bound by her.

Her laughter.

Was sweet melody to his ears.

"Marry me."

Sakura stared at him as if she just saw a ghost, her face paler than the usual. "Huh!?" she blinked twice.

"Marry me." Sasuke repeated, getting annoyed with the redundancy. And her dumbfounded face. Didn't she know she looked ridiculous like that? Her green eyes as wide as saucers, her mouth widely ajar.

But then, he was the one proposing, or was it demanding, to her. Didn't he look ridiculous as well?

After a few minutes of contemplation, Sakura was finally able to make proper use of her vocal cords. "Sasuke-kun! We're only twelve!" she stopped, "No, wait," another realization hit her. "I'm only twelve! You're still eleven!" she shrieked in horror.

Sasuke grabbed another cookie and broke it in half before putting one piece inside his mouth. "It doesn't matter. Age doesn't matter."

Sakura blushed. Being the darling that she was, she's the biggest tomboy there is in school. Never had she imagined that dear best friend Sasuke-kun like her that way—as in like-like, besides he had yet shown any interest in the female species, much less did she expect him to propose to her.

"Er, are you in love with me or something?" she asked him, anticipating his answer.

The Uchiha nibbled on his cookie, savoring the taste of chocolate in his mouth. "I like your laugh. Enough to want to hear it everyday for the rest of my life."

"Eh? My…laugh?" her pink eyebrows were knitted in confusion.

Sasuke eyed the tray of cookies, oblivious to her, there was only one more left. Taking advantage of her distracted state, he took the cookie and ate it. "So, marry me." he was able to say in between mouthfuls.

Moments passed by, after drinking water to down in all the chocolate chip goodness down their throats, Sakura began to laugh, totally out of nowhere.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun," she said, his name rolling out of her tongue like honey. "Marriage is all about love. And fun. And happiness. Lots of cooking. And excitement. And more love!"

Sasuke raised an elegant eyebrow, "So?" he held his glass tighter. "Marry me."

There was another set of laughter that escaped her lips.

Laughter which caught Sasuke high. Taking in her voice like a drug.

"You're crazy, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura said, still laughing. "All I ever wanted to marry is Spongebob!"

The glass he was holding almost slipped his hands. "What!? You're willing to choose a stupid hole-full sponge over me?" there was disbelief in his voice.

Because really, who would dump him? Have you seen his pretty face? His glamorous posture? His charming persona? The sexy chicken chair? And the alluring onyx eyes? 'Cause if you have taken notice of those, there wouldn't be any reason as to why you'd be dumping him.


Sakura stood up and approached him. She took his free hand on hers, another hand of hers on top. Looking from their hands to his face, she locked eyes with him. Emerald orbs staring directly in onyx pools.

Then her eyes twinkled, and shinned and burned like a thousand tenfold.

"Would you be my Spongebob?"

"Be a yellow dufus!? No way!"

"Okay, be Patrick then, I love Patrick as much as I love Spongebob!"

"He's pink, Sakura! He's a freaking pink starfish!"

"Tch. Fine. Be Squidward then, you grumpy wench!"


Tulips: The Perfect Lover.