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Peace ... it was something the pink haired kunoichi hadn't experienced in ages. Peace to normal people was just a word like any other. To shinobi, however, it was a foreign word. There was never peace to them. There would always be missing nin, assassins, other criminals, and war out there.

Sakura never thought she'd experience such tranquility in a small field. Her clothes were ripped and torn while she sported many bruises and cuts from her latest mission, but that didn't matter. Nothing mattered at the moment. To her, she was the only one in the world right now-- her world. There was nothing to bother her in her world and she liked it that way.

But of course, peace has to end at some point.

Sakura opened her bright green eyes, staring up at the dull blue sky for a moment before she sat up. She never broke her gaze from the sky, watching as clouds slowly went by and the sky slowly darkened. It was a sad thing, dark colors. Though, she was always drawn to them. Mysterious and cold things were always something that interested her.

Despite the fact that she looked like a girl who loved flowers and dresses, she loved many weird things that normal girls would never dream of wanting. She never wanted a loving prince to sweep her off of her feet and take her home like most girls. No, she had always wanted the opposite. She wanted the brooding and cold Uchiha Sasuke.

Of course, every girl wanted him. It wasn't anything new that another girl had wanted him.

Sasuke was far from a prince. He may have had something close to the looks, but his attitude to girls was to poor to consider him a real prince. He was a prodigy, not a prince, and she, of course, accepted that.

She accepted everything about him. His attitude, his thirst for revenge, him.

But she couldn't have him was what irked her when he left. She had confessed her love to him, begged Sasuke to take her with him, even offered to help with his revenge, but he didn't accept her offers. He didn't accept her in general, it felt.

It hurt.

But now, she was a skilled kunoichi. A medical ninja and Tsunade's apprentice. Once both Naruto and Sasuke were gone, she was the only one left in team 7, save for Kakashi, and she was going to prove she had what it took to be just as good.

Naruto had the Kyuubi and Sasuke was a prodigious Uchiha ... and she had been a naive little girl.

But now, she had to say that she had caught up. She had finally proven herself. She was no longer the weak little girl she used to be. She was Haruno Sakura.

Sakura was brought back to reality when she felt water hit her face. frowning, she stood up, looking from the dark sky to the direction that the village was. It'd take her another day or so to reach Konoha, and she wasn't going to travel in the rain. She had time and she wasn't going to act like an idiot. She'd just go find shelter.

Sighing, Sakura began walking. Her sandals splashed through the small puddles that were slowly beginning to form on the ground. The long grass clung to her now wet legs as she walked, which she paid no mind to. She was pretty much already a mess and some grass wasn't going to hurt.

Sakura could see what looked like a cave in the distance. She could stay there for awhile until the rain cleared. She wasn't going to take her chances if the rain got worse.

She made her way to the small cave, ringing out her bubble gum colored hair as she got inside. She blinked, seeing something move. She let her hands fall to her sides as she began making her way further into the cave to investigate what it was. She froze, seeing the one person that she thought she wouldnever see again, leaning against one of the walls on the cave with his gaze.on the ground.


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