Title: Horizons

Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Pairing: Azula/Ty Lee


Word Count: 422

Summary/Description:Azula was taking what she deserved, because some things were that simple.

Warning/Spoilers:Sexual themes. Yuri. Spoilers up to 3.11.

A/N: 31 days, February 10th: and are for ever damned with Lucifer. Ugh, this is sorta weird, and did not really turn out how I wanted it to, but I wrote it in a rush. Umm, takes place the morning after 3.11.

Disclaimer: I am not worthy of owning the sheer awesome that is ATLA.

Azula dismissed her servants early that morning. She felt no need for their help or their presence. Right after she had her hair washed, she gestured curtly to the high doors that led to the exit to her chambers.

Then, she removed her robe, padded naked across the room, slipped into the tub and called for Ty Lee.

She came, minutes later, escorted by a servant.

"Morning Azula!" she said cheerily, and found a chair to perch on. The servant bowed deeply, and excused herself.

The Princess acknowledged her companion with a nod, running a sponge up and down one of her arms. The white lather covered her skin like a kiss.

Ty Lee made herself comfortable, folding her legs beneath herself as she looked around the wide chamber.

"Wow Azula," she said as she took it in. "This place seems to get bigger every time I see it!" She grinned. "And that tub! It'shuge."

Azula gave a small smile as she continued to lather her skin.

"Get in," she said simply, and dropped the sponge. She began to rinse.

Ty Lee blushed, looking bemused.

"You mean… right now?"

"Yes. Take off your clothes. Hurry."


"Ty Lee."

The girl unfolded herself, not as gracefully as usual, perhaps, and began to disrobe.

Azula considered. Zuko was gone; he disappeared yesterday afternoon not long after his foolish confrontation with Father. She wasn't surprised at all about that. She was, though, curious to see what would be Mai's reaction. Today, she would have to see about her new prisoners; she was actually looking quite forward to it. They would be brittle, and all the more easier to break. And, of course, her ultimate goal. She wasn't going to forget that either.

But now, she wasn't going to think of any of that. She was taking what she deserved, because some things were that simple.

Ty Lee's body made ripples in the water as she slipped in. Her entrance was quieter than Azula would have expected, and she seemed demure. Azula gave her first true smile of the morning as she waded over to her friend.

"This is nice, isn't it?" she commented as she laid a hand to Ty Lee's chest. Her nipples were hard, and Azula's smile carved upward into a smirk. She lowered her head and bit one of them, hard. Ty Lee gasped.

"Y-yes. It is."

Azula could hear tears in her voice. She kissed the spot she had bitten, and one of her hands disappeared between Ty Lee's legs.

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