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Just Her Luck!


Rory removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes. She had been staring at the computer screen for the last three hours. Her eyes were tired, her body ached, and she was pretty sure she would be capable of doing a good Quasimodo impression, what with the hunchback she had now developed. She had been up since six a.m. that morning and was desperate to finish her article in time for the deadline.

Breathing out heavily, she rolled her head back, trying to work out the kinks and slouched back on her chair. She needed to take a break.

Rory pushed out her chair and headed towards the kitchen in the open planned apartment. She searched through the cupboard looking for her coffee mug - Caitlin would kill her if she used hers again. Finding the 'Hello Kitty' mug her mother had bought her, she filled the coffee pot with water and stood waiting for her beloved coffee to brew.

Leaning against the counter, she rubbed the back of her neck and shut her eyes feeling the pull of sleep trying to overcome her. Sleep; that was not something she had had much experience of lately. However, it was something which she was in desperate need of.

Her life over these last few weeks had been pretty hectic since gettinga job at 'The Herald.' It was a big deal. It was a great paper and she felt there would be far more opportunities to advance her career there. However, it required a lot of hard work, and she was exhausted already.

Feeling her eyelids droop, Rory quickly poured herself some coffee and downed it in record time while ignoring the burning sensation as the liquid trickled down her throat. She needed another caffeine boost quickly if she was going to get her work done.

She finished the first cup and then poured herself another one. She then made her way back into the living room and sat at her desk again. She placed the cup down and reached for her glasses as she began rereading what she had already written.

Frowning as she went over the last paragraph, her middle finger found its way to the delete key on the keyboard and pressed down hard, deleting her work so far.

She groaned and then squealed as the door to her roommate's bedroom opened and a tall, blonde, shirtless man entered the room. He definitely wasn't her roommate, Caitlin. In fact, Rory was pretty sure she had never seen him before, which when living with Caitlin, that wasn't entirely unheard of. She had a tendency to bring home a different guy every night or at least every other night. The blonde was just the latest in a long line of casual acquaintances of the girl who had become her best friend.

Rory's blue eyes remained glued to the Greek God who had just disturbed her. Her eyes travelled over his toned, tanned, muscular chest and abdomen, all the way up to his piercing brown eyes and the sleepy half smile which greeted her. His golden messy bed hair just added to his attractiveness. Rory felt her mouth fall open slightly as his eyes burned into hers.

"Hi," said the blonde Adonis. Rory mentally applauded Caitlin for her incredible taste in bed partners. This one was definitely the dictionary definition of the word 'hot.'

"Hi," she said silently cringing at the nervous sound in her voice.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you," he spoke politely while running one hand though his hair and his other scratching at his chest.

"Um, no you're not interrupting me. I'm just trying to find my muse," she admitted, feeling a little unsure of herself as he gave her a lazy smile.

"It's nine o'clock on a Sunday morning. Maybe your muse is still asleep." Rory laughed softly and met his stare. There was something about those eyes of his: so expressive, so deep and full of intensity. She could get lost in those eyes.

"Maybe," was all she could manage as she smiled back at him. His smile grew into a smirk as he walked away from her and into the kitchen and poured himself some coffee. He then re-entered the living room and joined her at her desk. Rory tried to force all of her focus onto the computer screen before her. However, that was made infinitely harder when he stood beside her and bent down to read what she had written. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end and her pulse began to race as she felt his body heat radiating off him as he stood there, shirtless. She used all of her strength not to pass out from the scent of him. She used all of her restraint not to pull him down and kiss him like her life depended on it. Instead, she took a deep breath and a sip of her coffee and used the last ounce of composure she had left.

"I'm Logan, by the way." Rory turned her head and found herself staring into those brown eyes again. Her breath hitched, she felt her face grow hotter, and her heart was thudding relentlessly in her chest.

Somehow, she managed to form a coherent thought and in a small whispered voice, she replied. "I'm Rory."

Logan smiled and lowered his head so there was only a small distance between them. Rory's breathing became slightly ragged as her chest heaved.

"It's nice to finally put a face to the name," he whispered in a low, husky tone and then pulled back from her and casually strolled back to Caitlin's bedroom, coffee in hand.

Rory watched after him, her eyes wide, her breathing still uneven. For the first time in her life she was rendered speechless. Never before had a man had such an effect on her. She was intrigued. He was perhaps the single most attractive man she had ever encountered and he was sleeping with her best friend. Just her luck!

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