It was a dreary, overcast day and it matched Logan's mood perfectly. He'd had to drag himself out of bed this morning and force himself to face the day at work. He had been relieved when his sister had called, inviting him to lunch. She was in town shopping and decided she wanted to share her lunch with her little brother. Logan was happy for the distraction. They sat in Franco's café, at a table by the window. Logan stared out of the window as the grey sky threatened rain. Honor sat across from him, seemingly oblivious to his mood and the drama in his life. He wasn't really interested in sharing it, so he remained quiet as she babbled on about Josh.

"So I explained to Josh, that if he wanted to remain married to me, he'd better keep the romance alive. Just 'cause we're married now, doesn't mean he can stop buying me gifts like he used to when we first got together, you know?" Honor lifted her latte to her mouth for a sip whilst peering over at her brother's troubled face. She knew he had been completely oblivious to anything she had just said, but she also knew her brother. When something was bothering him, it was best to keep talking at him until he got so fed up listening to her that he would be begging to tell her his problems.

"Uh huh," Logan acknowledged her presence distractedly but remained staring out the window as if fascinated by the passers-by. Honor sighed impatiently. It would seem that her methods were not working and she really wanted to know what was going on with her little brother.

"Logan?" she sat her mug back on the table and leaned forward, her eyes fixed on him. "What's going on in that head of yours?"

"What?" he dragged his gaze away from the window and sipped his coffee, which was now nearly cold.

"Where have you been for the last thirty minutes? 'Cause you haven't been here."

Logan sighed and sat back in his chair. He felt guilty for ignoring his sister. He just couldn't get his mind off of a certain someone. "Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Just talk to me," Honor reached for his hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. "Does it have something to do with Rory?"

Logan narrowed his eyes at his sister. He really didn't want to have this conversation again. He was tired of the whole thing.

"Okay, stupid question. Of course it has something to do with Rory. I knew there was something up with you two when you left Hartford."

"Honor…" he let out a deep sigh as he ran his hand over his face. Honor squeezed his hand again and stared at him with concern in her eyes, gesturing for him to open up to her.

With a deep breath, Logan blurted out everything that had happened. He told his sister all about Rory's sordid affair, except he left out the details of who she had been seeing. Even when angry with Rory, his first instinct was always to protect her.

"Wow!" Honor sat back once he finished spilling his guts, anger bubbling. "What a bitch! Where do Finn and Francie get off making you feel like the bad guy? I think if anyone should be made to feel like crap it should be Rory."

"Thank you!" Logan said loudly, grateful that finally someone was on his side. He failed to mention that the main reason Finn and Francie had been so hard on him was mainly because of how he'd spoken to Rory. Calling her a whore was not exactly something he was proud of, but in the heat of the moment, he'd lost it.

"I can't believe Rory would have an affair with a married guy. I mean, she always seemed so…" Honor paused searching for the right word. "…wholesome."

"People aren't always what they seem."

"You can say that again," Honor gestured towards the waitress for another coffee, before turning her full gaze on her brother. "So you think she's been leading you on this entire time?"

"I don't know," he shrugged. His head was all over the place. He'd been trying to figure it all out, but it was too much.

"She can't be that good of an actor. I saw firsthand how she looks at you. That's not something you can fake, Logan." Honor was calming down now. Reason was starting to take control and as much as she wanted to protect her brother, she knew in her gut that there was more to this story.

"Maybe you should talk to her-" Logan pushed out his chair, ready to bolt. He really didn't want to hear someone else tell him what to do. Honor grabbed his arm and held firmly. She met his stare and tugged on his sleeve, indicating for him to sit back down. "Let things cool down and hear what she has to say. I mean, aren't you curious?"

Logan sat back down, his hands gripping the edge of the table, as he tried to calm down his own breathing.

"I'm not saying you have to do it now. Give it a few weeks. If you still want her in your life…do you?"

Logan was silent for a few moments as he contemplated her question. Did he still want her in his life? Would it be so easy to just forgive and forget? Could he really walk away from the one person he'd given his heart to?

He shrugged his shoulders and slumped back in his chair. A deep sigh of resignation escaping his mouth.

"I don't know."


A week had passed since Rory and Caitlin's confrontation. A week in which Rory had spent sleeping on Francie's couch. As she lay there in silent contemplation, she couldn't believe how much her life had unravelled in such a short amount of time. In that time she'd barely slept, barely eaten and barely even stepped foot outside Francie's apartment. She couldn't find the strength to face the big, bad world. Not when there was a chance she could run into Logan.

She still had nightmares about the look on his face the last time she'd seen him. The sheer hatred and disgust in his eyes had replayed over and over in her head, making her feel sick and shame for her actions.

Every time she thought of him, there was a big aching hole in her chest. She missed him enormously and would give anything to just hear his voice or see him smile, even if it were just for a moment. She hated herself for having caused him pain. She hated herself even more for the fact that if he found out the whole extent of her lies, it would tear him apart. Rory had somehow managed to get herself into an impossible situation and she had no idea how to make it better. Even if Logan somehow found it in his heart to forgive her for the Daniel thing, she would be constantly on edge that he would find out about her part in Caitlin's scheme. Unless she came clean herself.

She was in a lose - lose situation.

"We should go out tonight?" Francie called through from the kitchen, as she finished making their morning coffees. Rory didn't answer. Instead she just pulled the blanket over her head. She had no desire to go anywhere.

"It would be fun. Remember that? Fun?" Francie asked as she planted both their mugs on the table opposite Rory, and shoved her friend's feet out of the way to make space for her to sit.

"Francie!" Rory threw the blanket off and sat up; glaring at Francie as she gratefully received her steaming cup of coffee. If it hadn't been for coffee, she probably would have shrivelled away to nothing by now. And Francie.

"I'm just saying," She threw her hands up in protest, "you haven't stepped foot outside of these four walls in a week, you haven't told me what happened with Caitlin, you won't talk about you-know-who. I'm worried about you, Gilmore."

Rory immediately felt guilty for snapping at her friend. Francie was the only one she could turn to. She couldn't talk to her mother, she was too ashamed. Francie was the only one who didn't hate her. She'd been kind in letting her stay on her couch. She'd been understanding in not asking too many questions. And how did she repay her, by being ungrateful.

"I'm sorry," she whispered as she took a sip from her coffee cup. "I just…I don't think I can face out there right now." Rory gestured towards the window, indicating her fear of the big, bad world outside.

"It could be good for you. Maybe what you need right now is to take your mind off everything. You're going to go crazy sitting here all the time."

"I can't Francie," she felt a knot in her throat as her overemotional state frayed once again.

"Okay," Francie reached out and grabbed her friend's hand, sensing her mood. "What if we stayed in and had a few drinks? We could talk or watch movies, do each others nails. Make it a real girl's night in. We haven't done that in forever. It might make you feel a little better."

Rory considered her friends idea for a few moments. All she really wanted to do was be by herself, but she owed Francie big time. So she smiled softly and nodded.

"Great!" Francie was ecstatic at having finally managed to get her friend to agree to do something. She'd been like a zombie all week. And the longer it went on, she was growing more and more worried. She really needed to do something to help. It was just part of her nature. She always wanted to help the people she loved. And Rory was like the little sister she'd never had. She hated seeing her so depressed. So she resolved to do something about it. If only she could find someway to get Rory and Logan talking again…


Rory walked out of the bathroom in her pyjamas, while towel drying her hair. She'd finally given in and gotten off the couch and had a shower. She felt somewhat like a human being again. At least, she did on the outside. On the inside, was an entirely different matter altogether.

She made her way into the living area and plopped down on the couch where a pile of DVD's lay scattered. As she finished drying off her hair, she noticed the titles of the movies they would be watching tonight. She frowned as she read them off; Die Hard, Armageddon and Braveheart. None of them were what she had been expecting. On previous movie nights with Francie, she'd had to endure romcom's or musicals. Action movies were not her usual fare.

Her red-headed friend meandered into the living room, holding a bag of chips and a large pizza box. She was dressed in fluffy bunny pyjamas and had her fiery hair in pigtails. Rory couldn't help but smile at her friend. She sat down beside Rory and pulled a fresh blanket over them as she started the first movie.

"Chip?" she offered with an innocent smile in return. Rory couldn't resist and so helped herself to a handful and a slice of pizza.

After a few moments of watching Bruce Willis chase Ben Affleck around with a shotgun, Rory turned to Francie, unable to hold back any longer.

"What's with the action movies, Francie?" she asked as she finished her slice. Francie just shrugged, keeping her eyes on the screen.

"I love action movies," she said with feigned excitement. Rory rolled her eyes and reached forward for her coffee.

"No, you don't."

"Well, I didn't think you wanted to watch Kate and Leo fall in love again for the millionth time right now. I figured terrorists, end of the world and bloods and guts were more where your heads at."

Rory giggled at that, surprised at the sound. It was the first time she'd laughed in a long while and she couldn't help but love Francie a little bit more for her consideration. She leaned to the side and placed her head on Francie's shoulder, grateful that she had a friend like her in her life, even though she didn't deserve her.

"I love you, Francie." she whispered. Francie turned and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Love you too, Rory."


"I'm sorry. I just can't take him seriously as a terrorist. I keep thinking 'Oh there's Professor Snape'," Francie said as she threw a chip at the screen. They were halfway through Die Hard and becoming increasingly eager to watch Harry Potter. Rory snorted but continued watching the movie. Girl's night so far had been a raging success. She hadn't thought about Logan for at least half an hour and the way things had been in the last week that was as much as she could hope for.

"Bruce Willis should give Harry Potter a call. He'll save the day!"

"I don't think Harry Potter was even alive when this movie was made, Francie." Rory nudged the red-head with her elbow as Francie continued stuffing her face.

"So? Life would be so much simpler if we all had a magic wand." Francie smirked mischievously. "Although, I have to say, Finn's wand is pretty magical!"

"Francie!" Rory scolded her friend's dirty mind. "How did we get from talking about poor innocent Harry Potter to your boyfriend's abilities in the sack?"

"Oh don't be such a prude," Francie shook her off and continued grinning, thinking about how magical her boyfriend's wand was exactly.

"I'm not a prude. You're just disturbed." Rory threw a chip at her and got up from her place on the couch. Francie paused the movie as there was a knock at the door. "I'll go make some more coffee."

Rory headed towards the kitchen, while Francie answered the door in her fluffy bunny pyjamas.

Rory stood in the kitchen, dancing from foot to foot as she waited for the coffee. She nibbled on a biscuit with a smile on her face, thinking about how much she missed living the simple life. Her life had been way too complicated for way too long. She missed just hanging out with her friends with nothing hanging over her.

Finally the coffee was ready and she poured both herself and Francie some. She carefully carried both steaming mugs back through to the living room and almost dropped them to the floor when she discovered that their girls night in had been gate crashed. Sitting in her place on the couch, as if by magic, was Finn. On the chair across from him was Colin and on the chair beside the door, just inches from where she was standing; was Logan.

Her mouth fell open in shock at seeing him again. Her stomach flipped and then twisted as her heart thumped in her chest.

"Look who showed up," Francie said as she appeared in front of Rory taking the burning hot coffee cups from her hands. Rory pulled her gaze away from Logan and met Francie's concerned eyes. "Completely uninvited."

"Um…hi," she said nervously. Colin and Finn waved awkwardly. Logan didn't respond. His eyes were burning a hole through Finn, giving Rory the impression that he was perhaps as surprised to see her as she was to see him. Going by the angry look on his face, it wasn't a happy surprise.

"Hey, Gilmore. Nice Jammies!" Finn added, trying to cut through the cloud of tension that had come over the room with their arrival. Rory blushed, remembering what she was wearing and that Logan could see her in her very unattractive pig pyjamas. As she glanced back at him, he wasn't showing any interest in her pyjamas or her at all. She could be standing there completely naked and she was pretty sure he wouldn't turn his head.

"Thanks." Francie gave her a reassuring smile and tugged on her arm, pulling her back to the couch, where she slowly sat back down, although she was completely uncomfortable now. She sat with her back straight, her legs nervously shaking. She was far too aware of her surroundings. Her body was unable to relax in his presence. Francie squeezed her hand and she felt a little less anxious.

"So, I never really pegged you two as Die Hard fans," Colin declared trying to change the subject. It didn't really work. Rory was too nervous to even speak as Logan glowered from the other side of the room, while Francie and Finn were having some kind of non verbal argument in their minds.

They watched the rest of the movie, with Francie, Colin and Finn all making remarks. Logan and Rory stayed silent. Rory couldn't even concentrate on the movie. She had no idea what was going on. All she could focus on was the angry man at the other side of the room, and how many beers he'd had since they'd arrived. At last count it was four. All he seemed to be interested in was his bottle. She stole sneaky looks at him throughout the evening. His brow was furrowed. His eyes looked tired. She was worried about how much he'd been affected by what had happened. She wondered if he missed her at all or if he was just so angry, that he couldn't bear to look at her. She wished she could do something to take away some of his pain and stress.

When Die Hard ended, the talking recommenced amongst the others. Logan sat on the chair with his head lolled back and his eyes closed, as if it hurt too much to even look at her. Rory couldn't take her eyes off Logan. She wanted to reach out and touch his hand or brush her fingers through his hair. Just something to lighten his load. He looked like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders and she hated the fact that she was mostly to blame.

"Let's play 'I Never'," suggested Finn in his usual loud, obnoxious voice. Rory heard Francie groan but didn't take her eyes away from Logan. He didn't respond, just lowered his head and took a long pull from his beer bottle. His brown eyes flickered to hers and she immediately flinched and looked away. She could feel his eyes on her now and she fought her every instinct not to look back at him. She could feel the intensity of his stare burning through her as Finn tried to explain that 'I Never' was not just a game for high school kids.

"Okay, I never played 'I Never' before," started Francie, glaring at her overenthusiastic boyfriend. Finn and Colin both took a shot before Finn nudged Rory's arm. When she looked up at him, he was offering her a shot glass full of some kind of pink liquid. She hadn't even noticed when the alcohol had started flowing.

Accepting the shot, she glanced at Logan, who was still staring at her, and downed the shot. She couldn't remember what Francie had said but she drank it anyway, hopeful that it might settle her nerves.

"I can't believe I'm a grown woman, playing stupid teenage games," Francie muttered as Logan downed his shot, his eyes were still glued to Rory.

"My turn! My turn!" Finn shouted excitedly waving his hand in the air.

After a few more rounds, the game of 'I Never' had quickly become about which sexual position they'd never tried and Finn was getting drunker by the second. Logan hadn't spoken all evening and neither had Rory. She'd stolen tentative looks in his direction, and accepted shot after shot from Finn and was now feeling slightly buzzed, not that her level of alcohol intake had affected her nerves or her confidence. She still couldn't meet his gaze for more than five seconds.

"Okay, Logan it's your turn. There must be something you've never done," Francie said as she re-entered the living room carrying another tray of shots. She had long gotten over the immaturity of the game and was thoroughly enjoying discovering new facts about Finn's sexual preferences.

Rory froze as Francie mentioned his name and waited with bated breath to hear his voice. After a long moment, he finally answered. Her stomach dipped as the anticipation of his words soaked through her body.

Logan lifted his gaze and stared straight at Rory with so much loathing and revulsion in his eyes, it made her feel sick inside.

"I never…had an affair with someone who was married," he stated in a callous voice. His lips lifted in a slight smirk as he noticed Rory squirm in her seat. The atmosphere in the room dropped considerably as everyone waited for Rory's response.

A minute passed as Rory absorbed the full extent of what he was doing. She never thought he would confront her in such a passive aggressive way, but she was more than aware that she was worthy of whatever punishment he wanted to doll out.

Keeping her blue eyes on his, she lifted the shot glass to her lips and poured it down her throat. Silence filled the room, the tension was thick and Rory's heart thumped expediently in her chest as she awaited his next move.

His smirk still in place, he tilted his bottle towards her before taking a pull. Francie sat down beside Rory and gave her leg a reassuring squeeze.

"Um, Rory?" she heard Finn's voice speaking to her and she managed to tear her defeated gaze away from Logan. "It's your turn."

Rory looked from Finn to Francie and then briefly her eyes flittered over Logan, who had gone back to focusing on his beer bottle.

She was going to tell him that she didn't feel like playing. Deep down she felt like running away, but her heart wouldn't let her. There was one question she needed to know the answer to for sure. She needed to know once and for all, how he really felt. If there was still a chance that maybe one day Logan could forgive her or was all hope lost.

Taking a deep breath, her chest tightened and her mouth went dry as she willed the courage to speak.

"I've never been in love."

She stared at Logan as she said the words, desperate for some kind of sign that she hadn't completely ruined everything. There was a shot glass on the table across from Logan, Rory shook with the hope that he wouldn't drink it.

Please don't take the shot. Please don't take the shot.

Logan sat perfectly still for a few seconds, fuelling her hope that all was not lost between them. She noticed his gaze move from her to the shot glass and back again. He knew what she was asking. A myriad of emotions flitted through his mind as he considered his next move. Any thoughts of forgiveness and love towards her had been clouded over by the amount of alcohol he had consumed tonight. His anger had built up over the course of the evening to the point where he didn't know any other emotion. He couldn't decipher any other feeling in his body, except, his blind rage at what she'd done to him.

And so, with one last look at the woman he'd given his heart to, he lifted the shot glass and downed it in one, knowing that with that drink, her heart would be broken just as much as his was.

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