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Chapter One: Prologue

It had been three long years since she had stepped foot into Hogwarts and three long years that seemed longer than what they actually were. Hermione had promised herself that she would never return to the castle, for it held too many difficult memories, but Albus' letter requesting her immediate presence could not be ignored.

After the final battle people grieved for the death of their friends and allies, before slowly moving forward with their lives. Hermione however, had much more to contemplate than simply the grief of others, and instead she found herself grieving for the loss of her childhood, leaving little time to grieve for Ron and the others.

Within the space of two days and the final week of term, Hermione's world was quite literally turned upside down by a surprise attack upon Hogwarts. Dumbledore, being the wise wizard that he was, anticipated that there would be an attack before long, thus had the Order guarding the castle both day and night; their protection however could not prevent the final fatality number. Fifteen in total were killed that July, including Ron, Neville, Remus and Tonks; they all fell at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy; crazed beings that they were.

Whilst everybody else was locked in combat within the great hall, Hermione wandered the corridors searching for the newly emerged Order member, Draco Malfoy. Prior to the attack, Albus had explained that Draco was playing a similar role to Snape as a double spy, and that he would fight against his father should the time come. However, when that time did forcefully arrive, neither Draco nor Severus Snape were anywhere to be seen. It was Hermione's understanding that the pair would remain on the Dark Side until the final moment, as this would enable them to keep close to Harry and in turn allow Harry to get close to Voldemort. The two Slytherins' sudden disappearance was not a good sign, for if they were found out the war would surely be lost. Being the Gryffindor that she was, Hermione had took it upon herself to find the pair, thus began scouring the castle for any trace of their being.

She didn't know how it happened or why, but after it had, all she could think about was how foolish she had been. Wandering about a darkened and war stricken castle in search of two "Death Eaters" was not something one should do alone, and this of course was Hermione's reasoning for the whole attack. One minute she was walking along the corridor, the next she was engulfed in a circle of Death Eaters, laying flat on her back. She was bound and naked, her head throbbing from where she had obviously been hit. The circle separated slightly before her, as the masked figures made way for a larger unmistakable figure. It sneered down at her.

"My friends," it began in a cold harsh tone, "this is what scum tarnishes our world. This witch is an example of why we are fighting this war. We are preserving the pure blood reign and wiping out anything that hinders our superiority amongst human beings. Harry Potters' little friend here is a Mudblood. Despite her unforgivable heritage, she is an intelligent young witch, whom if she were of similar blood to I, would undoubtedly be a high ranking Death Eater. Even higher, than some of you." He pointed to a tall death eater to the right of what looked like Lucius Malfoy, whose blond locks were falling freely onto his cloak clad shoulders.

"You Severus, have a lot to prove. Why is it that Lucius saw you mere hours ago in deep discussion with Albus Dumbledore? Were you not fighting for me then, hadn't I already ordered you to stop this façade and pledge your true allegiance?"

"My Lord, at that point in time I hadn't ended my role as a spy. Dumbledore, being the trusting old fool that he is, thought that I was still fighting for the Order and so I took the opportunity to get one last piece of information out of him."

"I am unsure. You have yet to prove where your priorities lay Severus." He swept away from Hermione and towards Professor Snape. Despite the fact that she had more pressing things on her mind at the moment, like being in the hands of several blood thirsty death eaters, Hermione couldn't help but thank Merlin that the darkness of her surroundings hid her nakedness. Where she was however was beyond her.

"My lord, I would do anything within my power to prove my loyalty towards you. Let me join the others in the Great Hall. Let me fight." Voldemort pulled out his wand and rotated it between his thumb and index finger playfully, still aiming it in Snape's direction.

"Is this Mudblood one of your students Severus?"

"Yes my Lord. Seventh year. An immense aptitude for potions."

"I know! And that is exactly why I brought her here you fool." Voldemort had stopped playing with his wand and now had it pressed firmly into a masked Snape's chest. Snape appeared to Hermione, rather calm considering the close proximity of an obviously irate Dark Wizard.


"Quite a pretty little thing don't you think Severus?"

"She is my student My Lord and barely nineteen years old with it. I do not think that I am one to comment on her physical appearance."

"Oh but you are. I am asking you, thus you will answer. You see Severus; you are different from everybody else here. The others all enjoy our dark revels and the play things that accumulate within them. You however, haven't involved yourself in such activities for many a year. Why is that?"

"My lord, raping a Muggle is not my idea of fun."

"Insignificant details Severus. You are one of us, are you not?"

"Of course and I have been since I was seventeen years old."

"Then you will behave like one of us."

"With no disrespect my Lord, I cannot fathom why you wish to associate such power and superiority with the disgusting acts which occur during revels."

"And that little predicament of yours has just proved how you are different from the rest of us. How can I trust you if you look upon us with disgust?"

"I have never proved to be anything other than trustworthy over all these years. My opinions do not alter that. I shall be loyal until the day I die."

"Then prove it. The Mudblood is naked and defenceless. She is yours for the taking. Take her and you will have proved your alliance. Refuse and I'll kill you before the last syllable reaches your lips. You are not indispensable no matter how powerful you are my boy."

Hermione could see Snape's eyes widen in both fear and disgust. This was not the Severus Snape she was accustomed to seeing. Hermione just lay there, contemplating her own fate and watching the scene fold out before her, knowing that any restraint against the invisible bindings would surely be the last thing she ever did. Both she and Snape were powerless and completely under the control of Lord Voldemort.

"My Lord, you cannot expect me to do this. Not to her …Lucius!" he turned to the blonde haired wizard who had seemingly stepped back and out of the circle. Coward she thought. "Go and get me a Muggle. Now!" Lucius nodded and pulled out his wand to apparate but Voldemort disarmed him almost immediately.

"Since when did you follow Snape's orders?"

"I apologise Master." Lucius stepped back into the circle and dropped his head nervously. Unexpectedly, Voldemort just ignored Lucius' disobedience and turned back to Snape.

"Tut tut. It seems standards are slipping. Now, Severus, do not think for one minute that you shall be given an easy way out. Why go to all the trouble of kidnapping an innocent Muggle when I have a young, pretty witch, already bound and naked. I shall count to three and I expect the deed to begin…"

Reluctantly Severus Snape stepped towards Hermione's still body and all she could do was watch as he opened his robe.

"One…Two…" A cold laugh pierced the air as Professor Snape clambered a top of her. She looked into his black eyes to find them full of tears and apology. Meanwhile, the other death eaters chanted as Snape took her, a stray tear falling from the end of his hooked nose and onto her lips.

"I'm sorry" he whispered. "So, so sorry."