Disclaimer: Everything here belongs to Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hajime Yadate, and Katsuyuki Sumizawa. I only own my own characters and the plot of this fic. Nothing else is mine. Ah, and the title of this fic, Whispers in the Dark, belongs to the band Skillet.

Title: Whispers in the Dark

Rating: T

Genres: Drama, Romance, Adventure, Friendship, Humour, Angst

Warnings: Language
MainPairings: Heero/Relena, Trowa/OC

Romantic Hints: Not sure, I may write a little bit about the rest of the guys and their respective muses.
Summary: Relena's list: Hotel, check. Tickets, check. Guys being dragged into the airplane, check. Plans for the two weeks, check. To be kidnapped, check. Wait. Say what? [Heero/Relena; Trowa/OC


So, this is my first time trying to write a (proper) Gundam Wing fic. There's a little bit of angst because I thought it would work well with the plot, but it has drama, romance, humour and adventure as well. I have no idea if I did a good job, but I'll leave that for my readers to decide. It took me a while to come up with enough courage to post this, but now that I did, I can only hope that at least someone will be honest with me, and express his/her feelings. I also must apologize for the errors you'll find in every page; since English is my second language, it's rather hard for me to correct the mistakes that I leave on every page before posting the new chapter.


Whispers in the Dark


Had she been born as an average girl, she would probably be thrilled with the sight in front of her. Three travelling bags, already full and closed, were resting by the feet of her bed, waiting to be used. Her room was clean, but there was a notepad on her bed, a pen lying close to it. Even from afar it was easy to see that words had been written on the first page, and with a sigh she walked towards the bed.

As she grabbed the notepad, she sat down on the mattress, and rested her left ankle behind her right one before looking down at what she was holding. It was true that she had wanted to do that for quite some time, but now that everything was ready she had to admit she was not exactly overjoyed with the perspective of vacations.

Sure she had worked hard to be able to have those two weeks off, but she only did so because she was tired of having people nagging her about looking more tired than usual. Even her mother had put some pressure on that matter. So, in order to calm everybody down, she requested for some favours before deciding to inform her mother that she was going to a small, secluded island on Earth.

However, she knew her mother had been taken by surprise when she had requested for five other people to accompany her on those vacations. Sure it had been extremely complicated to find them, but after a long period searching for them and an even longer period convincing them, they finally gave up, and accepted the invitation.

And that had been how she ended up in that situation, her bags packed, and everything ready for those upcoming weeks. Silently, she stared down at the notepad, and started reading what she had written on the previous night. Yes, she had made sure that everything had been taken cared of so that the boys could not find a reason to complain.

"Hotel, check. Tickets, check. Heero, Duo, Quatre and Wufei's tickets, check. Plans for the two weeks, check." with a sigh, Relena rested her chin on her left hand as she continued studying what she had written. There was no need to buy Trowa a ticket because his circus was going to be on the island she had chosen. How that was possible, Relena did not know, but she had decided a long time ago not to ponder much about such things.

So, that was it. There was nothing else she could do, at least, not that she could remember. She had made sure that the boys had things to do when at the island; there was the beach, the hotel's pools, stables, tennis and football fields, and a technological centre where people could spend some time at the computers and such. There was also a fantastic library that made part of the hotel, and a small village where they could for a walk.

She just hoped those things were enough for the pilots, although, for some reason, she could already picture them getting all bored. She knew they missed those times when they would go on missions and blast things up while protecting the innocent. The thing was that they were simply too proud and too quiet to admit it.

With a sigh, Relena lay down on her back, and stared at the ceiling of her room. Oh, she just hoped everything went according to plans, because she was not entirely in the mood to deal with five bored guys.

Quietly, the young woman rolled to her side, and stared down at the notepad that fell from her lap. Plus, she also hoped that those vacations would do something to her relationship with Heero; heavens knew she was dying for something to shake their bond…

"Heero…" Relena whispered before closing her eyes, the corner of her lips curling up into a small smile. Yes, she hoped that those vacations would help her to show Heero how much she wanted their relationship to work out.


Bullets of all shapes and sizes continuously cursed the earth; bullets of lead, metal, sweat, tears, blood…. The melody of that war was rich in pitched screams and in fading begs. The stars from the clear sky were the twinkling replacement of every single life that was lost.

The taunting of death was so real that the shadows moved as if they were its lifeless and gelid fingers. The adrenaline to stay alive was so extreme that it reached the point of ripping every muscle of a fighter that had moved in order to avoid an attack…

The chaos that encircled every shaky breath continued to draw insanity to the already troubled minds of all soldiers. And the desperate conclusion that there was no way to escape from that massacre was enough to burn lungs and force people to scream on top of their voices.

There was no way out…

There was simply no getaway except for the never ending abysm of death…

Suddenly a torso shut upwards, sweat rolling down a naked chest while a pair of green orbs were lost in turmoil of the past. As he took a deep breath, the young man closed his eyes, and tried to stabilize his heartbeat. Then, he rested a hand against his forehead as he continued struggling against the ghosts that haunted his memories. Those nightmares were becoming too frequent now. They had started shortly after the end of the war, but now they simply did not stop.

When his mind was finally free of every ghost from his past, he dropped his hand, and stared down at his palms. His nightmares were connected with real situations that he had been forced to experience, and therefore his mind would never allow him to understand the real meaning of peace.

After all, his hands were stained with blood…

His life was cursed for killing so many innocents…

"Trowa, it's time to get up!" a voice shouted, and he looked away from his now clenched hands only to see a young woman with short and wavy brown hair walking towards his bed. "What are you doing? You're always the first to get up."

"I'm sorry." Trowa apologized in a quiet tone, and Catherine stared at him for a short period of time before shaking her head, her hands on her hips.

"Well, since you're already awake, you might as well get up. Breakfast is ready, and it will get cold if you don't hurry." she started, "By the way, you're friends are going to show up soon, aren't they? Do you have any idea when they'll arrive?"

With a small shake of his head, Trowa got up from his bed, and silently made his way towards the bathroom. Catherine, on the other hand, continued staring at the door Trowa had closed behind him before sighing; they were finally at peace, but there were still some people who were brutally plagued by sins.

"I just hope your friends are able to help you, Trowa." Catherine whispered as she continued staring at the door that lead to the bathroom, but it was then that she decided to leave. They were going to perform in a couple of days, and there was no time to get lazy.

All Catherine hoped though, was that Trowa's mind would allow him to find a way to get free from the chains of his past, and welcome the future. Yes, because if that did not happen, Catherine could not help but fear for her brother's sanity.

On the meantime, a young man was standing by one of the entrances of the airport, a bag resting close to his feet. A cap was shielding his eyes from the blazing sun, but his long chocolate brown hair was on its usual braid that reached past his waist. With a exasperate sigh, he crossed his arms against his chest before gazing around. Ah! Where was everyone? He was usually the last one to show up, but this time it seemed as if he had been the first to arrive!

"Man, where is everyone?" Duo Maxwell finally snapped, resting his hands on his hips in frustration. "I don't carry a watch, so I can't possibly be that early! This certainly can't be a joke, because it was Relena who called, but ahh, I'm going mad!"

"Patience is a virtue that you certainly don't have." a voice commented suddenly, and Duo looked over his shoulder only to face a Chinese black eyed boy, whose black hair was tied up into a small ponytail.

"Well, patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace, and both put together make a very pretty face." Duo retorted, but Wufei Chang just stared at him as if he was insane. "Trust me man, you don't want to know, so for now let me tell you, you're late."

"No, I'm not." Wufei retorted as he continued holding the bag he had slung over his shoulder, "I was inside when I happened to look in this direction, and saw you."

"What? You were inside this whole time?" Duo questioned, but he quickly started muttering things about not being the first to be there and therefore to have every reason to complain about everybody being late. "Are you the only one?"

"Heero and Quatre are inside as well."

"Say what?" Duo asked in a slightly higher tone, but Wufei just continued staring emotionlessly at him. "Then, why on earth did you guys let me stay under this killing sun? I could have suffered sunstroke for all I know."

Instead of replying, Wufei turned around, and walked inside the airport. After staring at the back of his friend for a few seconds, Duo finally snapped form his annoyed condition, and yelled for Wufei to wait for him as he hastily grabbed his own bag.

As he run after Wufei, and walked inside the airport, Duo could not help but wonder if Relena had had a good idea when she had decided to offer them those two week of vacation. For Duo they could not have come in better time; Hilde had been annoying the crap out of him again, and this small separation would do wonders, but Duo could not help but speculate about what would happen to the rest of his friends.

In fact, he did not even know what Relena had done to convince Heero and Wufei to go on those vacations, but then again, Duo knew it was safer to stay in the dark just this once. After all, while both Heero and Wufei could kill someone without blinking, Relena could be sly as a fox sometimes, and drag people into her plans by snapping her fingers.

Well, needless to say that all Duo hoped was that his friends would not end up doing something stupid, such as finding new enemies and ruin the whole vacations. Yes, because Duo knew that if things got too bored, something would be bond to happen, and then heads would roll. All he hoped was that his would not make part of the list.

To Be Continued…