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Chapter 3

Moonlight Stars

Last breathes; those were what his mind recalled the most. Bullets, explosions, fires, fear, determination, death…all those were the background of his dreams since the main role belonged exclusively to last breathes. To all those last breathes he had been forced to tear away from life during his own quest for survival.

Sometimes he would dream about the childhood he had not had, and even imagine how his adolescence would have been if he had not been labelled as the perfect solider. But most of those dreams were tortures, which resulted in empty feelings.

He had never felt that way; empty while guilty consumed both his limbs and soul. He guessed that was the price he had to pay for ending the war, and he did not complain about it. How could he, when he had taken so many lives? How could he protest about being plagued by haunting nightmares, when so many had lost their loved ones because of what he had done?

In silence, he pushed the cover off him, and dressed into a pair of jeans and blue t-shirt without a sound before leaving the room. As he stuffed his hands inside his jeans' pockets, Heero made his way down the stairs until he walked through the doors of the hotel, and was immediately welcomed by a salty sea breeze.

As he glanced at the sky, Heero quickly noticed that the sun was about to rise from underneath the waves. Unhurriedly, he made his way towards the beach, without bothering to take his sneakers off. There was no one there, but that was already expected due to the early hour, but Heero was thankful for that. He had been in need for some harmony and serenity, but ironically those two things were the only ones he had never been able to fully feel and appreciate in the past.

When he was a few steps away from the waves, Heero sat down on the sand, and raised his knees while he rested his hands on his sides for support. The cold breeze of the sea felt like a chilly caress against his face and hair, and after a deep breath, Heero lay down on his back.

Was that what people called a moment of peace?

After a few moments listening to the waves, Heero opened his eyes, and glanced at the sky again. He knew why Relena had practically dragged them to that place, but despite of everything he could not feel grateful for it. He was the perfect soldier after all, too used to wars and death to actually get acquainted with something such as peace. It was not as if he did not appreciate the fact he no longer had to kill people, but he guessed that despite of everything he had gotten used to it all.

Suddenly, Heero felt someone sit down next to him, and looked to his left only to see Trowa there, watching the waves. For a moment nothing was said, but as the sun finally started to leave the depths of the sea, Heero sat up as well. There was no need to question Trowa about why he had decided to show up so early in the morning; after all, the two of them understood each other quite well without using words.

"Apparently, Quatre met an old friend yesterday." Heero commented, as he raised his right knee and rested his arm on it, and Trowa glanced at him. "I'm going to check her background. Her sudden appearance along with those guys we saw at the circus sounds too good to be just a coincidence."

"An old friend?" Trowa repeated as he turned to Heero, and the Prussian-blue eyed boy nodded in agreement. "What did Quatre tell you about her?"

"Apparently she's the second heir to her father's Corporation." Heero started as he looked back at Trowa. "Quatre mentioned her father's the owner of the Shouri Corporation."

"Shouri…" Trowa whispered as he looked down at the sand for a moment, but when Heero nodded, he looked up again. "I heard that Company is involved with the army. I believe it has to do with new prototypes."

"Yes, I heard the same thing, and that's exactly why I'm going to do a research about her ancestors." Heero said before standing up, Trowa following him with his eyes. "Either way, Duo was actually intelligent enough to tell her where we are. This way, we can keep an eye on her as well."

At that Trowa nodded, and moments later the two of them left the beach, and made their way back to the hotel.

With a sigh, Relena watched as Heero continued typing at full speed on the small keyboard of the laptop. Trowa was leaning against the wall next to the desk, and Quatre was looking through some files on the bed. Duo had left saying that he was going to try to find the girl he and Quatre had met at the supermarket while Wufei had explained that he was going to the library.

It seemed as if all her attempts to help the boys relaxing were going down the drain, but then again, Relena knew they were pilots and that old habits died hard. Not only that but she had not been very excited about those vacations at the beginning either, although now her opinion had clearly changed. After all, those vacations were the perfect excuse for her to get closer to Heero…or they were supposed to be.

As she looked away from Heero's back, Relena glanced at the window, and watched as the sea seemed to sparkle under the intense light from the sun. Well, she guessed that the boys could stay in the room, and even though she wanted to be close to Heero, Relena did not feel like wasting such a beautiful day.

"I'm going to the beach." Relena finally said as she stood up from the sofa, and Heero quickly stopped typing while both Trowa and Quatre looked at her. "You're all too occupied, and it's such a perfect day. I just want to take advantage of it."

"What if one of us goes with you, Miss Relena?" Quatre asked, but the girl looked at him before shaking her head.

"Don't worry about me; I'll be at the beach throughout the morning." Relena replied, "Besides, you can keep an eye on me through the window, if you find it necessary. I won't be long."

Slowly, Heero turned around on his chair, but before something could be said, the door of the room was opened, and a smiling Duo emerged from the hall. He looked more excited that usual…

"People, look who I found standing by the door of the hotel when I was coming back!" Duo exclaimed joyfully before stepping aside, and motion for someone to walk in before him.

"K-Kesi!" Quatre blurted out at the sight of the brunette they had been researching for, and the girl blushed faintly before smiling nervously.

"Nice to see you again, Quatre." she said, but her posture showed that she was not comfortable at all. "I umm…I saw Duo downstairs, and he said he knew where you were, so I…"

"I decided to bring her here!" Duo finished as he walked inside the room, closing the door behind him. "I mean, Relena would probably appreciate some female presence no?"

"Well, I don't believe we have been introduced." Relena said as a reply before walking gracefully towards the other girl, and bow slightly. "Nice to meet you, my name is Relena Peacecraft."

There was a moment of silence, during which Heero and Trowa watched the slightly chubby girl staring in surprise and shock at Relena. Her expression, however, was quickly replaced by a nervous one as she bowed as well.

"My name is Kesi Saira; I'm an old friend of Quatre's." Kesi quickly explained, but she only raised her head after Relena. "It's an honour to meet you, Miss Peacecraft."

"No need for formalities, so please call me Relena." the violet-eyed girl corrected, and Kesi nodded in silent understanding. "And since you're here, would you mind accompanying me to the beach? The boys are quite occupied at the moment."

"Oh, of course not," Kesi answered with a small shake of her head, and Relena smiled at her before turning to the boys, and almost instantly she looked at Heero, who gazed back at her.

Without saying a word, Relena made her way towards the door of the room before walking away, Kesi following her closely. When Kesi closed the door behind her, Duo looked at the rest of his team, and rested his hands behind his neck.

"So, am I good or am I good?" he asked, but Heero simply looked back at the computer's screen while Trowa continued resting against the wall. Quatre quickly resumed to his reading, and Duo sighed moments later. "These guys…"

"Tetsuo Saira is the owner of the Shouri Company, which has joined the army a few decades ago, and it has taken over all the technology and creates new prototypes for the government." Heero started as he read the text that was beside a family picture in the laptop's screen. "Apparently his son, Re Saira, is the direct heir."

"Yes, her family is quite prosperous." Quatre confirmed as he looked up from the papers he was holding. "I remember Mr. Saira; he was a very materialistic man, I'm afraid. He was too obsessed with money to actually care about his family."

"Man, who doesn't enjoy making money nowadays?" Duo asked as he sat down on the bed, and reached out for one of the papers lying around on the mattress. "What do they say about Kesi?"

"She is the second heiress of the Shouri Company." Heero continued, without taking his eyes off the screen. "But since her brother is the first born, he's the one who'll take over the business one day."

"So, it would make sense if Kesi would try to kill her brother, but why kill Relena?" Duo asked as he dropped the paper he had grabbed before resting his elbows on his legs. "I mean, it doesn't make much sense."

"The Peacecrafts adhered to a philosophy of total pacifism." Heero started as he started typing again, "And the Sanq Kingdom is supported by those who long have grown tired of the war. Even though the war is over, Relena is planning conferences and meetings to make sure that peace lingers, and the Saira family clearly supports war."

"Well, just because her father is the owner of a Corporation that builds prototypes for war it doesn't mean she has the same ideal." Duo started, and slowly Heero dropped his hands down to his lap before turning around, a blank expression on his face.

"Obviously, but there are aspects we cannot reject." he started, and Duo continued staring at him while Trowa had his head down, and Quatre was now gazing at the window in front of him. "Kesi Saira was at the circus on the same night we were. She was sitting right next to me."

"Are you sure?" Quatre asked in a rather low voice, and Heero glanced coldly at him before nodding. With a sigh, Quatre looked down at his knees. "I see…"

"Duo, I want you to go meet Wufei. I want the two of you to find if the Saira family has done anything in the past that we can use against them." Heero started, and Duo nodded from the bed. "Quatre, I want you to keep searching for every details concerning Tetsuo Saira. If he is obsessed with money, it will only take a matter of time for him to do something. And Trowa…"

Slowly the brown haired boy opened his eyes, and stared at Heero for a moment before nodding. Clearly, he and Heero would have to keep an eye on both Relena and Kesi, and make sure that no harm came to the Peacecraft heiress.

To Be Continued…

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