Mural in White

By: MissaSolemnis

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XXX Sharp contrasts XXX

I often times find myself staring at trees.

Oaks to be precise.

It's a habit I never quite outgrew. I don't know why, but when I study the rough bark, the sturdy trunk and tough stems, I feel like I want to... be it.

You may think I'm crazy, but crazy as I am now, I'm going to get crazier still.

Here's the thing. I want to be a painter. An artist. I paint and I do art. I grew up in a sheltered world where in my parents were only characters from narration and the real characters were the maid, butler and doctor.

But even though I grew up practically in Lala-land, I think I had a pretty good concept on reality, bordering to cynical sometimes, if I may say so myself.

And so, here I am, dictated once again by my mythical yet tyrannical parents to go and continue schooling (I have been home-schooled for various reasons) in the made-real-Lala-land Ouran High School.

Why did I not object, you ask?

Well, the answer is simply because I can't. I don't know why I can't nor do I know the reason that didn't compel me to object.

Oh yes, I wanted to object, very much so that I threw a tantrum. I threw an ormolu clock. A platter sized ormolu clock to be exact. And then, Hayes the butler came, he shook his head and it was over.

I knew very well that the servants looked down on me for I was powerless in my own house. I was a spineless girl of a mistress and they kept comparing me to my mythical mother, who thought she was Charlie from Charlie's angel and kept communicating through speaker.

It was better that way, me not seeing them, them not seeing me. It was a give and take relationship.

Imagine, on my seventeenth birthday, they sent me sewing books, threads needles and the like. I wanted to spurt out, 'come on... Are you trying to raise a spinster or something?' but then again, I never got around to saying it. I am spineless remember?

And so, now, they thought I was strong enough so they decided to send me back to school. To the wretched Ouran High School.

It was one thing to be in possession of a slightly superior height and quite another thing to be in possession of a slightly inferior build. Yes, I admit, I grew thinner that average. Let me paint you a picture.

Imagine a coat hanger wearing your coat. There you go.

Some say that a nice face will compensate a poor body and vice versa... but so untrue.

Though I can't say that I'm hopelessly ugly, I also can't say that I'm breathtakingly beautiful either. My hair, as my mother dreaded before (or so she told me) turned out like my father's all black and straight. The limpness had nothing to do with genetics (to my father' relief). And it didn't help the fact that I was so pale bordering to transparent.

No, I don't have any freckles, for that matter, since the sun barely touched me for more than eight hours ever since I was born. Surely exaggerated but not too much.

My mom... my mom is another matter. She was beautiful. And my father... handsome as well.

So how come...

"Miss Kanna!" The butler/chauffeur/door-opener assisted me into the car.

I stared outside the window, not really nervous about this new prospect considering this was the first time in many years I have been driven to school. Hayes appeared to be more tense than me that I wanted to laugh.

There were many trees in Ouran, mostly cherry blossoms, though there were some oaks and willows in the background.

I had the slightest itch to draw or paint something, anything.

"Hayes... Did you remove my art supplies?" I asked, already knowing the inevitable answer.

"Yes miss. Strict orders from madam." He answered stoically.

I wonder if he actually liked tormenting me with his expressionless face that was more effective than if he frowned at me. They all did that to me. The maids, the doctor... heck, even the painted portraits of my parents did that to me.

Why can't I fight back?

Because I'm a coward?

Because I'm weak?

Or simply because... I can't?

The car pulled up by schools gate, and I was quite surprised to see the aged principal from my elementary years still working in the school.

"Tatsuhiko-sama." She greeted.

"Shirokawa-sensei." I greeted softly, since that was the only decibel my voice could carry out.

"I'm glad you still remember me." She smiled warmly.

I tried to smile, but somehow, my lips were as weak as my will.

The wind was unnaturally chilly since it was the start of September but I had forsaken my coat for I might arrive, a little overdressed. Even my hair is in a nondescript fashion as I 'knotted' it at the base of my neck.

My mom's hair dressers would surely 'faint' at the sight of me, but who cared anyway? I sure as heck didn't.

Then I suddenly noticed, there was a small boy, an elementary student probably, standing beside Shirokawa-sensei. He was beaming at me.

I admit, he is quite adorable.

"Tatsuhiko-sama, please meet Haninozuka-sama." Shirokawa-sensei announced formally.

The little boy approached and greeted me as if I had been a lifelong friend. "Hello, Kanna-chan! I'm in your class! Call me Hunny!" He said perkily.

Oh my God... I was on the verge of freaking out. Seriously.

Yes, I agreed to go back to school, but my parents never told me I would be held back in elementary!

And just before the look of doom etch on my face vividly, Shirokawa-sense, bless her, cleared her throat and said, "Haninozuka-sama is in class 3-A. A senior."

As the information gradually sank in, I felt the palpitations of my heart abate.

"Shall we go to class, Kanna-chan?" He asked.

"Ah—Hai!" I breathed.


"There is this weird new girl, you say..." Hikaru mumbled, as the rest of the host club gathered in a somewhat, peaceful if not organized meeting.

"I never said Kanna-chan was weird!" Hunny whined.

"Yes, yes, we know, Hunny-sempai. Kanna-chan is gentle." Haruhi placated him softly.

"Tatsuhiko Kanna..." Kyouya murmured and scrawled something on his folder.

Haruhi sighed and wordlessly handed him a cup of tea.

Kyouya looked up, raised his brow, but nonetheless took it without further comment. Probably thinking, 'is this girl trying to poison me?'

"We must welcome her into the host club!" Tamaki said in a sonorous voice. "She is a girl, right?"

"There's no doubt about it." Kaoru piqued in. "I saw her during lunch, and I must say... she's quite... blending."

The whole club stared at Kaoru.

"I think he meant she had the tendency to fade in with the tapestries..." Hikaru supplied for them.

"That's not true!" Hunny wailed. "She's nice!"

"Yes, we know, sempai, but we cannot hide the fact that she's... unnoticeable." Kaoru said gently.

"But that doesn't mean we won't welcome her!" Tamaki posed gallantly for effect, which earned him blank stares. Here come the mushrooms.

"Tamaki, make sure to grow some truffles for a change..." Kyouya said and sipped his tea.

Seeing it emptied, Haruhi refilled it once again, receiving a puzzled glance from the shadow king.

They were all simmering with curiosity about the newcomer all except for Kyouya who went to a distance to make a phone call.

After a minute, special delivery came and handed Kyouya a large envelope.

"Neh, neh, Kyouya, nani?" Hunny went to his side.

Kyouya proceeded to rip the side of the envelope, earning a paper cut to his irritation. He hid his wince and took out the papers inside.

"Tatsuhiko Kanna." He read out loud.

That seemed to have gotten everybody's attention. Even Tamaki was perked.

"Age seventeen, height 5'7", weight 105lbs., blood type AB positive, hair colour black, eye colour indefinite..." Kyouya trailed off.

"Okaasan!" Tamaki whined.

"Ah... here we are." Kyouya seemed pleased.

"Tatsuhiko Kanna, amateur painter."

XXX End of Chapter One XXX

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