Chapter 14: You Know It'll Always Be Me

"You're worth it," He whispered, leaning forward, so that they were only inches apart.

"So…what do we do now? I haven't actually had a girlfriend…or boyfriend…in awhile…" Greg asked anxiously. He felt vulnerable and that feeling made him nervous as hell. "After all, you're the expert on this stuff, panty-peeler." His smile didn't fade, but James sensed the diagnostician's edginess.

Just tell me what to say, show me what to do

Then I could forgive me and I would forgive you

"Seeing as you're about to have an anxiety attack, I think we'll take this slow," James reassured Greg by reaching out his hand to touch his arm. Greg laughed a little.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Just sorta," James whispered thoughtfully, "First, I'm going to kiss you. Second, I'm going to watch the L word with you. Third, I'm not sleeping on the couch." Greg's smile widened and his eyes sparkled.

James took the dive, leaned forward, and kissed him. He'd longed to do it for a long time and it was everything he had expected. The kiss was soft and tender and James was slightly surprised when Greg kissed back. At some point, James had moved to the sofa and was practically on top of his friend. Their smiles never left their faces. Suddenly, Greg broke away and stared up at James.

"What?" James asked curiously.

"I bet this isn't what Cuddy and them expected. Could you imagine their faces?" Greg said smugly. He enjoyed messing with people.

"I look forward to seeing them tomorrow when you tell them." Apparently James did too. Greg initiated the kiss this time and both of them were in complete bliss until Greg reluctantly pulled away again.

"I'm just going to say this straight out. It's been a real joy making out with you, James, but I'm exhausted. I'm not sure about you, but I haven't been able to sleep for the past two days, so can we skip the L Word, continue this tomorrow, and head off?" He asked wearily. "I'll let you pick your side of the bed." Greg offered. James pretended to ponder his options, exhaustion evident on his face.

"It's probably a good idea." James said, carefully moving off the sofa while avoiding Greg's leg. As soon as he was on his feet, he offered his friend a hand. Greg accepted it with his good hand and together they made their way to the bedroom. Both men collapsed on the bed, too tired to change out of their clothes. They turned to face each other, barely any space between them. James reached out and placed his hand on Greg's hip and in response Greg traced the contours of James' face with his fingers. Both men were fading fast, but not without a last word.


"Yes, James?"

"Do you want to be my date to Julie's wedding?"

James could barely make out Greg's smile in the darkness.

And maybe you've fallen down

And maybe you took the long way home

But baby, you could never love you, like me

And one day this will fade away

In the mirror you'll have your smiling face

And standing next to you will always be me

You know it'll always be me