Lost in Thought: a lost in Blue fan fiction

Keith sat in his worn out leather chair sipping ice tea he set the glass down on a nearby table, folded his arthritis ridden hands behind his head thought… back to the day the where the had finally gotten home.

They had just gotten back to the states and reporters where everywhere crowding the airport they just would not leave them alone they just had to get the scoop on the two teenage castaways. The escorts a group of suit clad bodyguards formed a circle around the two of them and kept the journalists at bay while they walked over to limo, the driver opened the door and the got in and wordlessly sat down for the ride away.

They just didn't know what to say to each other as the pulled away, they had gone through so much together but words could not even express their feelings. After a few hours the driver asked if they needed a break but the both said "no" they had learned to develop patience on the island. Not much longer they arrived at another airport where they would say their goodbyes…

They both knew this is where the road split Skye's road would take her back to her family in California and Keith's would take him back to his home state of Minnesota. They embraced for a long while neither wanting to let go… but they did after a short while and each boarded a different plane to different places….

Keith looked back on their time on the island and reflected how nothing had mattered then only bare bones survival did and no matter how much humanity tried to separate it' self from their fellow creatures they would always be similar in many ways. Keith and Skye had to rely on the barest of their instincts to survive, their animal nature and that's why the had been interviewed on the today show because society would never understand…

Over the years they both lived quietly, settling back into obscurity and they kept in touch but they never married they just weren't the marrying kid….