Hello Guys, this is about Jasper. It's from Alice's point of view. Hope you like it !

As we walked into the mall a vision hit me. It was of Jasper, chasing a girl down an alley way. He walked into the alley way and it was a pitch black night. Jaspers usual topaz eyes were an array of blood red and burgundy. He walked behind the girl and the girl turned round, as she went to scream Jasper lunged.

I had been having the same sort of visions all week and I was scared for Jasper, I could never tell him. Yet I felt because it was about him and I loved him, I probably owed it to him.

I knew he could feel my anguish because he turned around and inched closer to me, he looked me in the eyes and his eyes were filled with the same anguish mine were, yet he didn't know the reason.

He stroked my arm and smiled at me, I smiled back doubtful of giving away too much information.

I looked away quickly and he took the hint.

'Alice, where would you like to go?' he said, in ultra fast vampire speed talking. I paused to answer because I was examining his stride, his figure.

He was truly breath taking, despite the flaws of being constantly at harms risk from himself.

'I don't really mind today.' I said. There were bigger things on my mind than shopping. I couldn't believe I was telling myself this, yet I wouldn't mind if I never shopped again in order to stay with my dear Jasper.

He turned to look at me and his eyebrows furrowed, now he would definitely know something was wrong, he put his arm around my shoulder for a second for comfort.

It didn't help, all I could think about was the visions.

Then another vision came. It was of the girl, she was walking towards the escalators with two shopping bags in her hand, her mousey hair was flowing and down. She flicked her hair, and the vision snapped to Jasper, who was tensed up and stopped completely.

And at that very moment like clockwork, we came up to the escalators, I was searching my eyes for the girl, yet to no avail I relaxed a little.

Jasper noticed my sudden change in emotion, yet again. 'What's wrong?' he tried again.

'Nothing, it's nothing.' I muttered.

I wasn't bouncing around like my usual self, and I wasn't keen to go in any shops either. The most important thing to me right now was getting out of this mall.