"Alice, please tell me

"Alice, please tell me." He whined in a timid voice. I couldn't ever tell him, how could he stop himself if he looked for the girl?

"No." I whispered, although he could hear perfectly I wished I could have kept my secret keeping from him. Now not only was I being careful not to run into the girl, I can't let on that its going to happen.

Then another vision. Jasper was walking towards a changing room with some shirts and as he crossed the ladies dressing room he tensed and his eyes turned black as pitch. His nostrils flared and he seemed unsteady, he grabbed the side wall for support.

"What was that about?" Jasper asked, taking me from my planning thoughts.

"Nothing, Jasper, nothing is wrong, let's go shopping." I tried a smile and yet it didn't reach my blank eyes. It was meaningless.

Jasper gave in and I linked arms with him, a good grip if needed I took an unnecessary deep breath, from the corner of my eye I could see Jasper glancing down at me every few seconds.

We walked into a shop, the name meaning nothing because my mind was elsewhere; I grabbed a few t-shirts I knew would fit me so I bought them. How could I stop Jasper? Would it be today that it happens or tomorrow or another day we're here? Would we have to avoid the mall forever in order to keep him safe?

Jasper interrupted my unanswerable questions, "I'm just going to try these on." I waved my hand at him as I gave the woman at the desk a twenty. Her eyes were bulging as she stared at Jasper and when she noticed my seeing of it she looked down shamefully.

How could I stop him if we came in contact? He's a lot stronger than me, and would it reveal our secret?

I stood by the entrance waiting for Jasper, then I realised where he was, panic shook through me like I was a werewolf about to morph. My breathing matched Bella's when she was frightened of James or Victoria; my eyes bulged like the woman at the front desk.

I ran vampire speed to the changing rooms; I didn't care if someone saw me because someone would see Jasper too.

As I slowed down, I saw Jasper with some shirts and everything seemed to slow down from there. He walked past the ladies dressing room, he smelled the scent so strong that even my throat felt dry, his eyes turned black and he almost fell into the wall he grasped.

As he turned around, I could see he was overcome by the instincts we so carefully try to cover up.

I jumped forward onto his back and shouted "NO!" Jasper was all but conscious of my presence and he ran into the changing room.