House and Wilson were lounging on the sofa, watching the "Mythbusters" marathon, while Foreman, Chase and Cameron did all the work. Actually, Foreman and Chase did most of the work, since Cameron, every few minutes would go all "gooley-eyed and girly" at the shiny rock on her ring finger. There were already rumblings from the two male ducklings who were doing all the work, since food had been promised and not delivered. As much as they didn't mind helping Cameron move into House's (former) bachelor pad, this was a Saturday after all. They put down the last of the boxes from this load, and they weren't going back to Cameron's for another load until they were fed.

"House, we're hungry!"


"Wow. This ring is so shiny! See how pretty it is! YAY!" said Cameron as both Foreman and Chase rolled their eyes. Despite Cameron's (hopefully) temporary reversion to a teenager, both had to admit the couple seemed good for each other. But House still being House, they knew they'd have to make a fuss to get fed. Of course, House and Wilson were just chatting and sitting around while they did all the work. They didn't mind Wilson kicking back, since he had shown up at the townhouse bent, and they had found out he had put his back out. They knew that House had probably forced Wilson to come to his place, despite his injuries, just to keep him company. Of course, their topic of conversation was utterly inane...

"Come on, Jimmy! It totally fits!"

"Yeah, but Foreman as Grant?"

"You have to admit that Chase has Tory written all over him!"

Of course at that moment Chase tripped over the half step between the living room and the kitchen, falling on his face. Foreman helped him get up, looking in disgust at the two older doctors laughing, and his younger, female colleague, still enraptured with her rock.

"You're right, House! Chase is so totally Tory!"

"Yep! And I don't even have to point out that Cameron is Kari." said House smugly, pointing to Cameron. She was wearing one of House's t-shirts over old, battered overalls. Because Cameron no longer bothered with brunette hair dye, it was gradually reverting to its natural blond color. Right now, it almost looked reddish. Her big goofy smile, and since she was wearing pigtails today, made her resemblance to the girl on "Mythbusters" inevitable.

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Foreman in confusion.

House simply pointed to the television set, where a woman was smearing something on a pair of overalls. To Foreman and Chase's astonishment, the woman and a couple of guys then proceeded to blow up the overalls, revealing that the goop was actually high explosives!

"Two insane maniacs, and their THREE moronic lackeys playing with high explosives, fire, electricity and dropping things off of buildings. What more could you ask for in a television show?" replied House smugly. Then, one of the male characters proceeded to trip over his own two feet.

"CHASE!" said both House and Wilson simultaneously, pointing at the television screen. Foreman and Chase proceeded to roll their eyes, for about the millionth time since they had started working for House. Lots of practice, don't ya know?

"Yeah, and that makes you Adam!"

"No, you're Adam!"

"You are!"

"No, you're Adam!"

"I am rubber, you are glue, it bounces off me and sticks to you!"

"God, House, you're so juvenile!"

House then proceeded to limp over to a closet, where he rummaged for a while, and came out wearing a huge fake mustache and a black beret. At this point, everyone fell over laughing, because to see House wearing a beret and a huge fake mustaches was...a riot.

"Just admit it, Wilson, you're Adam." said a very non-plussed House. He looked in disgust at the still giggling ducklings and Wilson, trying to gather the shreds of his dignity about himself. Of course, it was about as dignified as House doing an imitation of a French walrus...

Naturally, it was exactly at this point that Cuddy showed up. She had been dragooned into bringing in the booze, and she showed up with several six-packs of bruskies, and a couple of liter bottles of diet cola, for herself and Cameron. And to everyone's surprise, except Wilson, she also walked in hunched, obviously having thrown HER back out.

"House, why are you doing an impression of a character from a really bad movie about Neapolitan marine wildlife? Ow..." Wilson was all solicitous as Cuddy sat down next to him, putting the drinks on the table. Chase and Foreman immediately grabbed cans of beer for themselves, while Cameron got glasses for herself and Cuddy. Too early in the day for alcohol. She placed a glass in front of Cuddy, getting a smile of thanks, and twisted the top off one of the liter bottles, to have some diet coke. All of a sudden, she had a sudden suspicion...

"HOUSE! Did you lend Wilson our copy of the 'Forbidden Secrets of the Kama Sutra'?"

Foreman and Chase gaped at a blushing Dr. Cuddy AND Dr. Wilson, while House had that "busted" look on his face.

"HOUSE! You know those techniques are not for beginners! I'm sorry, Lisa, what...what position threw out your backs?"

"'Heavenly Rama'." replied the furiously blushing Wilson.

"Oh no...that one almost killed Greg and me when we tried it for the first time." muttered Cameron to herself.

"Hey, how come you guys didn't...hurt yourself?" asked Cuddy in perplexity. Meanwhile, Foreman and Chase wore the "Anywhere but here" expressions on their face as the two couples argued.

"Um...well, Greg has been doing yoga since college,'m double jointed." replied the now blushing Dr. Cameron.

"Yeah..." moaned Cuddy AND Chase, remembering. House, naturally whacked Chase with his cane. It was no secret that House and Cuddy had dated in college, and everyone knew about Cameron and Chase's one-night-stand.

"House, let's get the pizzas!" Wilson jumped up, obviously feeling better. Or just hiding it really well, as he obviously wanted to get out of the room for a while. Wilson dragged out the still protesting House, asking why the cripple had to get the food.

Lisa and Allison giggled like schoolgirls. The two men in their lives were such...boys! Cuddy demanded to see the ring, and made the appropriate "oooo---ahhhh" noises, while Cameron made her boss laugh with the Gollum impression.

"My precious! Precious..."

As Chase nursed his bruised shin, everyone waited for House and Wilson to arrive with the food. Both Cuddy and Cameron watched "Mythbusters", since they actually got into the show due to their significant other's addiction to the zany television show. The next episode on the marathon was where Adam and Jamie were putting Menthos into diet cola. This caused the soda to react chemically, shooting huge jets of fizzy liquid out the top. The two doctors looked at the screen, looked at each other and smiled.

"Yes! Totally!" As Foreman and Chase looked in puzzlement, the two women seated themselves on the floor in front of the door, holding bottles of diet coke. Cameron had grabbed the pack of Menthos she kept in her purse, since she popped them to keep her breath fresh. House and Wilson were due back any moment...

As the lock turned, indicating that House was using his key, Cameron and Cuddy heard another inane argument in progress...

"So who's Buster then?"

"Obviously Coma Guy."

"Come on, House!"

As the door opened, Cameron and Cuddy shoved several peppermint Menthos into the open bottles of diet coke. Cameron did just fine, managing to douse Wilson from head to toe with soda. Cuddy, however, fumbled, and managed to douse HERSELF from head to toe. House looked in astonishment at a grinning Cameron, the newly christened Wilson, and Cuddy sitting on the floor, looking wet and bedraggled. Then he looked back at Cuddy, noted her white t-shirt, which was completely soaked and turning transparent.

House pointed to Cuddy's chest, and smiled in bliss.

"Buster! Or should I say, Busty!"