Sequel to Cause bad boys don't have butterflies.

Can be read as a standlone.

Summary: Blair doesn't want her relationship with Chuck to be public. What happens when you put a cool Chuck, a Queen B and the famous monochrome signature scarf together?

Disclaimer: If I did own it, Blair and chuck would be planning sweet revenge together on people who crossed them… While making out. So no, they belong to respective owners.

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She waited in the palace lounge for him, her heart beating 10 times quicker. The wait was longer than the anticipations of seeing him. She didn't even care if she waited there for 2 hours…. She just needed to talk to him. She couldn't rest until then.

After a good 2 hours and 13 minutes he waked into the palace, his uniform rumpled. He spotted her right away. He was clearly still mad as he stared at her from where he was standing.

"Are you free?" her voice sounded oddly unlike hers.

Chuck shrugged as he continued walking to the elevator, leaving her standing. Blair's heart dropped when he left without her… was he really mad at her? Her heart started beating quicker with panic.

Once inside he held the elevator door open. "Well?"


It was a guilty pleasure, this need they had for each other. Once she got into the elevator and into his room, he touched her, and it made her feel warm again, he wasn't mad with her anymore. That was a relief. Before she could open her mouth to say what she wanted too, he covered it with his own.

She couldn't say no. Once he kissed her, she was gone, far-gone from the world. His touch was a drug that she always wanted, needed. His hands slid down to her sides wrapping themselves around her small tiny waist. Pulling her into his embrace, fitting her beautiful form against his.

It was perfect. Sheer perfection.

They spent the whole night together, exploring each other, pleasuring each other to the highest brink of satisfaction; no one else can bring them. They were perfect for each other. Blair would never have thought that Chuck could complete her, but he did.

All this time thinking about how Nate was her one and only… Stupid, stupid girl.

Blair was always so alive and genuinely happy with Chuck. She felt stupid for not telling the world she was thrilled to be with him. She also felt superbly stupid for not making it clear to him, how important he is to her.

Without him, she wouldn't be emotionally in one piece. Without him supporting her quietly as she slowly regained her status as Queen B, she wouldn't have been the reigning queen of UES.

Before she drifted off into a deep sleep, she cuddled closer to Chuck and laid her head in the crock of his neck. Feeling, and wanting his warmth. Chuck put his arm around her and kept her close, he knew Blair didn't like to be cold. The only place Blair felt happy, safe and real was in his arms.

The next day, when the both of them were dressed to go to school, Blair wanted to talk to him about their row yesterday.

"About yesterday-," she started….

He shook his head, putting on his jacket. "It's cool. Don't sweat about it."

"No, Chuck, listen." She walked over to him, and fixed his crooked tie for him. "I know I'm a bitch at times."

"At times?" he quirked a brow, "Try every living, breathing moment." He teased.

She didn't take that too well, when she was serious, she didn't like jokes in the middle of it, so she showed it by pushing his tie knot so high up, he choked.

"WALDORF. You bitch!" He coughed, and she loosened the tie again, fixing it.

"Anyways, I have to show my ice queen demeanor. It's to ensure that I have my spot as Queen B, people respect, fear me and like me." She explained to him, finally fixing his tie into place.

Chuck glared at her for a second, before nodding and walking off to get his bag. "I get it Blair, you don't have to explain the sorry details to me."

"But Chuck---," she didn't even get to her point yet, when he cut her off.

"I wager that we have fantastic er, 'rendezvous' together, and if you want to keep it this way, its fine by me. I know you don't want people to know you're dating Chuck Bass, because he's no Nathaniel Archibald." Blair's heart crunched up when he said that.

That's not true, that's not true, that's not true! You're better than Nathaniel Archibald!

"That's not tru-," she wanted to tell him how WRONG he was!

But Chuck didn't listen, "You can continue pretending like you're single, we agreed to that, and I'm fine with it …Ok?" he walked up to her, after getting his stuff for school.

He gave her a searing kiss on the lips. "I've got to see my dad before I go. Something about Victrola. You get to school first; you don't want people seeing us arrive to school together. It's forbidden." He teased.

"No, Chuck, listen to me—," the door closed on her before she could finish her sentence. She fumed horribly. That's why men were HORRIBLE listeners… its cause they NEVER listen at all! She was huffing angrily as she fixed her hair, and her uniform.

She was still mad after she finished looking fabulous, when something in the room caught her eye. She lighted up immediately.

Chuck didn't believe that she accepted him as her boyfriend and loved him back as well…. So she had to show him, and everyone else that she did.

Gossip Girl and everyone else wanted something to talk about. Blair will give them something to talk about.


"Hey Chuck! We didn't know man!" one of the guys in St. Jude's said.

"Huh?" Chuck looked at him puzzled, when another person came by.

"Yo, Chuck, how did you do it man?" he grinned.

"Did what?" was there something going that for once, he didn't know off? He was getting annoyed. He came to school late and he already missed something! Damn! Damn morning breakfast with fathers!

"Woo! Chuck, my man! Didn't know you were the type!"

"Did she stay over too Chuck? Or did you just give it to her?"

"Salute to you Chuck! Didn't know you could keep a chick, and her at that!"

Her? Were they talking about Blair? He was more puzzled than he was angry.

Suddenly his phone beeped, along with everyone elses.

Hello there Upper East Siders,

Was I lagging on gossip? Forgive me, but things have been slow.

I have something that everyone won't stop talking about till Christmas next year…

Queen B spotted wearing a certain someone's signature scarf. Is this by coincidence, did she decide to go by C's style, or, does this mean more?

Someone's trying to put a fashion statement. And remarkably it isn't a fashion faux par!

Plus, she looks quite happy wearing it too. What's going on?

You know you love me.


Gossip Girl.

Chuck stared at the picture of Blair wearing his monochrome signature scarf, and more of the boys in St.Jude's patted Chuck as they passed him. This is why they were all hyped up.

Chuck continued staring at the picture, and broke out into a smile and for once that week, he felt like he was the most important person in the world! His heart was doing the cha-cha as he continued looking at the picture. She DID look good with his scarf on. He knew exactly what Blair was trying to tell him. It was how they both played. He wasn't going to answer anyone today; he had to avoid Nate, because he didn't feel like explaining anything. He was just going to bask in this newfound glory until the day ended.

After school, Chuck waited for Blair at the Constance Billiard gate. The girls that passed him stared at him, wondering if he was there for a certain QB.

"Hey Chuck, waiting for your girl-friend?" a few girls who passed him asked playfully.

"As a matter of fact yes." He told them sweetly. Somehow that answer shocked them as they just stared dumfounded at him.

What! Chuck bass is tied down!

Few phones were whipped out at that moment.

Blair walked down with Serena, apparently complaining about how some people didn't know how to shut up sometimes. Her whole day was filled with people asking her if she was going out with Chuck or not, but she just snapped and said she didn't want to disclose personal information.

"But Blair, you came with Chuck's ONE and ONLY signature scarf, how can they NOT ask?" Serena pointed out.

"Ugh, I didn't know people were that nosy, well, I do, but this is ridiculous." She told Serena, annoyed. One girl walked up to her and before she could open her mouth Blair snapped at her, "I don't want to answer to anything you say. Now scatter off." The girl nodded and walked away quickly. " Ugh, see, S? See!"

Serena laughed and shook her head, "Then just tell them B. Tell Gossip girl. PDA a little, you know, like what me and Dan does." She poked Blair who rolled her eyes.

"Ew, please, I don't do what you do, thank you for nothing, S." she snapped at Serena.

"Wow, someoneessss moody." Serena said, grinning.

One of the reasons Blair found herself to be moody was that Chuck didn't come see her during lunch, nor did he text message her. She knew he saw Gossip Girl's message, how can he not be the least happy about this. She was superbly annoyed, which explained why she snapped at everyone who wanted to ask her.

"Would it brighten your mood to say that the person whose scarf you snitched is standing at the gate?" Serena pointed to where Chuck was standing. Blair looked up, and she automatically beamed when she saw Chuck waiting at the gate, smoking…. and no surprise there.

"I've got to go S." Serena just smiled and waved as she watched her friend rush to a certain person's side. It was unusual for her, but if that jerk made her best friend happy it was good enough for her. And ironically Chuck made her very happy.

"Chuck…" she greeted when she reached him, trying to hide her smile. Somehow she felt so happy to see him standing there, waiting for her.

"Blair…" he said with a straight face, then he touched her scarf, "Looks familiar. Turning Winona Ryder on me?"

She rolled her eyes, "I'm not the usual Kleptomaniac am I? Why? You don't like?" she asked flirtatiously.

He finally broke into a grin, "As long as you don't steal my joint."

"Ew, disgusting." she would never steal stuff like that, it smelled funny and it was just plain disgusting. "Stop smoking." She flicked the cigarette from his mouth and stepped on it.

"Hey! I was nearly done with that! First my scarf now my cig?" he said angrily, but Blair knew he was playing. There were more issues to tend to right now. Like their relationship.

"Anyways, I was trying to make a point with this." She asserted, shyly pulling at the end of his scarf that was around her neck. It was comfy, and smelled so, him.

She needed him to know he meant more to her than just a pleasure, than just a sleeping partner! She needed him to know that he made her happy, and she wanted to be with him. She wanted him to know that for once, she returned his feelings. She didn't want it to end up like the last time where he dumped her and told her he didn't want her anymore. That hurt tremendously, and she didn't want to lose him! She feared that the most.

However, the words couldn't escape her mouth, and she was so afraid Chuck wouldn't get it because he wasn't one for romantic professions. In fact, he sucked at it!

"Point taken." He told her, and Blair thought she could burst with happiness right now, but she maintained her cool composure. She truly loved him, even though she couldn't say it now, she wagered he knew it. They understood each other on a high level. She could look at him, and somehow he'd understand a little bit of what she's going through. It was some weird bond they both have even before their affair happened, and she loves it.

She loves him.

He extended out his hand, which Blair took without hesitation. She didn't care who was watching. She didn't care about her stupid pretentious friends; she didn't care if her mother was around, she didn't care if her ex boyfriend was nearby watching with his mouth wide open. For now, it was just him and her.

"Lets give them more things to talk about." He grinned as he leaned down and kissed her passionately at the gate, where everyone and anyone could see.

And this time, Blair didn't push him away.

Spotted: B and C sharing a memorable passionate kiss!

Everyone is royally surprised, including yours truly.

People are currently picking their jaws up from the ground.

The usual uptight ice Queen, didn't mind the affection! We didn't know B was such an exhibitionist, and certainly didn't know playboy C could even utter the word 'Girl-friend'! Is this long term? Check for snow in this mid summer people! This gossip is one for the keeps!

Watch out Upper east siders, this is one couple you shouldn't cross. It's like the powers that be, just eviler! Now is a more reason to suck up to QB!

Looks like the new king is one with the signature monochrome scarf. And both B and C look superbly happy in their scarves.

Who would've known?

This will be another roller coaster ride from here on, how exciting!

We'll keep an eye on these two…..

Till the next shocker…

You know you love me.


Gossip Girl.


A/n: In short, they both superbly love each other. Yeah!
So this starts off the crazy wait to April 21st!
Chuck/Blair for the win! Love them!