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1. Waiting

"I'm really sorry but I take back my proposal, Kanda-san." A young man in his twenties said, bowing politely but quickly and turning to walk out of the Kanda household.

Before the woman he bowed to could protest, she was already left with only the wind blowing through the front door that the man had left open in his haste to leave. Cursing under her breath, she turned to see the main reason of why the man had taken back his proposal.

"That's the fifteenth one." She said crossly, glaring at her daughter standing before her. The girl, no older than nineteen, twirled a blade in her hand and smirked at the comment.

"I noticed." She replied, sheathing her black katana.

"Damn it Yuu, if you keep going on like this I'll be an old hag when you actually decide to have kids." Her mother said, glaring harder at Yuu Kanda, her second child and only daughter in the household.

Kanda snorted at that, waving her hand as in dismissal. "You'll have children alright, but not from me." She said coolly, crossing her arms.

"Che, if you weren't so bloody stubborn I'd expect you to be married by now." Kanda Yae said, hitting Kanda lightly on her head. "And your pathetic excuse of a brother would be crying for joy or some shit."

She walked past Kanda after saying that, but paused in her steps for a moment and leaned closer to Kanda's ears.

"And don't bullshit about no one being able to fulfill your conditions for your hand in marriage." She said harshly. "We all know it's just an excuse for you to wait for him to come back."

The words were like a slap to Kanda's face as she stood stunned and rooted on the spot, leaving her mother to walk away, grumbling about how some people needed a reality check. Letting out an irritated sigh once the older woman was out of hearing range, Kanda strode over to the garden a little way further down the hallway.

"An excuse huh…?" she muttered quietly, looking towards the deep gray sky above her. It was going to rain soon.


A white haired young man adjusted his necktie after stepping out of the uncomfortable carriage ride he had been in for at least four hours, silently cursing his master for making come out here all the way from the mainland. He had reluctantly agreed to the transfer from the main branch he was working at, his master saying it was better for him to start handling things on his own and learning to be independent.

He shifted his hat so that it blocked the glaring sunlight from his entering his gray eyes, feeling the summer heat seep into his black coat.

"I guess it'll do me some good." Allen Walker mumbled to himself as he took in the sights of the busy streets and noisy chatters of the people on it. The people were lesser than what he normally saw in the mainland, but that was to be expected. After all, Kyoto was a city that was smaller than Honshū.

"Young Master, are you alright?" a tanned skin Portuguese who was standing behind asked Allen, who simply smiled in reply.

"Yeah, everything's fine Tyki."

Tyki Mikk, his butler who was appointed by his foster father, Mana Walker, had been with Allen ever since he could remember. From what he heard, Mana had taken Tyki in when he was a young orphan running on the streets. He never really knew the details, but the Portuguese started working together with Mana and Cross Marian, his master, to build up the Black Order Company to what it was today. Allen took a glance at the man walking behind him, wondering why Tyki never took up a better position in the company.

"One must always keep an eye on you Young Master, you seem to have an attraction for trouble."

He remembered Tyki's words when he had voiced out his thought one day, and indeed he found the truth in the man's words. Trouble seemed to have a habit of finding him everywhere he went, especially one that goes by the name of Road Kamelot.

She was the niece of the Earl, who was the head of the Millennium Company, their rival. For some weird reason, the moment her eyes landed on Allen one meeting two years ago, she had been obsessed with him, going so far as to follow him to his home one day. Naturally, he had been a tad bit freaked out, if not horrified at a personal stalker.

"Maybe it was a great idea to come back to Kyoto…" Allen silently mused as he walked through the bustling crowd, trying to get to the tallest building in the city before people start to wonder what an aristocrat was doing in the marketplace. He didn't exactly feel comfortable with people staring and pointing at his fine clothes or white hair. Then again, who would?



Kanda snapped out of her daze and glared hard at the person approaching from behind her, wishing that somehow looks could kill. The man smiled sheepishly at Kanda, scratching the back of his head nervously. No one messed with a Kanda that was in a foul mood, especially a female, which unfortunately for him, his sister was currently in one.

"Hisaki-nii, you have ten seconds." Kanda said slowly, emphasizing on the last two words. "Start talking."

His dark blue eyes traveled to her hands which were fingering the black blade tied to her waist, suddenly wishing their mother had not sent him on this errand of passing a message to his pissed off sister.

"Okay Yuu…" he said, taking a step back. "Kaasan just wanted to tell you that there's another suitor waiting for you at the entrance."

Her gray eyes narrowed at the mention of 'suitor', and her glaring intensified, clearly signaling that she was very unhappy. Hisaki cleared his throat, not wishing to meet the end of her blade. Even though it was clear that he was stronger than his sister, he had this little thing called sister complex which prevented him from attacking her. That didn't apply both ways though.

"Anyways, she said it was up to you whether to meet the guy or not." Hisaki continued, hoping that it would appease her anger even if a little.

Luckily for him, it worked.

"Che. Send him away, I'm just not interested in threatening another one today." She said, turning back to face the green garden. The breeze played with her long ebony hair which she let down for the day, calming her down from her anger just a few minutes ago. Kanda silently wished that she could forget the words her mother had uttered, but knew better than to hope.

"That bastard isn't coming back."

Yes, she had heard it so many times, mostly from her mother's mouth. Lately, her two brothers, elder and younger had also been implying on it, adding fuel to fire on her already short fused temper. She had threatened to shove Mugen down their throats, storming out of whatever room they were currently in. They didn't dare to go near her for at least half a day.

She would pretend not to notice all the glares she was getting from her mother after their arguments, or the secret glances her siblings threw at her when she walked back into the room.

"You idiot…it's been ten years." Kanda whispered to the wind, not noticing how she caught someone's eye just on the other side of the fence that separated their garden and the road.

"How am I suppose to know if you're alive if you don't even write?" she grumbled tiredly, unsheathing her katana. She stared at it for a good minute before twirling it expertly with her fingers, not thinking about anything in particular for the moment.


Allen continued his walk towards the white building when a soft murmur caught his attention. He didn't particularly heard what was being said, but he knew it was said to the wind because it carried the words to his ears. Looking to the side, he noticed that he was standing in front of a large gate, with the surname 'Kanda'.

"Ah…the Kanda family." Tyki said, stopping beside the young man. "Is there anything that interests you here, Young Master?"

He shook his head, but continued to gaze at the wooden gates, clearly intrigued by something. After a few seconds, Allen resumed walking, wondering whether it was just a mistake when he heard someone talking.

As he passed by what looked to be a garden, he peered inside out of curiosity, and was greeted with a pleasant view.

A young Japanese girl sat on the porch, skillfully twirling a long black blade in her hands. The cooling breeze slightly ruffled her midnight dark hair that looked soft even from the distance and the way her fingers moved so gracefully made it known that she was from the upper class society.

Tyki bent over the younger man to see what he was so entranced with, and after spotting the girl he smiled knowingly. He nudged Allen lightly, to get his attention, and the young aristocrat looked at him, confused.

"I heard that the Kanda family is finding a suitable young man to wed their only daughter." He said, smiling. "It seems that so far, fourteen had failed at fulfilling her conditions."

"She must have set very high conditions then." Allen said in amusement, wondering what kind of terms could chase away fourteen suitors.

"It's actually very surprising, but she only has one condition." Tyki continued, watching how Allen's full attention was slowly turning to him.

"Oh…?" Allen said, trying to act indifferent.

"But I suppose since you're not really interested…" the butler teased, turning to resume their walk. "We can just leave it be."

Allen groaned, turning one last time to look at the girl, he left with a smile on his face, determined to know what kind of conditions she had set. Who knows, he might actually want to try his luck with her.

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