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12. Epilogue

The streets of Kyoto was busy like he remembered as he stepped down from his carriage, smiling a little at the place he had not visited for over two years. Shifting the child in his hands carefully as to not wake her, Allen Walker nodded towards his butler, Tyki, as he walked down the familiar path to his destination. Tyki stayed by the carriage, hand outstretched as he helped his mistress down the vehicle, and chuckled to himself when he heard her curse under her breath something about still hating population.

"Mama, hurry up!" A voice called excitedly, and Kanda sighed to herself. The kid was just too hyper for his own good. She swears it's the sugar that his father had been feeding him.

"Che. Calm down." She scolded him lightly as she stepped down, patting the brown haired boy on the head as she passed him.

Tyki steered her towards the back of the carriage, where Mugen sat together with the rest of their luggage. Grabbing the black katana and placing it around her waist once again, she waited patiently as her son -Haru- took his own blade and luggage, smiling up at his mother once he was done.

"Allen has already gone ahead." Tyki told Kanda. He had started calling Allen by his name ever since he married Kanda, because it was just too confusing to have two 'Master Walker', and Allen insisted that Tyki called him by name, looking at the time they known each other. Kanda was still called 'Mistress', but sometimes he would be threatened to call her by name too, because she said it felt odd and it made her feel old.

"Tch, that stupid over excited idiot." Kanda muttered, smirking slightly.

Allen had been excited about returning to Kyoto, as he not only wanted to see his sister, he was also excited about showing off his newest addition to their family, their daughter. Kanda was certain Hisaki would be thrilled to see the child, because he along with the rest of her family had not gotten a chance to see the girl, because when Allen came to Kyoto from Honshu, he came solely for work, and didn't stay long, thus Kanda had always decided not to follow him. She also remembered Hisaki was laughing with glee when he found out that she was pregnant at that time, though she still couldn't pinpoint why.

She was brought out of her thoughts when a small hand tugged on her sleeves of her summer yukata, and she glanced down to her firstborn son, who was pouting at her.

"Mama…let's go?" He whined, tugging on the material more. She sighed again. Her son was awfully clingy for a Kanda, and she hoped he didn't get that from her.

"Let's go." Kanda said finally, taking her son's hand in hers, they both started towards her old home, with people on the streets staring at her and the child. They still could not believe that Kanda Yuu had fallen in love and gotten married, not even after ten years.


Allen was waiting at the corner of the street that led to the Kanda household for his wife, and his eyes lit up when he saw her approaching together with their son. The child in his arms had already woken up, and had been asking for her mother. When Kanda reached him, he smiled and handed their daughter -Amé- to her.

"Mama…" Amé said sleepily, rubbing her eyes.

Kanda shushed her, and gently took her hands away from face. "Don't rub your eyes."

"Sowee…" The little girl yawned, hugging Kanda around her neck.

"Haru, why don't you go in-"

Allen didn't need to finish his sentence, as his son rushed into the house, opening the main wooden door carefully before sprinting into the courtyard, where a man stood observing the flowers that he had planted.

"Hisaki-san!" The boy called out, grabbing Hisaki's attention. He turned away from the flower he had been looking at, to see the dark browned haired boy bouncing up the walkway. "Hisaki-san!" Haru called out again, launching himself towards the older man.

"Haru-kun!" Hisaki laughed, catching the boy and swinging him around. "It's been a while!"

"Papa and mama decided to come visit today!" Haru exclaimed, clearly excited at seeing his uncle. It had been a long time after all, and Hisaki had always been his favourite uncle to play with, since Shun was always busy helping Komui at the Kyoto branch.

"Onii-chan…wait for me!" another voice called out, and Hisaki turned in time to see his niece trip and fall. Before he could go over to her, another pair of arms picked her off the ground, and a very concerned Allen was hugging his crying daughter.

"Shh…it's okay Amé-chan." He said, patting her head. After a few moments she calmed down, and he turned to Hisaki. "Good evening, Hisaki."

Hisaki smiled at his brother-in-law. "It's been a while, Allen." He gestured at the front door as he walked towards it, inviting them in. "Come on in, 'kaasan isn't home at the moment, but she'll be back soon."

Kanda came up beside Allen, taking the young girl from his arms into hers. "Hisaki-nii." She greeted, giving him a small smile. Hisaki gave a big grin, resisting the urge to run up to her and embrace her like he always did.

Giving a small sigh, Kanda passed Amé back to Allen and held out her arm for her brother, her face looking away when Hisaki's eyes lit up like a little child being offered candy. Allen chuckled as Hisaki all but jumped towards his sister, giving her a bear hug. He never really did grew out of his sister complex.


"Oh, isn't that Yuu-chan?" Lavi exclaimed with glee as he walked through the gates of the Kanda household, and Shun, who was behind him, was equally happy and surprised as his eyes widened.

"Yuu-nee!" Shun called out, leaving Lavi and his family behind as he jogged towards his sister, who still stood outside.

Lavi walked towards Allen, ruffling the hair of the girl in the white haired aristocrat's arms. "This is lil Amé eh?" The redhead said, and Ame turned her head to see her uncle who she never had the chance to meet. "I'm Lavi, nice to meet cha Amé-chan!"

"N-nice to meet you…" Amé said shyly, turning to bury her face into her father's shirt. Allen chuckled and rubbed her back.

"So how was Yuu this time in her pregnancy?" Lavi asked cheekily, and he felt someone glaring at him from behind, trying to bore a hole into his head. The sensation felt quite familiar, but he wasn't gonna risk it by turning to see if it was Kanda. Allen raised an eyebrow, shaking his head.

"The things that amuses you amazes me, Lavi." Allen said, walking into the gardens instead of the house, knowing there was a place to sit there. The others seemed to think his idea was good, as they followed without saying anything. Kanda was conversing with Lenalee, who had their child -Reizo- in her arms, sleeping. Haru was poking at the boy, trying to get his favourite cousin to wake up.

"She was…calm, I guess?" Allen said, sitting down in the white garden bench under the tree that Kanda always liked to meditate at, and he shrugged at the redhead who gave him a confused expression.

"Unlike the first time…" Allen trailed off, looking to see if Kanda was listening.

She wasn't.

"When she had mood swings?" Lavi whispered as his grin grew wider. Allen laughed softly but nodded.

"The first time was kinda amusing though." Allen said thoughtfully. "She could start throwing a tantrum the minute after she's being all soft and caring, and she even threw Timcanpy at me…" He trailed off, rubbing his forehead as he remembered where the golden ball had strike.

"So it was different this time?"

"Yeah, she meditated most of the time." He looked down at Amé, who was playing with the red ribbon he always had around his neck. "Maybe that's why Amé's so quiet…"

"I heard that, dad!" Haru called out, glaring at him. Allen smiled and waved at his son, who pouted and turned away, playing with Reizo, who had woken up.

"And…labor?" Lavi continued, trying his best to ignore the glares he got from the two ladies sitting a distance away.

Allen smiled at his wife and sister, waving again. "It's a good thing my left hand is as hard as metal." He said between his teeth, trying not to let his wife hear.

"Allen fucking Walker!" Kanda gritted through clenched teeth. She gripped his hand tighter, and Allen thought she was really going to break it, despite the fact that he hardly felt any pain in it at all. "When we're through with this, don't even think of touching me again!"

At these times, Allen was trully grateful his hand came into some use.

Lavi stared at his brother for a while, before it registered in his mind and he burst out laughing, pounding the white stone they sat on as he continued to laugh and laugh. Amé giggled at his reaction, and Allen's brow twitched in annoyance. Kanda, Lenalee, Shun and Hisaki, even Haru and Reizo stopped what they were doing to stare at the redhead, wondering Allen had said to make the redhead like that.

Allen gave a long sigh, shaking his head at his brother's attitude and stood up, walking towards his wife when a picture fell out of his back pocket. Ame noticed it and pointed at it, catching Lavi's attention. The redhead picked up the picture, his eye widened when he realized it was a picture of Kanda when they were just kids, the one he took with him when he left for Honshu. Ame's pointing had Allen turn his head back, blinking when he saw Lavi holding the picture.

"Oh…" Allen said, walking back towards the redhead. "It's the picture I took from you when you started coming more often to our house back in Honshu."

"What is that?" Kanda asked, walking forward to take Amé, who had her arms outstretched.

"Yuu-chan, it's you!" Lavi laughed, turning so that she could see. And indeed, it was her.

She stared at it for a while, before a murderous aura suddenly started emitting from her. Lavi and Allen jumped back in surprised, wondering what made her…angry?

"Haru, Reizo." Kanda said, her voice eerily calm. She proceeded to pry Allen from Lavi. The two had hugged each other when she started having that aura around her, and Lavi was reluctant to let his only source of protection go.

"How about playing 'hunt the ghost'?" Kanda said to the two kids, handing them two bokken that Shun had passed to his sister when she called them. Her younger brother really understood her. "You two are hunters, Uncle Lavi is the ghost." She shot a hard glare at the said redhead, who gulped. "Beat him dead."

And the others had to laugh at the scene as it unfolded in front of their eyes as the two kids unleashed their sword skills on their poor uncle, with him crying and begging for forgiveness as they continued beating him. Kanda merely stood on the sideline beside her husband, who feared for his own life as he watched the redhead suffer in the hands of their children.

Hisaki smiled though, watching as the faint red seep into the cheeks of his sister. Embarrassment of being taken a candid photo had always gotten Kanda to react like that, and Lavi should have learnt that a long time ago.

This was just another normal day at the Kanda household.

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