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I'm not the type to fall for a pretty face. I'm not the type to fall for anyone actually as my limited experience with the male teenage of Forks hadn't left m particularly hopeful of one day meeting my Prince Charming any time soon. Jessica never got it. Being completely obsessed with boys she had no idea what to do with my disinterest. Even though I had suggested multiple times that she do nothing with me but it wouldn't be Jessica if she did nothing as she constantly reminded me. Which is why I now found myself subjected to her cruel and unusual forms of torture. She called it a makeover.

I didn't think I needed one, but that was just me and apparently I was of a singular opinion. Two hours of primping and grooming later I was hiding out in the bathroom, trying to erase every trace of make up from my face. It just didn't suit my face well. Anyone who took one glance at me would think I was trying too hard. I sometimes wondered whether Jessica did things like that on purpose. She was never blatantly condescending, but sometimes I got the feeling that... well whatever. It didn't matter, she was my first friend here at Forks, I shouldn't bitch about her. Even in my head.

I came quietly out of the bathroom and tried to sneak out unnoticed through the kitchen door. No such luck.

" Bella! It took me ages to put that on. Why?"

" I know Jess, I'm sorry, but I hate that stuff. You know that." She groaned frustratedly at all my excuses and I fought the strong urge to just storm out of the house. For someone who was supposed to be my best friend, she really didn't seem to understand anything about me.

" See Bella, what I don't understand is why you won't dress up once in a while. I mean half the guys in school are chasing you already and you've only been here for a week. I heard Mike say he was going to ask you out for prom."

An edge of bitterness crept into her tone as she made that last statement. Something I didn't get. I'd made it clear several times I wan't interested in him, it wan't my fault he kept chasing me. Apparently she still didn't see it that way.

" Jessica you know I never wanted any of that, I'm still convinced there's something wrong with the radio sound frequency in the town that makes them all completely insane. Mike-"

"Whatever Bella. Just leave it, I still don't know why you won't even attempt to make yourself look halfway decent for once."

Ouch. Whatever was going on here was completely out of my depth. I didn't exactly know how to respond to something like that but had found myself in a position to with growing frequency. I sighed and followed her into her room automatically. I never should've come over today at all and found myself deeply regretting the decision. Jessica was just a ball of sunshine today wan't she.

" I'm just not interested in guys Jessica. It's a waste of time."

She stopped muttering to herself and turned to me, shock written plainly on her face. I felt a sense of deep satisfaction and fulfillment. It was nice not to be the one out of their depth for once.

" What are you talking about Bella? You can't have said what I thought you said because not only would that make you completely insane it would also make you..." She looked at me warily and scooted back a little on the bed putting some distance between us. My respect for her slipped a few notches as I answered her, albeit a bit coldly.

" No Jessica, I don'tswing that way." Don't flatter yourself.

I stepped away and stood beneath on of the huge celebrity posted plastered around the room taking up every square inch. Light topaz eyes stared back at me wisely and unconsciously traced the line of his cheek. She didn't get it. She was on of those girls, the one who had a new thing every week, who obsessed continuously over who the cute guy down the street stared at the longest, or whether the Cullen family was moving to Forks for a month long retreat or- wait what? I forced myself to tune back in and listen to whatever it was she was talking about.

" Edward just finished his latest movie and he's thinking of coming here for a while to relax and get away from the paparazzi for a while."

I ran that over in my head a couple of times and came up with blank.

" Well how is he supposed to avoid the paparazzi if they already know what his next move is gonna be. It sort of defeats the purpose of getting away from 'it' if 'it' is gonna follow him here anyway."

She opened her mouth to say something but closed it again almost immediately casting me a filthy look as she drew a big fat goose egg. I was beginning to regret coming here more and more by the second.

" Whatever."

She turned up the music on her bed-side stereo making further conversation impossible. This was going south fast. Staring at my phone longingly I willed Charlie to call and say he needed me home and I wouldn't be able to spend the night after all.My watch only read two o' clock. It was gonna be a long day.


" So who are your top ten, come on Lauren."

" Well..."

I looked away, bored to tears.It was all mostly an act. If someone asked you then you almost always had to look shy, refuse, make them beg and immediately rattle ten people off the top of your head. It was almost rehearsed and even though for the first ten minuets I had found their sheer desperation extremely amusing it got old. Fast. Apart from me the only person of the group of ten or more girls who didn't seem the least bit interested in the ongoing conversation was Angela and from time to time I would share a look with her.Recognizing her as another unwilling party who had most likely been forcibly dragged here as Jessica was prone to do when she didn't get her way.

" Well Bella says she doesn't have even the slightest interest in anyone."

Hang on, when did the conversation shift to me? Oh, whatever. I didn't really care anymore and they were barely acknowledging my presence anyway talking is if I wan't there.

" Seriously? Is she, you know..."

It always came back to that.Why could they not grasp the fact that quite obviously that my mind worked in a completely different way to theirs. My world didn't revolve around boys or fashion or celebrity lives.I just wan't the type of girl to get a... I shudder at the very thought of the world but shall speak it anyway. A crush. That's right. I, Isabella Marie Swan had never ever had a crush before. I had never experienced the mind blowing, Jealousy inducing, chest gripping insanity called a crush. Nor did I want to.

I had seen what happened several times, something I couldn't help but observe if I hung out with these people. From what I could see it consisted mainly of a lot of sighing, bad poetry, walking into doors and the general waste and misuse of perfectly good brain cells. I was clumsy enough on my own thank you, so excuse me if the possibility of a minor concussion wan't so appealing to me.

" Hello and welcome back to Twist 2046. On the way we have music from all your favorite artists, but right now here's Edward Cullen with his new single Twilight."

Unwillingly I found my attention drawn to the radio station where a piano played a soft introduction and a smooth voice drifted softly from the radio. The melody was haunting and inexplicably sad for a pop star. If that's what he was. truthfully I had never really heard Edward Cullen even though I had heard of him. How could you not when surrounded by his groupies day in and day out. It was so calming though, the way it washed over me so completely. I felt a brief spark of recognition, but where could I have ever heard this before?

His eyes seemed to bore into my head from across the room, even though it was only a poster an I was probably delirious from exhaustion. He intrigued me. I had complained about them all day, but there had to be a good reason why these girls were all so crazy about the guy. You know, apart from the cute way his hair fell into his eyes, and how light they seemed, almost golden. Or how beautiful he was when his mouth was only turned upward a little and how mysterious the sound of his voice felt when... Oh no. I averted my eyes sharply from the poster which incidentally I now hated with every single fibre of my being. This wan;t supposed to happen. I was supposed to be immune it wan't fair. I would probably never even meet the guy.

" So Edward I hear you're taking a time out for a bit."

" Yeah." For some reason I couldn't fathom his voice managed to send a shiver down my spine. I got the feeling it would be much worse if he were actually in the room.

" I just need some time to get out of the limelight. Spend some time with my family for a while and sort of... recharge my batteries I guess."

His voice sounded so tired, but there was a definite edge to it at the end that made me think there was more to his words. I was thinking about this way too much. He was not and would never interact with me in any way whatsoever so why waste time wishing?... And I thought they were bad.

" So where'll you be off to."

" Well now, that would take all the fun out of it for the paparazzi now wouldn't it?" A lightly teasing note crept into his face but the edge still remained.

" A question here from one of our listeners, so what's your favorite food?" There was a long pregnant pause on the line.

" Believe me, you don't wanna know... but I do like my meat very rare."

Questions about him rolled through my mind. That was strange,why wouldn't he say? Unless it was something really embarrassing, but how bad could it be?He was so weird, but right then all I could think about was how completely amazing he was. Even if he did have strange culinary tastes.

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