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I sat up shrugging down the blankets that had been swathed tightly around me. Alice and Edward were staring warily, almost as if they were waiting for me to freak out again It was getting rather uncomfortable. I was sitting there watching them watch me. What fun.

" ... Hi?" I tried after a long while hoping one of them would break the siklence and say something. Anything.

" Who are you?"

Except that. That is one of the most awkward questions I have been asked in my life. Not to mention impolite. But then I wouldn't be worried about manners either if I were in Edward's position. I found it stung surprisingly. Not the question itself but the hard way he asked it.It was understandable... barely.

" I'm Bella." I said simply, staring him straight in the eye and trying to see if he was really as angry as his bland tone indicated. His hands were unclenched at his side but his jaw had tensed in a bad- a very bad- way. Wow, two hours in the house and already two people hate me. I was doing so well for myself.

" Well Bella, what did you see back there?"

He asked, remaining coolly rational. Alice watched aside from the both of us taking in the exchange with unholy, unwarranted amusement.

" I saw you, deer and a lot of blood in the kitchen." I understood eccentric tastes but couldn't he at least wait for the thing to die properly. He looked at me hard, expecting a reaction I suppose but maybe it wasn't the one he was looking for.

" It's dead now though isn't it?" I tried to make conversation, but this was not the right thing to say. He tensed more, nodding wordlessly and I pursed my lips awkwardly looking at him quizzically. This wasn't the same handsome but brooding man displayed to the public. This was an angry handsome brooding man who looked ready to strangle me. Oddly, it didn't threaten me, but it considerably dampened my mood.

" Sooo..." Alice attempted to break the tension. She failed.

Sitting next to me on the large sofa she gently took my hand.

" I guess this calls for an explanation doesn't?" I looked away, put out but not willing to let it show. What an ego boost. My crush wants to throttle me with his bare hands. My self-esteem was now deeply in the negatives.

" If you want to." I mumbled into the satin duvet draped over me. All I wanted now was to exit that place as quickly and inoffensively as possible. I couldn't even look at the two of them anymore. I should've known better. This is why I never let myself become emotinally involved with guys. It hurt. Alice glanced at me worriedly but I was too busy avoiding her eyes.

" Alright then... Well as you've seen we're very 'different' our family. You see... we were all diagnosed at birth with a very strange, very unusual heart conditon which means it can't distribute blood normally. That means we have to take it from other sources, which is what unfortunately you saw Edward doing."

I looked up, finally, in sheer confusion.

" So you guys are almost like vampires?"

It was the only way my brain could properly process it and by the swift look of shock that crossed Alice's face I seemed to have hit a nerve of some sort.

" Yes." She whispered almost inaudibly sharing a glance with her brother. " A bit like vampires. But we've had problems with this before, in the past so you would understand why we'd want to keep it quiet right?"

I gave her a look. As in a ' how stupid do you think I am' look. I kept my lips pursed, raising my eyebrows as I nodded. Alright then.

" Well I do understand seeing as I doubt the credibility of that story, but it's your secret. You didn't have to tell me. Just please don't lie to me anymore."

Her lips parted in an 'o' of pure shock, Edward shifted at my tone but I tried to ignore him completely. It was hard when I wanted to be near him so much and my heart was reacting embarrassingly to his proximity.

My only comfort was that nobody could hear its rapid steady throb. Except me.