AN: This fic presumes that Sevie stopped Harry and the rest of them before they went to the department of mysterious and that Voldie staged a devastating attack on Diagon Alley instead which not only announced his return to the world but cost many innocent lives.

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The Price of Peace

Chapter 1

The Terms

A letter from the Dark Lord Voldemort to the Ministry of Magic shortly after Harry Potter's fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry:

It has come to the attention of the Dark Lord Voldemort that this war is costing to many lives. Despite his wish to rule the wizarding world the Dark Lord wishes to have something left to rule, but at this rate neither side shall win and all wizards shall go extinct. So for the good of the wizarding world no matter how ironic it sounds Lord Voldemort would like to declare peace by the terms listed below:

Upon the signing of this treaty the following terms shall come into effect:

All prisoners being held by the Dark Lord and all his loyal followers shall be released.

All attacks by the Dark Lord and all his loyal followers shall stop.

Pardons shall be issued to all loyal followers for all crimes they have committed in the name of the Dark Lord so long as they abide by the above terms.

The Dark Lord, his loyal followers, and their families shall in no way be persecuted for their involvement in the war.

A marriage shall be formed between Harry James Potter and the Dark Lord, which shall conform to the terms listed on the attached marriage contract.

All laws regarding vampires and werewolves shall be changed back to what they were before the war began.

All magical children shall be sent to a magical orphanage, which shall be created, rather than to muggle orphanages or to muggle relatives.

All muggle-born children must take a course educating them on the customs and beliefs of the wizarding world and taught the truth about their muggle prejudices on things such as werewolves, vampires, and other magical creatures, as well as the differences between black magic, dark magic, light magic, and grey magic.

The Dark Lord with the help of his loyal followers shall capture or kill any and all rogue Death Eaters that refuse to conform to the terms of this treaty within two months of it's signing or the treaty shall be rendered void.

The Dark Lord and his loyal followers will be allowed to use any means necessary to capture or kill all rogue Death Eaters who refuse the terms of this treaty without consequence.

The terms of the contract of marriage between Harry James Potter and Lord Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA the Dark Lord Voldemort:

The Dark Lord or his loyal followers will never harm Harry Potter intentionally.

Harry Potter will never intentionally harm the Dark Lord or is loyal followers.

Harry Potter will reside in the same building as the Dark Lord at least three weeks of every month.

For a total of seven days every month Harry Potter will be allowed to reside wherever he wishes so long as it does not put him in harm's way.

The Dark lord shall provide qualified teachers and the proper materials for Harry Potter to complete his magical education or provide the proper materials for him to complete it at the school of his choice.

Harry Potter will never have intimate contact with anyone other than the Dark Lord for the life of his marriage.

The Dark Lord shall have no other intimate contact with anyone other than Harry Potter for the life of his marriage.

Neither partner in this marriage will force the other to bed.

AN: So I don't know if I should continue with this or not. It has been waiting in my computer gathering dust just begging to be posted for a while now and I do have the next chapter written but I am not if I even want to post it and I probably won't update so you tell me if the idea is good or not. This idea is kind-of done a lot…