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The Price of Peace

Chapter 2

No choice in the matter

Dumbledore's office, Hogwarts, shortly after the letter was received:

"What?" Harry exclaimed. "You cannot be serious!"

"Can and am, Mr. Potter." Cornelius Fudge said.

"This is ridiculous." Harry responded. "There is absolutely no way I am marrying Voldemort.

The minister flinched before sighing. "We were hoping you would do this of your own free will, but I guess not." He pulled a roll of parchment from his pocket and sat it down on Dumbledore's desk. "This is a ministry decree that summarized basically says that you will marry you-know-who. You have no choice in the matter."

"Professor?" Harry said looking at the headmaster beseechingly.

Dumbledore picked the decree up and read it through quickly searching for a way around it and found none. Silently cursing Tom and the ministry he looked up at Harry. "Harry, my boy, I'm sorry, but there doesn't appear to be any way out of it."

The sparks of anger in Harry's eyes ignited, unleashing a wildfire. "I refuse to marry a murderer!" He yelled as all the delicate instruments littered around broke and the windows as well as everything else made of glass shattered in to a million pieces and the books began to fly madly about the room.

By the time the room was starting to shake Dumbledore had erected a shield around himself to wait out Harry's temper tantrum and Fudge had taken cover beneath his arms to protect his head from the heavy tomes that seemed to be directed towards him.

About ten minutes later Harry collapsed from exhaustion.

"Is it over?" Fudge asked, tentatively taking his head from its shelter beneath his battered arms.

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