Disclaimer: I don't own Ryuusei no Rockman/Megaman star force what so ever.

Time-line takes place after the 1st game to not confuse anybody.

Ch 1 Akane is working in one of her part time jobs in gift shop, here she usually sells all sorts of gift items as usual, but today she adds something different for the shop.

She soon places a doll on one of the shelf's next to her, but this isn't just any doll it was a Rockman doll that looks like Subaru and she wondered if anyone would like to buy it.

A few hours later who's to come by but Luna, she dully browse the shop until she See's the Subaru doll which soon catches her attention, not wanting to be notice she slowly walks to the shelf.

Akane: Can I help you?

Luna hesitates then simply said. I...I was just looking around on this stuff.

Akane later suggest. Why don't you look over here. She shows the shelf where the doll is.

Well I don't know she said picking up one them, they seem alright but... as she was about to grab the Rockman doll someone else snatches it.


That persons turns out to be Misora herself who was please looking at the doll.

Misora: Hey this looks like...

Luna: Hey you I was gonna look at that.

Misora: Really how come?

That caught Luna of guard.

Luna:Umm...uh that's my decision.

Misora: Hey I remember you, your one of Subaru's classmates right.

Luna: I happen to be his class president.

Misora: So what are you doing here?

Luna: I was looking are here to see what this store has like( snatches the doll from her hands) this.

Misora: Hey I wasn't done with that.

Luna: What you just looking at it like me.

Misora: Yeah but it no like your gonna buy it right.

Luna: Of..course not but...(Misora snatches it)

Misora: Then would you mine letting me have it for a while.

Luna: But I'm still not done with it.

All this noise later attract Akanes attention, who seem interested in the two girls argument.

Akane: Excuse me is there anything I can do for you both.

Misora/Luna: Nothing( both their hands are holding the doll).

Then someone just entered the store.

: Oka-san

Akane: hello Subaru.

Misora/Luna: Subaru!

This was my 1st fanfic ever made in a different site at under a different account name.