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Chapter 1:

A fair skinned woman with long, ebony colored hair and dull, silvery-blue eyes moved about the crowded tavern helping her red-haired friend, Vanora, serve ale and food to the combination of drunk and sober men and women. She moved about the tavern with the grace of a dancer and the skill of a veteran wench, not that she was either of these things. The only downside to helping her friend was the amount of male hands she had to slap away as they reached for either her waist or her backside.

Setting down an empty tray on the back counter, the woman took a long breath as she waited for Vanora to place some jugs of ale on her waiting tray.

"K'tanya." Called a calm voice and the woman's eyes flickered open to see her friend smiling at her. "You look tired, are you sure you want to hang about here?" K'tanya merely smiled and nodded before taking the full tray and diving back into the crowd.

She made her way past a few gambling Romans to a table occupied by a small group of men who she knew to be Sarmatian Knights. The only non-Sarmatian present was their Roman commander Arthur Castus.

"Here you go gentleman." She spoke with false happiness as she set a tankard of ale before each man. Some mumbled their appreciation while others, mainly Lancelot, tried to seduce her into their beds.

"Lancelot, leave the lady alone." Stated the gentle giant called Dagonet. K'tanya flashed him a small smile of thanks as Lancelot held off his advances.

As she made her way back to the counter, she felt an uneasy feeling, almost as though someone was watching her. After casting a glance around the tavern, she finally spotted the person watching her. In one of the darkest corners of the tavern sat the silent and rumored inhuman scout of the Sarmatian Knights. As her eyes made contact with his she couldn't help but feel as though her veins were being frozen. A loud crash jolted her out of her trance and she turned to see a drunken Roman being lifted up off the ground. When she turned back to where the scout had been he had already vanished like a ghost into the night. Shaking away her childish uneasiness, K'tanya returned to serving drinks, food, and turning down offers of passion filled nights.

The world was dark and almost completely silent as K'tanya made her way to her quarters later that evening, or what could have been considered as early morning. A soft breeze sent strands of her hair dancing and teased the hem of her gown. Even in the dark she could see the enormous rain clouds above her head and she could smell the coming of rain.

Quickening her pace and drawing her cloak around her as she did so, K'tanya immersed herself in her own thoughts as she hurried to beat the rain. She was so lost in her mind that she didn't notice the other figure out so late until she ran right into him. She stumbled backwards and would have fallen had the man not grabbed her by the elbow and steadied her.

"Thank you." She whispered softly as she looked up to see whom the man was and instantly wishing she hadn't. The uneasiness from earlier returned along with the feeling that her blood was being frozen in her veins as she stared into the dark, icy brown eyes that belonged to Tristan the Scout.

"I'm terribly sorry." She apologized in a hushed tone hoping he wouldn't be mad at her. No reply came except for Tristan releasing her arm and walking away into the depths of the night.

Not wanting to be outside any longer, K'tanya hurried on her way at an almost dead run until she reached the safety of her quarters. Only then did she stop, breath, and contemplate as to why Tristan did nothing when she apologized to him. Such complicated and confusing thoughts made her already tired mind ache, so she climbed into her cold bed and lay there for what seemed like an eternity before drifting off into what would be a few hours of sleep.

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