by Collapse Overture
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"This is my atonement!"

Shitenhouji's 'tensai' sat quietly, perched upon the branch of a tree, Fudoumine's captain once again the only thing on his mind. The sight of Tachibana Kippei allowing himself to be hit with the tennis ball - in the exact eye that Chitose himself was injured, as a matter of fact - ran through his head, playing back to back as if it was a film reel. For some reason, it tore him apart, and, although it was Kippei's way of atoning for what he had done, Chitose didn't feel any better. He didn't - despite what terrible thoughts he had had after that day - want the smaller boy to be hurt in any way.

He was always so. . .quick to react. Even before that match. Sometimes, he can really be an idiot.

Chitose smirked, pushing his messy locks from his face, and closing his eyes. With a small sigh, he leaned back, and reminisced everything they had done a few years prior. The way they changed. . .and what exactly started it all.

"Hey, Senri. We've never actually played against each other," a young Kippei stated with a grin, hands on his hips. "Who'd win if we did play, eh?"

Before Chitose could even answer, a parading Tachibana An ran up to them, a grin of her own on her features. "Ne, ne, Onii-chan! Senri-kun! You two aren't going to fight, are you? You're too close!" Her grin never fading, she gave Kippei a playful shove, as well as a small smile to Senri. For then, she had managed to postpone the fireworks, her arms outstretched around Kippei's waist as tight and as far as possible, as if clinging for dear life.

"If An hadn't been there, it might have ended differently, ah?" His smirk never fading, he jumped down from the tree, and landed fluidly against the grass, leaning towards the trunk of the tree. "It doesn't change things now, though..."

"Hey, Senri!" The voice was familiar, after all, not many people called him by his first name - not many except--...

He smirked and turned, walking around the tree. "Kippei. How's your eye?" The tone held a hint of amusement, as well as concern, in some way. The only response he received from his ex best friend was a simple:

"Heh, it's fine now."

And, before Tachibana could even react, he found himself pinned to the tree that the taller boy was so intently leaning on. Injuring his own eye wasn't what Chitose had wanted from Tachibana. Maybe, Chitose wanted something more. . .something that seemed unattainable, but happened to be just reachable now. And he got just what he wanted.

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