Missing...Pieces of Me

This is a small story, actually it was origionally a RP, however it makes a great short Story.. Buffy crossed over with Werewolf the APocalypse... this is an AU, sorta like Sunnydale, and sorta world of darkness.. but lottsa different rules going on for the garou, so ya don't like that rules changed then do not read.. not sure about keeping this jsut like this or maybe adding more parts ofthe RP to it I will think about it...

Giles/OC(Garou female)

Rated PG (for now)

Summary - this takes place AFTER Season 7 Buffy, the team moved to England and is trying to put things back togeather.. new slayers keep showing up and watchers also.. the main OC character is a watcher but also a Garou (werewolf for anyone who wasn't sure what I was meaning) she is also Giles' mate..

the only thing that is mine is my origional character, giles belongs to Joss and all the others.. Tangi and Alfred and any origional character is mine.. not making money frmo anything, please don't sue!

Rolilng hills and the green green grass, I had almost forgotten jsut how beautiful Scotland really was.. it seems now as I sit here in the car in the driveway of my Estate, looking at my watch, that I have minus the Ferry made rather decent time getting back here.. took less than two days.. normally this would take three, had I been going the speed limit... But I hadn't.. and only managed to be pulled over once for speeding.. I will need to remind myself that I need to pay that..

Its occured to me that maybe this whole coming home thnig, was a bit to impulsive, I miss Rupert.. its hard to breathe.. I feel as though I have been sucker punched.. as though a piece of me is missing..another piece of me.. the first piece went missing the day that my father passed away..

But jsut keep telling myself that this is for the best.. left after the fiight with Willow... then the second nght of my wolf taking over and killing.. albeit, t was killing and feeding from livestock.. but that was enough.. this is not something that I can control, I've tred, and anyone that knows me, knows have a great deal of control.. but this.. this was different..and Rupert has enought o worry about, I refuse to add me to his list..

I did not even go back to the house to retreive any of my things, jsut came back, got in my car and started driving. clothes bloodied, it is a good thing that I always, always keep some extra in the trunk..

Looking up from stareing at the steering wheel, I see Alfred and smile.. it is nice to see a familliar and comforting face.. I step out of my car as he gets closer and fly into his arms

"Alfred, I've missed you!"

I hug him tight

"Miss Tangi, what are you doing here?"

I pull her chin up to look at me

"What Is wrong, dear?"

Shaking my head I burry back into his chest

"Nothing is wrong, Alfred, but I am home to stay"

And my heart breaks jsut a lttle bit more, and that hard to breathe feeling jsut becomes the slightest bit worse..His arm around me we walk into the house, looking around inhaleing the famliliar scents... I smile..

"It has been to long, I've missed you all"

Change has always been hard for me.. and the moment that my father died, the changes had begun, no more did I have him around to lean on, no longer did have those late night discussion and debates that we always had.. no longer would ever hear my father call me hs princess again, even though complained that I was an adult and hs little pet name was babyish, I did secretly like it..

"We have missed you Miss Tangi, a Mr. Giles has called several times asking for you, if I had any Idea that you would be coming home, I would not have told him you were not here, I would have said that you would be home shortly"

And my heart breaks jsut that much more as my breath catches in my throat.. Rupert, calling for me?.. does he not know that he is much better off without me there, the girl that is losing herself, that has lost herself.. the girl that jsut does not know what to do anymore..

I turn around and smile at the man that comes in

"Peter, thank you, but there was no need to get any of my thngs from the car, As I have no things"

He holds up the shopping bag full of my bloodied clothing.. I nod

"Miss, Tangi, you did have these, forgive me for asking as its none of my bussiness, however, why are your clothes bloodied, are you alright?" concern on his face

I smlie and note ALfred's eyebrow doing that little twitch when he KNOWS something is wrong and I am not saying..

"Peter, its alright, I just had a little run in with some demons, nothing is wrong and I am alright"

I say that more for my benefit than theirs, thinking that if I say it out loud, it will make it true.. somehow I doubt that, that will happen.. nothing is true, nothing except my Rupert and I need to stop thinking about him, remember Tangi, he is better off without you...

Peter nods and hands the bag off to Annabelle, who hurries away, most likely down to Margarite, to have my clothing cleaned as best as possible..I smile and shake my head.. I had forgotten how absurdly hard t is for me to let them wait on me.. but t si their job, and I am now the Mistress of the house, just as my father was the master..

"Miss Tangi, are you hungrey?.. I can have Silvia whip up your favorites, pizza and potato skins with a side of hummus"

I smile and shakle my head

"thank you Alfred, but im not very hungry, I ate on the way home"

Oh no you did not, you ate almost two nights ago, a whole heard of cows almost.. I involuntarily shiver at the repulsive thought.. and what would father say?.. he would be dissapointed and angrey and you would be in a world of trouble.. But why?.. why would I be introuble, when it seems so natural?.. so natural to hunt and stalk and bring down my prey, feeding.. why?.. nothng has felt so natural..

"Miss Tang?.. are you alrigiht, you are not looking very well, maybe you should rest, the drve from England to Scotland is a rather long one... and I know you, you would not have rested"

He is right, he knows me to well, he knows that restng s not n my vocabulary when I am determined to do what I think needs donig... It seems to be a flaw in me.. I smile

"Yes, Alfred, you are right, I think I should rest"

I start for the stairs and for my room, and stop.. turning back around

"ALfred?.. the cages, they are still in the basement, are they not"

He nods

"Yes, Miss Tangi, But why would you want to know that?"

Oh I could tell him, this s ALfred, he has taken care of me since was jsut a babe and mother died.. but I do not

"I was jsut wondering, thank you, Alfred"

I head back upstairs, hearng the phone ring and I ignore it when ALred pcks up the phone.. jsut want my bed and the familliarness of my room.. a place of refuge, a place to mendmy breaking heart and to find try and find the girl that I have lost..


ALfred picks up the phone

"McGreggor Estates, Alfred speaking, may I helpyou?... Mr. Giles.. yes.. yes.. the Mistress has jsut gotten in.. yes..yes.. she s alright.. she seems to be alright, if not a lttle distracted.. yes, yes, alright.. we will be waiting for you.. no, no, do not worry, shall not say a word.. yes thank you, and you also.. have a good evenng"


make itup the stairs and head for my room.. something stopping me, cllng me.. I turn the other way and head towards the west wing and my fathers room..I stand infront of hs door and stare at t.. have not been n here snce he passed away.. I do not know if I can do this, do not know if I want to do this..

Hessitently I turn the knob and open the door, being flooded wth his scent.. t takes everything have not to break down right here and now.. I make myself walk in, leaving the door open.. my hands running over his dresser, the desk in he cornor of the room, his night stand and his bed.. inhaling his scent.. his comforting scent.. memories of my childhood flood me, the nights Ispent in this room with my father, in this bed, needing t he safe refuge of his strong arms when the storms rolled in and the thunder was loud.. when the nightmares started jsut months before my first change took place.. when I would wake up cryng and shaking, standng in the doorway of his room, he never told me to go back to my own room, he only lifted the blankets and waited till I crawled in and covered me up, an arm crcling me and letting me cry into his chest.. soft murmers..

His voice could be harsh, but at times like these it was as soft as a fluffy kitten and as quiet as a whisper in the wind... soothing me untill the tears subsided and I fell into a dreamless sleep..

I pull the blankets back and climb in, on his side, my face in his pillow, It smells like him.. and this is when my tears start.. and I cry, cry hard and long. cry for the man I've lost, the father I love.. cry for my Rupert, missing him..