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Chapter One: Memory Lane

As Brooke applied her red lipstick she couldn't help wonder why she was the one getting ready to go out with Lucas Scott on his last night of freedom. She hardly thought she was the prime candidate for him to hang out with before his big day. Perhaps it was because Nathan was dealing with his Haley problems right now and wouldn't be any fun to hang with. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that Skillz was stuck on babysitting duty while Haley and Lindsey had a girl's day. Mouth had been balancing his time with Millicent and Rachel so he was not available and Peyton was definitely out of the question. First of all, Lindsey would never have it and second of all Lucas wouldn't either, sure he did some dumb things in his past but he was trying not to be stupid. He knew that if he spent time with Peyton alone he was more prone to do something he definitely wasn't supposed to be doing. After considering all of this Brooke realized that she really was the only one that could hang out with Lucas. So as she stood there, on a Friday morning, in the bathroom that she shared with her best friend Peyton Sawyer, applying her black eyeliner, she couldn't help wonder why she was trying so hard to look amazing for him.

She had known him all her life but she had never really noticed him until high school. She could still remember junior year having the biggest crush on Lucas Scott. What's not to love? His beautiful blue eyes and muscular body was enough to make her want him. But when he spoke, the huskiness of his voice made her skin tingle. She was his the first time he spoke her name. But they were too different. A person of her popular status was not supposed to associate with someone of such lower status. So she would watch him from afar, secretly yearning to be with him.

When he joined the basketball team she had been ecstatic. She knew it would heighten his popularity. So when she devised the perfect plan to get him to notice her, she knew they were going to finally be together. She was wrong.

When Brooke Davis found out that her dream guy, Lucas Scott was head over heels for her best friend, Peyton Sawyer it killed her. Never had she seen that coming. It hurt her more then she could ever imagine. For one, she was use to getting what she wanted; but mostly because Lucas Scott was really the only guy that she had ever crushed on and she couldn't have him. You would think this was the end of a devastating story but something else happened, something Brooke never ever anticipated.

Peyton turned Lucas down. Brooke couldn't believe it when Peyton had told her. It wasn't that Peyton didn't like Lucas it was just that they were on completely different pages of their novel. Peyton just wanted to have fun with no strings attached. While Lucas wanted her, he wanted all of her and she just wasn't willing to give him that. So she bailed and Brooke was overjoyed. She would try again with Lucas and this time she would not fail, she would get him. And she did.

Brooke finally got Lucas to be hers. She was the happiest she had ever been. She was finally letting someone in and that someone just happened to be the exact person she wanted to share everything with. And though she would never admit it out loud, Brooke was slowly falling for Lucas. She could barely focus in class for his beautiful face being embedded in her memory. The butterflies in her stomach were a constant whenever he was around. She was hopeless. But she liked it. She liked feeling this way after all she had never felt anything remotely close to this in her life. Sure she had had boyfriends and she had even had random screws here and there but she had never felt like this, in love.

She'd never forget the day Lucas broke up with her. It was just so sudden. He had just gotten in a car accident and on his first day back home he breaks up with her. She figured he just needed some time alone. If he felt any semblance of what she felt then she knew he couldn't stay apart from her too long. That was until she saw him making out with her best friend. She stood there, her hands on her hips in pure disbelief. She was confused, and she was hurt, and then she was angry. Never in a million years would she have thought that Lucas was cheating on her and with Peyton no less! She ran home tears streaming down her cheeks. She was humiliated and although she was the only person that knew of their kiss she felt embarrassed. She felt so naïve. How could she have let him in? How could he do this to her? Her heart was burning as she finally made it to her bedroom, collapsing on her bed. She could hardly breathe. She didn't want to think about it. She didn't want to think about him because the place in her mind where his beautiful face used to be was now replaced with his and Peyton's embrace. She didn't want to go to school. She didn't want to face them. But she knew she had to. And when she walked down the hallway the next day with her head held high she cried inside. She felt pathetic. And what hurt the most was that she knew she was never good enough for Lucas. She knew he would run back to Peyton. She could never be his Peyton.

Despite what she thought would happen with Lucas and Peyton nothing did. They broke things off but remained good friends of course. Brooke and Peyton were not good friends though. Brooke hated Peyton with a passion and although Peyton apologized a million times, she would never realize how much she had hurt Brooke. How much she had changed her.

For a while Brooke was back to be being the bitchy queen bee she was notoriously known as but after a while she stopped, she even stopped hating Peyton, and they became friends again. A little after that she became friends with Lucas again and although she made it seem easy, it was extremely hard for her to give him another chance.

This is why she was so surprised when he told her that he loved her. He couldn't have picked a worse time! She was flabbergasted. She never saw that coming. And when he had asked her if she ever thought she could give him another chance she didn't know what to say. So she didn't say anything. She just left.

She was sad and she was angry. Angry because she couldn't believe he would do this to her again! Peyton and him had ruined her life! She couldn't trust him that she was sure of. She couldn't even believe that he would ask her to try things with him again. So what he said that 'if he ever got a chance with her again he would never let her go'? Words can only go so far. She was also sad because deep

down inside she knew that she had never gotten over Lucas. Even when she had dated Felix, Lucas was still in her heart. So what now?

Friends with benefits, she proposed. And he took it. It wasn't what he wanted but he would work with it until he got what he truly wanted which was all of her. He thought that he was getting pretty close to getting her too until he caught Brooke in bed with Chris. She really messed up when she slept with Chris and she knew it. But it didn't stop her from doing it. She just wanted to get away from the feelings she was having for Lucas again. She didn't want to get sucked back into him. It was only suppose to be for one night. She was drunk and she had never expected for Lucas to actually find out, let alone witness the event!

It took him a while but he finally forgave her but what is more important is that she gave in. She gave in to him. She gave him another chance and although she was scared to death of getting hurt again, she realized that she did not want to be without Lucas. She realized that she was head over heels in love with him. This concludes the happy fairy tale. I wish! Things just had to go wrong.

Brooke and Lucas only had a couple of happy months before Peyton confessed her feelings for Lucas. This had been the moment of truth for Brooke and although she was surprised and angry beyond belief when her best friend confessed this information to her, she sort of expected it. Having had her heart broken before by Lucas and Peyton she was never completely at ease about the two. But this didn't make the fact that she was hurting any easier. But she wouldn't let things get as bad as they did before. She couldn't go through that again. She couldn't count the times she had almost cut the blade through her wrist. She couldn't go through that amount of pain again. She wouldn't let history repeat itself.

She broke up with Lucas soon after and the rest is history. It didn't take long for Peyton and Lucas to get together after all they were head over hills in love with each other. It killed her inside. She would put on her fake dimpled smiles for them because she loved them enough to sit back and let them be happy with each other when she was dying inside.

Peyton and Lucas broke up two years after graduation. And Brooke thought that she might actually have a chance with Lucas again. They had never really had closure and she had never lost her feelings for him. Maybe, just maybe he still had feelings for her as well and maybe, just maybe Peyton and Lucas were finally done with each other.

Enters Lindsey. Lucas met Lindsey when she called him up scheduling a meeting with him to talk about his book. She ended up being his publisher and his confidant. Somewhere down the line the two managed to fall in love and now they were getting married tomorrow morning! Brooke could tell that he loved the brown haired girl but not as much as he loved Peyton and it killed her.

She was always being supportive and sweet to Peyton and Lucas, always encouraging them to get back together. When Peyton was brooding at the club about her and Lucas, Brooke even went so far as to belittle her own relationship with Lucas just to encourage Peyton. She had done the same thing when Peyton came home crying after learning that learning that Lucas proposed to Lindsey. She even stopped Lucas when he had kissed her that night in New York out of respect foe Peyton.

She had sacrificed so much for them and for nothing. He was with Lindsey now and although she was with Owen now, he was no Lucas. No one could be her Lucas but Lucas.


"Have I told you lately how much I like you?" Brooke asked randomly as she walked down the street with Lucas, a cup of hot chocolate in her covered hand.

"Why?" Lucas asked. He hadn't expected her to ask this but to tell the truth he was in another world right now.

" Why do I tell you?" Brooke asked confused by his question.

" No, Why do you like me?" Lucas couldn't get the fact that he kissed Peyton out of his head. He really didn't deserve Brooke.

"Hmm, pitty mostly. How come you're so quiet tonight?" She asked nudging him playfully. If she only knew.

" I'm just anxious about my mom coming back tomorrow." He lied.

"Yeah me too. "

" Why are you?" he was confused.

" Cause I want her to like me. Plus she sounds really cool, and I'm not that close with my mom so I just think it'd be great if I hit it off with yours. You can't control love, you know? Your mom and Keith. You're worried about their relationship right?"


" They'll be okay. People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end." He hadn't known it back then but she had meant the same for them. They were meant to be together.

End Flashback

She could remember back to after the shooting when Lucas had come to her room. She told him that she wanted him to save her and he said that he would. Maybe she wasn't the one that needed the saving. Maybe he was.

Brooke jumped as she heard the loud knock at her apartment door. With all the reminiscing she was doing she almost forgot about her day with Lucas. She examined herself in her hallway full-length mirror. Her red ruffled tank top did wonders to her chest and amplified its already big size. Her dark blue jean shorts focused on her apple bottom and showed off her long creamy legs. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She looked amazing.

She hurried to the front door as the knocks got louder and louder.

"Brooke, I know you're in there open up!" There was a pause. "Look I know you didn't really want to come out with me today but I promise you we are going to have fun. Now please open the door, I made reservations!"

She unlocked the door, grabbing the door knob swinging the door effortlessly open. He stopped his knocking quickly placing his hands in his jean pockets. He looked the same. The same as he had always looked. His hair was disheveled giving off the model effect while his blue hoodie gave off a youthful look. It reminded her of their high school years. She noticed that his outline of mustache and beard were now gone and replaced with the smell of after shave. What she didn't know though, was that while she was busy taking him in he was doing the same to her.

He cleared his throat several times before running one of his hands through his hair. "Um, hey."

"Hey," she replied quietly. They both were extremely nervous and could tell each other were. But they couldn't understand for the life of them why they were.

"You look beautiful," he let out his voice husky as he scanned over her appearance appreciatively once more.

"Thank you," she replied looking up into his blue eyes for the first time. They were sparkling and she wished that she could just stare at them all day but she knew that would raise too many questions so she reluctantly moved them to the door. "You ready?" she asked, her voice back to its normal enthusiasm.

He smiled warmly at her before extending his arm for her to take. "You ready cheery?" he let out as she grabbed unto his arm.

He just called her his personal nickname for her which causes her heart to skip a beat because he hasn't used that name in years. It saddens her to know that he still has this effect on her and it saddens her even more to know that she is still very much in love with him. This is going to be a very long night.

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